Franks Calls on Algonquin Township Board to Schedule Referendum on Fall Ballot to Put Road Commissioner Under Their Control

Jack Franks has sent the following email to members of the Algonquin Township Board:

“Sit down,” McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks yelled at one of the Edgar County Watchdogs who had previously said Franks had committed a criminal act.

I am writing this letter to urge the Township Board to put a binding referendum on the November ballot to abolish the Algonquin Township Highway Department. As you know, a new law took effect Jan. 1 that allows voters to abolish their township highway department by referendum. The McHenry Township Board voted in February to put a dissolution referendum on the Nov. 6 ballot. I am imploring the Algonquin Township Board to do the same.

I share the alarm and shock of our constituents over legal fees that have escalated out of control. The legal tab as of your April 11 meeting stood at $478,892, and that sum surely has increased since then. The Highway Department had $17,164 budgeted in legal fees for 2018 – Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser is now asking for $250,000 for next fiscal year. It seems he is perfectly content in bankrupting the township and depleting all reserves.

At the April 11 meeting, a resident of 40 years attended his first township meeting to express frustration over the squandering of his tax dollars; he described the situation as a “nightmare.” I can’t think of a better word. Besides legal bills, there is the real possibility that the taxpayers also will be on the hook to pay the legal fees of the employees that were fired, should they prevail in their lawsuits to win their jobs back.

Our taxpayers are getting fleeced. This frivolous waste of taxpayer funds is not the only justification for asking voters whether the highway department should continue to exist. Besides the hiring of a deputy highway commissioner with a set of skills that are questionable at best, trustees recently voted to relocate the Highway Commissioner to another building to keep the peace because of the tensions between him and the township clerk.

The County Board and I worked hard to reduce our levy by 11.2 percent for this property tax year. The fact that the ongoing circus in Algonquin Township could very well negate whatever tax relief we secured for township residents is infuriating and an unconscionable affront to our taxpayers.

Algonquin Township residents already suffer one of the heaviest property tax burdens in the nation. People are being taxed out of their homes. The fact that their hard-earned tax money is being squandered like this is an embarrassment.

I urge you to give our frustrated taxpayers a voice to decide if the office of highway commissioner should continue to exist in its present form. The voters deserve to be heard and listened to.

Should you have any questions, concerns or wish to discuss this matter, please give me a call.

I remain very truly yours,

Jack D. Franks

= = = = =
If passed, such a referendum would not take effect until after the end of the current Road Comissioner’s term in 2021

The letter wants readers to believe that Andrew Gasser has increase taxes since taking office.

As on can see from the following article, nothing could be father from the truth:

Reducing Levy 5%, Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser Urges Other Tax Districts to Reduce Theirs 1%

And unlike, the County Board’s tax cut, the Algonquin Township Road District tax cut is permanent.

It cannot be reinstated, as can the County Board’s cut.


Franks Calls on Algonquin Township Board to Schedule Referendum on Fall Ballot to Put Road Commissioner Under Their Control — 17 Comments

  1. Frank’s thinks there’s nothing more powerful than a fact free opinion.

  2. Just part of the Jack Frank’s power grab, he couldn’t have all the power he wanted in Springfield so he comes home and figures he can make his own little fiefdom in our county.

    It’s time people wake up and pay attention to what he is up to.Those of us in the rural part of the county had better be prepared to stand up for our rights and not let this clown take over the whole county.

  3. Opportunist Franks, our perpetual victim, anti-Christian, crypto-commie and same-sex marriage militant, has now jumped on the anti-Township bandwagon merely because it’s a very popular position.

    He’s doing something the GOP should have done long ago.

    Yes: Eliminate Townships!

    No: Jack ‘the Jackal’ Franks and his degenerate agenda!

    Here’s your wake up call video of the week, if you dare. (PS. Franks wants it banned but says ‘Modern Family’ is his favorite TV brainwash-propaganda show):

  4. Franks knows people are fed up with townships.

    Franks sees that the momentum has skyrocketed for eliminated useless gov. layers and pension pigouts.

    So be it!

    He’ll claim it was all his doing, too.

    Jack is a hack.

  5. Taxpayers of Alg. Township, let’s all submit our “call” to the township board for a “referendum to investigate the Millers” on the fall ballot…haha.

  6. But Bob MIIller is against it Jack.

    By the way we actually cut taxes by five percent.

    We in the Algonquin Township Highway Department are the most transparent unit of government in McHenry County.

    All our bills are online.

  7. I don’t like Jack franks a bit. He’s a sleaze.

    But, remember, even a blind pig can find an acorn once in a while.

    What I’m getting as is this: Just because Fat Jack doesn’t like something doesn’t make the something automatically good.

  8. Oh good Lord Jack…

    Blame the victims…

    Andrew, as duly elected representative of The People, walks into the Miller Dynasty mess and attempts to legally unravel their legally dubious behavior.

    Then comes Jack Franks, uninformed County Chair, interjecting his opinion trying to help The People via legal means is a waste of The People’s money.

    The inference is either Jack wants illegal means used to hold public officials accountable or Jack wants no accountability whatsoever for public officials.

    How can anyone take you seriously at all Jack?

    Just be quiet about things you clearly don’t understand or risk being accused of aiding and abetting public corruption.

    You’ll get elected again if you just keep your nose out of things which will taint you because, generally,

    The Sheeple will think they’re balancing government with you in power.

    What a stupid issue to tie yourself to by protecting potentially illegal behavior before the facts are all presented properly and legally.

  9. Hey Gasbag,
    Can you transparently post how Miller used the points?

    Follow these steps:

    1. Give AMEX customer service a call. AMEX customer service can be reached at: 1 (800) 528-4800

    2. Ask for who the American Express Account Development Rep is for the Highway Department/Township.

    3. Once you get your rep’s name, ask the rep to email an excel spreadsheet of how AMEX Points were used in the last 10 years. Then leak to the blog and everyone can be outraged together!


  10. Gasbag you could not hold a cup of water without it leaking.

    Crawl back into your mommy’s basement.

    Oh that’s right you are getting a pay check now and living like a drunken sailor on tax payer dollar.

    You and McWeeney are running Algonquin into the ground. Can’t wait until they abolish the township and you are gone.

  11. Lots of people in Algonquin Township don’t like Jacko, and many who do will be put off by this sort of meddling in an issue that doesn’t really concern the County.

    I wonder if Jack is playing a reverse psychology game here to do a favor for his old pals in the Miller crew.

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the Millers had plans to restore the dynasty in the next election.

    Restaurant meals can get expensive if you have to pay for them yourself.

  12. If Jack’s letter weren’t so full of lies, it would be funny.

    He’s brewing something nasty, and big enough to justify that large of a deflection.

    How cute, Jack Franks telling the trustee’s what’s going on in their township.

    It makes me suspicious of Jack having a meeting with one of the trustee’s, and curious about how happily it ended.

    I have little doubt that Bob Miller will attempt to regain his old dynasty.

  13. “Restaurant meals can get expensive if you have to pay for them yourself”. Sunshine blogger, how can you allow such a low blow to your good name and reputation right here on this sunshine blog? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwww…

  14. No way can we allow Frank’s ally of our predisessor to control our destiny, we will be back sliding

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