GOP Precinct Committeeman Sees Bias in NWH Reporting of Republican Party Leadership Elections

Newly-elected Dorr Township Repubolican Precinct Committeeman Richard Rostron submitted the opinion column below to the Editor of the Northwest Herald.

It was rejected.

I would note that background information was not given yesterday on the woman elected to lead the Democratic Party Central Committee.  The extent of her union support and her support for public employee union members is really not difficult to find.

Northwest Herald ‘reporter’ pens hit piece against McHenry GOP’s new chairwoman

If Ed Komenda had stopped with the headline, he’d have done fine.

If his targeted attact about Diane Evertsen’s election Wednesday night as McHenry GOP party chairwoman, were found on the Northwest Herald’s ‘Opinion’ page, no one could complain.

But, he didn’t stop at the headline and his personal opinion that follows the headline is found in the Herald’s ‘Local’ section where he and the publication try to pass it off as an actual news story.

One way to see the bias in Komenda’s ‘article’ is to watch Komenda’s wording.

In his subhead, he writes that “Evertsen has ties to anti-immigrant group.”

He doesn’t write a subhead that states she was a past president of Minutemen Midwest; he writes that she “has ties.”,

He also refers to her as a “political insider” while referring to Mark Daniel, the opponent she defeated, as an “Old Guard representative.”

It’s unclear why the first letters of those words are capitalized but the innuendo is clear.

Do a Google search of that phraseology: “has ties to …”

You’ll find one story after another about a criminal, or suspected criminal, with ties to this or that illicit organization.

Even Komenda’s claim that Minutemen Midwest is ‘anti-immigrant’ group is a falsehood.

The group isn’t opposed to immigration; the group is in favor of legal immigration.

Komenda then throws the Southern Poverty Law Center at Evertsen and Minutemen Midwest as though the SPLC is an unbiased and definitive authority – as if the SPLC hasn’t generated its own PR problems.

The SPLC may once have had some legitimacy when taking on the KKK or Nazis.

But, the group has sold out for a partisan alternative.

Groups that don’t fit the SPLC’s Left-leaning political agenda are given the same classification as the KKK and Nazi groups, even though there’s no more legitimacy to the comparison than comparing the KKK to the Democratic National Committee (and, considering the actual history of the Democratic Party, there’s a far greater connection there).

The best you could say is that the SPLC is a tool of identity politics.

If Komenda was an honest journalist, he would, at the very least, have pointed out that the SPLC has a few warts of its own.

But, that clearly wasn’t Komenda’s purpose, any more than it was his purpose to simply cover the election of a new Chairwoman of the McHenry GOP.

His goal was to tarnish the McHenry GOP’s choice. For anyone actually paying attention, Komenda failed.

The only image he really tarnished was his own and that of his publication.


GOP Precinct Committeeman Sees Bias in NWH Reporting of Republican Party Leadership Elections — 26 Comments

  1. Glad to see Richard Rostron Step up….The NWH also put this article on Face book April 20th…here was my face book answer

    And another Attempt by Lying Jack Franks and his stooge writer Ed Komenda to discredit the GOP..

    The Pro Franks, North Worst Herald are trying their best to push the Democratic agenda in McHenry County..

    The last NWH writer Ken Craver, Now has a full time job working for Franks….at Taxpayers expense…

    Looks Like Ed Komenda is trying for the same Gig……

    Always Remember that Franks, Mentor is Mike Madigan

  2. Another great piece of reporting from this unbiased sunshine blog, holding our corrupt media accountable and rendering a great civic service to beautiful McHenry County and to our country in general. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwww…

  3. Chuck, Ed left your name out for whatever reason, politics most likely.

    How is that re-write of election history since he didn’t change, actually rewrite, the history of the election?

    Even this blog has not mentioned you in relation to events you participated in, so does Cal rewrite historical events also?

  4. The Herald is obviously not for law and order and all for Illegals invading our country . Wonder how many of them don’t lock their doors at night and leave their cars unsecured in the parking lot? Journalism is dead!

    In the editorial disguised as news reporting, he tries to make the Minutemen and Evertsen appear racist!

    No mention of the fact that Diane Evertsen ‘s husband is an immigrant – of the legal kind, of course!

  5. Journalists fall somewhere between granite countertops and dog owners,of things most Americans can do without.

  6. Komenda is a cub reporter who can’t really write, and he’s certainly no investigative reporter, he does what Fat Jack tells him to do directly or through his faunce, Craver, the erstwhile NWH editor now employed directly by Fat Jack.

