McSweeney’s Bill Is Not About Township Consolidation

Yesterday, the Northwest Herald article‘s headline and first sentence of a story by report Ed Komenda characterized State Rep. David McSweeny’s House Bill 4637 as having to do with consolidating townships.

Here’s what popped up on the Northwest Herald’s email about article of interest on April 26, 2018.

The bill, instead, is about allowing voters to abolish townships in McHenry County.

Something of a difference, I would suggest.


McSweeney’s Bill Is Not About Township Consolidation — 7 Comments

  1. Townships are nothing but trouble and another layer of useless government and pension-pigs we don’t need!

  2. This will NOT SAVE TAXES!!! If it would, I’d be all for it.
    Passing Legislation without a plan on how something will be implemented, and with no proof that it will be better for the people is negligence and Dereliction of duty. If people complain about Union/Pension problems now, just wait til they add tons of those jobs to cover what townships do without being union (aside from Algonquin Twnshp. We can thank Miller for that)

    If corruption is the problem, make Hwy Cmsnrs have more oversight from the board.

  3. County employees and township employees are in the same pension system–the Illinois Municipal Retirement System.

  4. Cindy, the townships are part of the Big Problem of far too many governmental layers.

    Did you see what’s going on in?

    I will vote to consolidate, eliminate or eradicate!

    Townships don’t belong in built-up areas.

  5. Lan: are part of Township Lobby or just a township parasite?

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