Algonquin Township Supervisor and Highway Commissioner Feed Election Judges on Taxpayer’s Back

It seems as though a day doesn’t go by where something new unfolds within Algonquin Township. Reprinted with permission.

Alqonquin Township – More illegal spending on the Bob Miller American Express Card

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –

Once again we will point out more taxpayer funds being spent on matters that have nothing to do with Township business.  In fact, in this case, one should wonder what the real purpose of a $1,000.00 bill for “Election Judge’s Meals” was for at the Bruch Cafe in Fox River Grove.

Bob Miller

We wonder because there is nothing in the Township Code having anything to do with buying meals for election judges.  This particular transaction was April 14, 2015.  No, there was no election on that day and even if there was, Township Funds and Road Funds are not to be spent on food for election judges.

This $1,000.00 meal charge on the Algonquin Township American Express card in Bob Miller’s name is going to be problematic for more than just the person who charged this meal.  According to the handwritten notes on the credit card statement, the payment was split between two accounts, the Town Fund and the Road District Fund.

Such an expenditure from Township and Road District funds are a misapplication of Township funds as there is no statutory authority for taxpayer funds in a Township or Township Road district to spend on feeding election judges.

(720 ILCS 5/33E-16Misapplication of funds.
(a) An officer, director, agent, or employee of, or affiliated in any capacity with any unit of local government or school district commits misapplication of funds when he or she knowingly misapplies any of the moneys, funds, or credits of the unit of local government or school district.
(b) Sentence. Misapplication of funds is a Class 3 felony.
(Source: P.A. 97-1108, eff. 1-1-13.)

  • Why would Bob Miller’s credit card be used for feeding Election Judges April 14th, 2015, which is a week after the election that spring?
  • Why would the past Township Board approve such an item of expenditure?
  • Why would the past Township Supervisor sign a check for this payment? 

May we suggest the State’s Attorney add this to the list of evidence of illegal spending?

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Algonquin Township Supervisor and Highway Commissioner Feed Election Judges on Taxpayer’s Back — 38 Comments

  1. If Patrick doesn’t indict this guy there is something rotten in the State of Denmark

  2. “Denmark is “an unweeded garden” of “things rank and gross in nature” (HAMLET, Act 1, scene 2).

  3. OH NO, Land shark if this guy goes Un-indicted something is wrong in McHenry County

  4. I can hardly wait for Nob to defend this.

    Recycling lunch?

    Wasn’t it stated that those employee’s were compensated with misc. pay?

    Election judges are paid.

    No it’s not a career, but a thousand dollar lunch isn’t a grocery budget either.

    Why did Anna bother to write in the little notes?

    None of it is believable.

    It’s so disheartening to watch our law enforcement look the other way, and let this stuff go.

  5. Remember, Bill Prim chose not to investigate-citing a conflict.

    Every elected official takes an oath to uphold the law regardless.

    Can’t he and his office investigate partially?

  6. When there are no consequences for violations of code, ordinance or statutes by elected officials, it is naive to assume that violations won’t occur frequently.

    Because this County/State is rife with agency capture and laws are selectively enforced, it is up to citizens to file civil suits in order to seek law enforcement against political bad actors.

    An individual citizen would have to spend his own time and money, and incur his own risk of reprisals, in order to obtain legislative review (a not particularly objective process in Illinois) for benefit of an entire community of
    un-engaged/partisan/hostile/indifferent taxpayers.

    So it stands to reason citizens would seek opportunities to override the agency-capture-driven prosecutorial-declines in some way which might offer some compensation for the effort to obtain objective justice.

    In cases of fraud by elected officials there may be enough total ‘damages’ to create qui tam lawsuit opportunities, or unreported taxable income to recipients(if that were to be the case), with whistleblower awards+costs available to a citizen/attorney willing to make the effort.

  7. Andrew, a $1000 dollar lunch split by 68 Alg Twh precincts, $14.70 each.

    All that matters with this group now is the $$$$, not humanity, I got it!

  8. Remember every other road commisioner endorsed miller all the more reason to to eliminate or consolidate more oversight needed they all tied together

  9. Cal can field dress a feral pig with best of them.

    But there’s not a single place in McHenry County that can process the carcass.

  10. Santa Claus with the taxpayers’ money.

    This is one of Booby’s lesser crimes. Focus on the big ones! (just like he did)

  11. Santa Claus with the taxpayers’ money.

    This is one of Booby’s lesser crimes. Focus on the big ones! (just like he did)

  12. @the nob

    Can’t you get it through your thick skull that, at the end of the day, it’s not about food for election judges?

    It’s about violating the law.

    NO elected official has legal authority to do ANYTHING other than what is specified in the statutes.

    If they exceed their authority, they have violated the law. End of story!

    As for the amount, $14.70, I’ve eaten at Brunch Cafe and it’s a damn fine eatery.

    I eat well and even with tax and tip, that amount signifies a top of the line breakfast.

    Where did the judges come from?

    A homeless shelter, half-starved?

  13. JW: would you buy into a civil lawsuit for $10 or $20 USD along with many fellow citizen taxpayers, in an effort to introduce some actual tangible adverse consequences into the political public-money strip-mining industry (aka local politics)?

  14. John, that’s per precinct.
    4 election judges per precinct.
    $3.68 per judge.
    Like Cindy said, money isn’t everything.

  15. A tad of research has shown that other townships offical’s have also supplied lunch to the election judges.
    Nunda, sponsored by the Supervisor budget in that case.
    Susan, I like where your going, let me know when you have something more defined.

