McSweeney Puts Pressure on Rauner re Quincy Veterans Home

It’s not nearby, but State government runs a Veterans Home in Quincy.

Quincy is located on the Mississippi River in Adams County.

The Home has big problems.

People keep dying of Legionnaires Disease.

The institution is a large employer in the area, known as Forgotonia in the late 1970’s.

With the General Assembly session scheduled to end on May 31st, some legislators, including State Rep. David McSweeney are anxious for Governor Bruce Rauner to spell out the remedial actin that his administration will take.

In his role of legislative oversight, McSweeney signed the following letter.


McSweeney Puts Pressure on Rauner re Quincy Veterans Home — 3 Comments

  1. RINO Rauner won’t be around too much longer, then what ?
    What will Jumbo Boy do about this SHAMEFUL problem ?
    Perhaps the gluttonous elitist buffoon will eat it and nobody will be wiser.

  2. We shall see if Rauner responds, he has a Point Man watching over the VA Home, paying $20,000 a month.

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