    The SPLC is hardly an expert on anything except how to make the media how to make the media howl for transgenered degenerates and how to scare Jews and gays to give them money or else “America will turn into one great big ‘Caberet’ musical with Nazis running the show and them shipped of to some Montana concentration camp.”

    Here’s another laughable ‘hate-target” of the SPLC … a group of singing Catholic nuns! You can’t make this sh*t up it so crazy!

  7. Obviously no hate here for immigrants or people of Mexican descant.

    “We added another sign to our collection today. It reads: Illegals Register Here. Ev will get the photos for you to see. It was so great because the Mexicans all started coming to us like we were going to give them the Matriculas. Several pulled over to our taped area to ask questions. It was also obvious that many of them are, indeed, illiterate in two languages. It’s really a beautiful thing we do!”

  8. Bill Matteson, I was on the Herald’s FB page but your comment isn’t visible.

    After a couple anti-Diane comments, there is the following text:

    “Most Relevant is selected, so some comments may have been filtered out.”

  9. No No – “Go Jack?”

    Go where?

    Go away?

    I’m all for that.

    It beats the heck out of the way is trying to create his own Chicago-style Democrat Machine here in McHenry County.

    The way the Herald fawns over Jack is a strong suggestion of why we see these biased, anti-conservative ‘stories’ in the NWHerald.

  10. The Herald is a joke and over 80% of McHenry County’s population knows it. (thus their subscription rate)

    Pillbox, you’re okay with using taxpayer funded property to sign up illegals for benefits that taxpayers fund?

    That’s all I need to know about you and your brain drain.

    I had a similar experience with Liberals who were protesting at the Unitarian Church in Woodstock.

    They didn’t read our signs (and some of these were teachers! That’s scary)

    They meant to join the Union thugs and wanna be commies but joined our side of the street instead.

    Stupid IS as Stupid DOES.

    And that is said with love, because that’s as nice as I can be when speaking of idiots and takers and destroyers of our country’s safety, solvency, history, education and fairness.

  11. Pillbox? Just wondering what Mexican descant would be. Is that when they are higher than others?

  12. Here’s a song about Komenda… but it could just as been a Craver poem

    He’s a real nowhere man
    Sitting in his nowhere land
    Scribblin’ all his hate-pieces for nobody to read
    Doesn’t have a point of view
    Knows not where he’s going to
    Isn’t he a tool of the Jackal?
    Nowhere man please listen,
    You don’t know what you’re missing
    Nowhere man, The County could be at your command!
    He’s as blind as he can be
    Just sees what he’s told to see
    Nowhere man, can you see me at all?
    Nowhere man don’t worry …
    Take your time, don’t hurry
    Leave it all till somebody else like Craver
    Lends you a hand
    Ah, la, la, la, la

    The Herald, she be a sinkin’
    The Herald, she be a stinkin’

    the Herald will be gone by twenty-twenty-two
    and, Nowhere Man Komenda…. so will you!

  13. No no, is that why Jackass Franks tells people he’s a Republican? LOL LMAO!!!!

    Why would any thinking person quote Southern Poverty Law Center?

    Komenda the Goof must not even realize their a hate organization.

    So it’s nice to document that The Herald confirmed that they:

    1) write articles that are really editorials

    2) don’t give a rats ass about giving equal time to both sides.

    Way to get them to confirm this, Rich Rostron.

  14. Cindy, apparently there is Pillbox who also seems illiterate in his native language.

    My question to Pillbox and Liberals in general is this:

    What’s worse-

    Someone who wants law and order and doesn’t want any illegal aliens invading our borders and taking our taxpayer-funded benefits that are meant for our own citizens, then notes that the takers cannot relate in English or their native language so how could they get off assistance?


    Someone who wants any and all illegals to be allowed to invade our country and be cared for on the taxpayers without giving something in return, rendering our county broke, but they’ll vote Democrat?

    I assure you, it’s the latter.

    Just because someone points out that the people in line to get Free goodies, without working for them,and found that they couldn’t read/relate in English or their native language does not make someone racist.

    It makes them observervant.

    Honestly, Where do these goofballs come from?

  15. There is a difference between advocating against illegal immigration and hating people because of the color of their skin and/or their national origin.

    If you can’t see that perhaps you cannot see at all.

  16. Pillbox? I have Mexicans in my family. I still fail to see what your post has to do with anything INCLUDING descant!

    Lani? Leftists are just angry hostile people that like to make chit up. That explains 90% of their comments.

  17. Cindy thanks for bringing level headed thought processes, sanity and correct spelling into everyt blog discussion.

    Your value on the planet of xenophobe is unmatched.

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