Real Estate Tax Bills Up on County Treasurer’s Web Site

Chick here and you can find your tax bill.

Here’s our family’s showing what tax districts charged this year:

Comparison of what the Skinner household was charged by its McHenry County tax districts this year.

Here’s a pie chart showing where our taxes went:

Pie chart showing where Lakewood residents in Algonquin Township pay their taxes ub 2018, assessed in 2017.


Real Estate Tax Bills Up on County Treasurer’s Web Site — 6 Comments

  1. Oh look at that, we should totally eliminate townships.

    What a distraction from what is really the problem with property taxes.

  2. Ah, the annual Operation Dumbo cash drop, to schools where a third of the kids can’t read or write to grade level.

    When’s the next teachers strike scheduled?

  3. They have to work 9 whole months of the year minus holidays, weekends, and vacation breaks.

    And now they have mandatory LGBTQ history to teach, because that crap is important.

    How could they survive without knowing how are country became so screwed up from the libtards.

    Cal, notice how I substituted crap for sh*t and screwed for f**cked.

    It’s more PC like our schools.

  4. FedUp, nice use of “crap” and “screwed.” Now, if you would just remember some 2nd grade grammar regarding possessive pronouns and would have used “our” instead of “are,” we’d take you seriously.

  5. Thank you grammar police officer Big Orange. I did use “our” in the last sentence. I’m sure you have never made a typo. Douchebag.

  6. Isn’t it sad when you see a tax rate of 10.122% and you are jealous?!?

    Sad excuse of local “leadership”.

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