“They’ll Be Back,” Says Pharaoh Mike Madigan in Tribune Editorial Cartoon

Sunday’s Chicago Tribune featured an editorial on people moving out of Illinois.

Mike Madigan (not seen in image above) stands ath edge of the Red Sea as U-Hall trucks drive toward the Promised Land.

The editorial makes clear that anyplace, but Illinois is the Promise Land.

This symbolism is too coincidental for McHenry County.

The Northwest Herald announced that U-Haul was going to replace Dominick’s at the northeast corner of Algonquin and Randall Roads.

Already there is a U-Haul at the northeast intersection of Routes 14 and 31. That’s the place that the Oscars used to be produced.

And another U-Haul replaced the old Walmart in McHenry on Route 31.

Sounds as if U-Haul has discovered McHenry County as a growth tip for its business.


“They’ll Be Back,” Says Pharaoh Mike Madigan in Tribune Editorial Cartoon — 5 Comments

  1. Can’t wait until the military arrests all the enemy combatants like Rahm. Maybe Uhaul will go follow the Oscars to California then.

  2. This is further proof that the Democrats are so far from reality. They have left the Democratic Party and went full blown looney tunes.

  3. The Route 31 & 14 location is also the last home for Follett Library Book Company, logo on water tower. Now Follett School Solutions is in McHenry.

    Uhaul has a great plan of moving into distressed big box locations ready for storage and unit rentals.

    With so many locations closing the options are pretty much endless.

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