Governor Names Official Bicentennial Tequila

A press release from Governor Bruce Rauner about a really important subject:

Gov. Rauner and Lt. Gov. Sanguinetti unveil official Illinois Bicentennial Tequila

Highlight importance of small business, Latino community

Illinois Official Bicentennial Tequila

CHICAGO (May 4, 2018) — Gov. Bruce Rauner and Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti today unveiled the official tequila of the Illinois Bicentennial during a Cinco de Mayo celebration at Mi Tierra en la Villita Restaurant. Bicentennial Commissioners and members of the Latino Caucus joined them for the festive occasion, which doubled as recognition for Illinois’ small business sector and the state’s vibrant Latino community.

“This Bicentennial partnership gives us the opportunity to recognize the contributions of Latino Illinoisans and entrepreneurs to our culture and our economy,” said Rauner.

“Small businesses – in the Latino community and all over Illinois – are critical to our economy. They employ millions of Illinoisans and create most of the state’s new jobs. It’s why they are considered the backbone of commerce in the state and why we need to support them in every way.”

The official Bicentennial libation is handcrafted by Mexican tequila-maker El Nacimiento. Using 100% Blue Agave from the finest soils of Jalisco, Mexico, El Nacimiento prides itself on a recipe handed down through generations of the family-owned company.

The double-distilled tequila is harvested using traditional techniques, fermented without additives over seven days, then cooked in clay kilns and aged in American White Oak barrels.

With its introduction here, Nacimiento is also releasing 2000 special-edition, commemorative hand-blown Illinois shaped bottles filled with a seven-year-aged Extra Añejo. Illinois-based importer Borderz Importz, a minority-owned small business, distributes the tequila. Borderz Importz was started by restauranteur Joe Fernandez, Jr. After experiencing El Nacimiento for the first time, Fernandez sensed something special, and figured he found something that Illinoisans would greatly enjoy.

“We could not be prouder that El Nacimiento has been named the official tequila of the Illinois Bicentennial,” said Joe Fernandez, Jr., President of Borderz Importz. “As someone in the restaurant business for more 30 years, it is exciting to see the State of Illinois supporting our local small businesses. El Nacimiento has been a special tequila in Mexico for generations, we cannot wait to bring this special reserve to Illinois.”

Lt. Gov. Sanguinetti and Sen. Martin Sandoval applauded the many contributions Latinos have made in Illinois.

“As the first Latina lieutenant governor in our nation’s history, I am proud of Illinois’ incredible diversity and rich cultural history,” said Lt. Governor Sanguinetti. “The Latino community has played a vital role not only to our state’s culture but also to our state’s economic engine. As we celebrate 5 de Mayo and this unique Bicentennial event, I wish we all embrace our diversity and remember the significant contributions Latinos have made to our great state.”

“As Co-Chair of the Illinois Latino Caucus, I am thrilled that the Illinois Bicentennial is honoring the cultural and economic contributions of Latinos to the State of Illinois,” said State Sen. Sandoval, D-Chicago. “Latinos throughout Illinois join Gov. Rauner and Lt. Gov. Sanguinetti in celebration of the 200th birthday of Illinois and Cinco de Mayo festivities throughout the state.”

El Nacimiento is now available for purchase online and at a growing number of retailers, including your local Binny’s. For a complete listing, visit

The Spanish version of the Illinois Bicentennial video PSA can be found here.


Governor Names Official Bicentennial Tequila — 10 Comments

  1. Felicitaciones al bloguero del sol reluciente. La comunidad latina es vital para este estado. Qué vivan los hispanos! Qué viva nuestro idioma Español! Manténganse en sintonía…tic, toc, tic, toc, tic, toc, miau, miiiiiaaaaaauuuuuuu…

  2. With a little luck, Llavona will drown in his tequila, this fine cinco de mayo.

  3. Funny, since Trump is in office, this is the quietest Cinco De Mayo I have seen in many years. Wonder where all the celebrants went.

  4. Angel, don’t harass these people. Like their leader, they can barely read and write English!

  5. Enjoy your Official Bicentennial Tequila while you can RINO Rauner,
    because you won’t be governor much longer.

    And remember this, you backstabbing traitor: cowards like you are often the
    victims of karma.

  6. Governor Sanctuary left out Mexico’s two biggest exports, drugs and misery.

  7. Some days, the RepubliCON jokes write themselves – case in point with this story.

  8. We are aware of how welcoming this sunshine blog and sunshine commenters are about immigrants, Latinos, Native Americans, the poor, the disenfranchised, and the LGBTQ community, among others. Next, some prodigious research I know my sunshine blogger will appreciate. Who knows, perhaps he will invite me to one of his many free lunches all around McHenry county, the state of Illinois and surrounding midwestern territories. Kudos to Carpentersville’s City Council officials for repealing this aberration from 2007. “After all, it’s hard to feel part of a town where the elected leaders passed a resolution designating English as the village’s official language. Instead of offering a welcoming embrace, what that said was “You’re not one of us.” It took nearly 11 years, but village officials set about to right that wrong last week when they voted unanimously to repeal the measure with the aim to unify a village where more than 50 percent of its 38,000 residents are Latino. “As far as I’m concerned, it (the resolution) should’ve never happened,” Village President John Skillman said. “We want to bring the town together, and this is a start.” The repeal was necessary and long overdue, and now must be the catalyst for even more change in Carpentersville. It must be used as a springboard to identify meaningful ways to increase inclusion, participation and political representation for all minority residents. Skillman, who was elected to his first term last year, campaigned on a platform of unifying the village and working to strengthen relationships with Latino residents. We’ll look to him to continue to lead the charge. Dear legion of justice members, please join us in a celebration of diversity, inclusion, and the true American spirit. Qué viva la diversidad y el multiculturalismo! Manténganse en sintonía! Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwww…

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