Public Input on Future McHenry County Transportation Plan Requested

Here’s an email from the McHenry County Department of Transporation:

McHenry County Citizen Transportation Survey

McHenry County is in the process of updating our Transit Plan and we need your help!

A large component of this planning process is conducting a community survey on transit use. We hope to get participation from a broad cross section of our County — transit users and non-users, individuals and agencies.

The most important element in this plan update is YOU. We need your input, your insight and your comments.

It would be wonderful, and greatly appreciated, if you would please take the survey ( yourself and forward the survey link to your contacts; encourage a friend, family member, co-worker, client, or neighbor to take the survey, too!

Should there be any questions, please reach out to Transportation Planner Susan Borucki (x4981), Principal Transportation Planner Scott Hennings (x4985) or myself.

Thank you – we appreciate your participation.


Public Input on Future McHenry County Transportation Plan Requested — 10 Comments

  1. Bold prediction:

    Vocal bicycling advocates will overrun this survey, leading career bureaucrats to think there’s a big desire for bike lanes.

    The road building lobby will browbeat our bureaucrats and elected officials until this make-work boondoggle happens.

  2. No thanks.

    There’s already plenty of ways to get out of McHenry County.

  3. Publius is right. We don’t need your mass transit agenda 2030 baloney. Quit “reaching out” and leave us alone!

  4. Having trouble getting a message to post. Software screening says to try a different browser. Apparently it does not like Chrome. Am on Explorer now. Will this go through?

  5. Took the survey on transportation. Then, was immediately asked to do another survey concerning President Trump and the news and media.

    Would be OK with so-called public transportation busing within McHenry County IF it is totally paid for by the users. No subsidies. This County has suffered in the last couple of decades with subsidies of a different sort.

  6. bred? Get off of chrome AND IE. Download Firefox. It’s the safest and fastest. Too bad none are actually safe.

  7. Yeah. Have to wonder about Chrome and that it comes from Google.

  8. Suggestion ref: McRide and all township buses (which both seem to be empty or used by the same “club” members) is vouchers for taxi and Uber.

    Taxpayers are tired of funding vehicle purchases, filling them with gas, maintenance, insurance, payroll for drivers, etc. for the select few that get to ride on them.

    Oh yeah, all public can ride.

    Try to schedule around those “regulars” schedules. Good luck!

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