More Questionable Bob Miller Credit Card Purchases

Another example of former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner’s American Express

Algonquin Township Road District – Bob Miller credit card the gift that keeps giving

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –

Bob Miller

While reviewing numerous American Express credit card statements it is becoming evident that there was a pattern of use with the credit card bearing the name of Bob Miller.

Miller was the former Road District Highway Commissioner who is now the spotlight of what bad government looks like.

In today’s discovery, we noticed purchases to Jewel-Osco.

Being familiar with Township Road District operations it was odd to see these purchases as I don’t know of many items in that store that would have anything to do with Road District business.

Today’s exposure: more gifts!

In yesterday’s exposure it was Christmas Gifts.

Those defenders of the Miller operation accused us of hating Christmas, LOL.

I can only wonder what they will come up with now that gifts are being bought in June, the 2nd to be exact, 2016.

Multiple gift cards were purchased with the now famous American Express credit card, three for $50.00 and two for $100.00, totaling $350.00.

And of course, we have to include the “fee” for buying gift cards of another $21.80.

The receipt reflects these were phone/gift cards with one exception.

One $50.00 card was for a Home Depot gift card.

Another strange twist to these questionable purchases is the

fact the purchase was not all on one ticket.

One purchase was made then 2 1/2 minutes later, with the same cashier, a second purchase was made.

Is there anyone that can tell us what part of the Highway Code would justify taxpayer funds be used for phone/gift cards and Home Depot Gift cards?

I suspect our FOIA for the name of the recipient will go like all the others we have asked for in this state.

They can never tell you who got them.

Gift cards are one of the largest forms of theft we find with public bodies and extremely hard to identify who got them as they never want to tell you that, which is an indicator that they know it’s wrong.

About the only thing harder to find in Illinois is a State’s Attorney that prosecutes public corruption.

Stay tuned for more!

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More Questionable Bob Miller Credit Card Purchases — 18 Comments

  1. Looks like some kind of a picnic was in the offing. This spending of everyone else’s money was outrageous. Even more outrageous is the attitude of “current” law enforcement looking the other way while just about every day more iniquities come to light. Where is the Ethics Commissioner again?

  2. BTW Andrew, is that RTIC cooler we paid for somewhere in the township offices?

  3. Every day is Christmas for His Majesty Booby Miller and his clan.

    Life is good, isn’t it Booby ?

  4. It would be very interesting to see just what was being purchased at Amazon.Com

    Much of it could be legitimate, but in the face of everything else my guess is that there will be a LOT of questions raised by looking closely.

    And Sirius/XM?.


    How many township vehicles are so equipped? How many units (and their Id’s) were being paid for by the township?

  5. Don’t care what he wants. What he got – and we paid for – is what’s important. That entire American Express account is just one huge red flag.

  6. You said it would be interesting! I was just making a suggestion on how you might see into the inner workings of that mind. Nevermind if you are too dumb to follow. Sleuthing not your forte,I guess.

  7. Instant ad hominem attacks and off the wall conspiracy theories from you are all we need to see to determine where you’re coming from Cindy. (And what we’ve come to expect from you, Cindy)

    Can you explain to us – since you have all this investigative know-how – the importance of a current wish list vs. his actual purchases while road commissioner? Perhaps that will assist the FBI or the state’s attorney in this case.

    What’s on his wish list now is totally irrelevant to his former use of a government credit card. I’m sure that most here recognize that fact. Why not you?

  8. It would be interesting to see the details from the Amazon acct.

    If the item number’s were listed, it’s an easy lookup, but they’re not. I think someone would have to subpoena them.

    I suspect that those purchases were made by Anna May, not Bob.

    We did dress her well.

  9. I really can’t t even begin to imagine what all that Amazon money went for.

    Buy your office supplies through an office supply store where they will be invoiced and itemized.

    Better yet, set up a purchase order system.

    This is all small business 101.

    It would never ever be tolerated in the private sector.

    Why is this OK?

  10. Check the Law? You must be an astoundingly inept judge of character. It all goes to motive. Haven’t you ever read or watched (since you are probably a teevee brain-washed nitwit) a treatise on how the “experts” always get inside the criminal’s head? You’re a FOOL that doesn’t even understand how you tipped your own hand with the trigger phrase “ad hominem”. That shouts to everyone just what a fool you truly are!

  11. Wow! Gift cards so the real purchase (hookers? sex aids?) are hidden from the taxpaying dolts.

    Where’s the SA’s office! Something really reeks!!!

  12. ‘Check the law’ …. Booby’s latest McHCo.Blog persona.

    He’s getting to be one of those weirdos with 28 separate personalities (and all of them sociopathic)

    Yes, Bobby, why didn’t you check the law!

  13. @RickeyRicardo

    Please go back and read what I posted in regard to Miller.

    Read it slowly and carefully.

    Feel free to move your lips and sound out the words as you do, if it will help.

    I am anything but an apologist/defender for Miller and his clan.

    I’m truly puzzled that you could conclude otherwise.

  14. I think the ex-scientologist is right…. he’s buying hookers.

    Who TF was supposed to be approving these purchases?

  15. Check the Law? Are you saying that you are just a run-of-the-mill creep then? Your personal attack and venom tell a different tale. You asked a question. I tried to answer it. You turned on me spewing. Then you came back jumping up and down with your hair on fire. Is it any wonder we suspect you of being part of the clan? (You are all so transparent.)

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