  16. I have something very specifically defined and advancing toward ICO.

    It is blockchain based, watchdog template and potential litigation posting forum for local watchdogs to attract out-of-town attorneys who are not locally ‘conflicted’)..

    Incentives for citizen activists.

    No partisanship: if codes, statutes or ordinances are selectively enforced by either party politicians, citizens are provided a platform to act on crowd-sourced discovery by a crowd-funded mechanism

  17. Someone is misconstruing my comments in that it now appears I agree with nob. That would NEVER happen. He is an idiot. I try very hard NOT to be. I never said money isn’t everything. That would be a quote from a moron. Not me. It certainly is not surprising, that someone who thinks from and of are interchangeable words that mean the same thing would think that I was being an apologist for the dynasty’s stealing. In no way shape or form are any of their shenanigans acceptable. Susan brings up extremely valid points; but I disagree that that would be the problem to be solved. The real root problem is no integrity. Anywhere! Then we also have total fools that will be throwing the baby out with the bath water thinking they can solve this by abolishing local governance.

  18. coup-de-grace: annual data harvest yields heat map of ‘shitholes of America’, such as Woodstock Il, wherein agency capture is so pervasive, and citizen involvement in political corruption oversight is so low, that the diahrrea-brown color of the locale stands out as a warning to potential new citizens, or as an attraction for ‘bigger bullies ‘ to come in and crowd out the current regime to strip-mine remaining public resources.

  19. Why no grand jury?

    Pat, I assume that you are gathering evidence.

    Has there ever been a clearer case of financial malfeasance?

    This guy (family) was inappropriately fleecing the taxpayers for many years.

    Lock them up.

  20. integrity cannot be legislated, but laws CAN be enforced, one way or another.

  21. We may be finishing that 1776 “thing” before long. I daresay the corrupt will be very surprised.

  22. It took me only 2 days, to compile a video based evidence case against ‘Snarky’, my larcenous backyard squirrel.

    What’s taking so long with this Miller thing?

  23. $14, $3, $1000- why would the Township be serving lunch to election judges? Am I missing something here?

  24. Cindy on 04/25/2018 at 11:39 am said:

    Susan? You are missing the point. Not everything is about money. Why are you insisting on going there? Yes,the system is crooked AND rigged. We all know that already

  25. Nob? You are STILL an idiot. Everyone already knows that. Repeating what I have already said proves you know nothing, but maybe cut and paste!

  26. There is no reason that the Township should be covering election related expenditures; that should come from the County Clerk’s office.

    Also, did anyone check other election related payments close to pre-election night to individuals on the Township payroll (covering supplies, etc. for the 60+ precincts in Algonquin Township??

    this is similar to the “volunteers” getting lunch and $ for the recycling days.

    One lunch receipt showed what was ordered by the “volunteers” the receipt included Shrimp Scampi!! a bit greedy isn’t it?

    The largesse of the Township extends to providing free donuts, coffee, to groups who use the Township building.

    At one point the Crystal Lake Boosters used the Highway building for a fundraiser/dinner and After their successful event, a thank you letter was sent to “Bob and Anna May Miller” Not the taxpayers of the township.

    This process has been cultivated carefully over many years by the Millers to ingratiate themselves to their constituency, a continuous campaign, at taxpayers’ expense.

    Old Bob’s favorite parting message after a “giveaway” to homeowners, plowing favorite subdivisions, etc. “remember Bob at election time”

  27. @ the nob

    Once again. . . I don’t care WHAT amount was spent on those lunches or breakfasts.

    That is not the point.

    The amount spent on each individual may be minimal but the total is enough to raise an eyebrow. Still, it makes NO DIFFERENCE whatsoever.

    Follow along, you may sound out the big words if you need to, use a finger to underscore each word in this sentence.


    IT DOESN’T MATTER IF THE AMOUNT IS $1.00 OR $!0,000.00.


    If you or one of Miller’s many minions can provide us with a section in the statutes that grants him authority to provide meals for individuals serving as election judges when those same folks are collecting a per diem from the county clerk, I’ll apologize.

    If he donated those meals out of his campaign fund, he might be okay since his motive here can be argued to be one of ingratiating himself to the seniors (and others) serving as judges and, thus, curry favor with the voters.

    The same as throwing a party paid for out of his campaign funds for his workers.

    The difference here is that he used our public funds for his own purposes.

    If you don’t understand this concept, it’s well and good that you worked for the township as you’re obviously not bright enough to hand out carts at WalMart!

  28. @ the nob

    And your excuse/statement that “other townships” did this also is idiotic.

    Who cares?

    Many of our parents told us as children “if Joey jumps off a bridge, are you going to do it?”

    How many speeders or drunks cry when arrested, “Well, the car ahead of me was speeding too?”

    Only a moron would advance that sort of argument, but then you posted it so I repeat myself.

  29. John? Let me save nob the precious brain time to answer you. “Would it be ok if they used coupons?”

  30. ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

    No that’s Funny…..and spot in!!!!

  31. Drake

    If Pat wanted the grand jury to see it they would and they would charge.

    However, the grand jury may be spoon fed by the SA, it can also charge without Pat walking it in.

    So if you are on the grand jury, grab a form and make it happen!

  32. Grafton Township Supervisor John Rossi did the same thing.

    He used taxpayer money to feed the election judges pizza when they dropped off their equipment.

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