Illinois Leaks Calls for Resignation of Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik

This article was published on Illinois Leaks and is re-published here with permission:

Algonquin Township – Clerk Lukasik needs to resign immediately

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –Last November the Algonquin Township Clerk, Karen Lukasik, denied my request for a copy of all personal reimbursements made to the Township for purchases made on Township credit cards.

“Your request is denied pursuant to 5 ILCS 140/3(g) because the request for information is unduly burdensome to the operation of the public body. Locating, reviewing and scanning copies of any personal reimbursements made to the Township for credit card purchases since January 1, 2011, will require a great deal of time which will cause employees to dedicate such time to this FOIA and not to Township operations.”

Kirk Allen of Edgar County Watchdogs and Illinois Leaks will be in Crystal Lake tonight at the Rib House on Route 176 at 8 PM speaking to the McHenry County Libertarian Party.

For starters, the law does not allow her to deny a request as unduly burdensome without providing the requester the opportunity to narrow the request, which she did not.

Looking at her response one would wonder why a request for personal reimbursements for public credit card purchases would be so burdensome.

Or is the truth of the matter such a reimbursement is proof of personal use of public credit, which constitutes Official Misconduct and would be a felony violation of Article VIII Section 1 of our State Constitution?

Was she covering for someone?

Today I received credit card records that reflect a tip we received back in November was accurate.

Public funds were used for private purchases and the person who used the public credit made a payment to the township.

Personal purchases were made with a public credit card with the name Robert Kunz.

Records point to reimbursements for two of three confirmed personal purchase.

We do not know who made the purchase.

  • 4/30/2015 – Angie’s List -$56.76 -Ref. # 9266
  • 4/30/2015 – Angie’s List -$56.76 -Ref. # 6358
  • Microsoft Windows store – $2.11

Considering two of these purchases were reimbursed, how on earth is the collection of that unduly burdensome?

Or is the truth of the matter point to confirming the personal use of public credit exposes yet another failure in the Algonquin Township checks and balances.

Use of public credit for personal purchases is a violation of law, no matter how small or even if reimbursed.

We have filed another FOIA to see if there was any additional payment for one of Angie’s List purchases on the public credit card.

Of additional interest is the $974.58 dollars spent on the public credit card in 2016 for “D*J Wall Street Journal”.  How is the Wall Street Journal tied to Township Assessor business?  Anyone know of a statute that would permit this kind of expenditure? We have been told there were stacks of Wall Street Journal publications in the assessor’s office.

Considering a previous FOIA for credit card statements was denied as being unduly burdensome, we believe Clerk Lukasik should resign immediately as that previous request should have provided the very records we are exposing in this article six month later.

Records that were in fact possessed and made available in a recent request.

Stay tuned for a laundry list of questionable transactions pointing to more malfeasance of the previous administration at the Algonquin Township and Road District.

If you want to see the records we did get, although not complete to our request, you can download them at this link.

Our work is funded entirely thru donations and we
ask that you consider donating at the below link. 


Illinois Leaks Calls for Resignation of Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik — 21 Comments

  1. And the Algonquin Township taxpayers are calling for Lukasik to be
    prosecuted for her abuse of taxpayer’s money.

    Was any of this money reported as deductions or income to the IRS ?

  2. I suppose, as I am featured in this dispatch from Edgar County, I should provide a response.

    Regarding reimbursements, Angie’s List, with which I had a personal account at the time, used a device called PayPal, with which I had both business and personal accounts, in its auto-charge.

    To my annoyance, it persisted in using my business account for Angie’s List, until I gained control by removing the office credit card from the business account.

    In fact, though Edgar ominously states that two of three charges were reimbursed to taxpayers, all three were.

    Regarding the Wall Street Journal, a little background.

    In the early 1970s, I had the privilege of working closely with my mentor and friend, Cal Skinner Sr, at his office, running his offset printing press. At that time, I first became exposed to his Wall Street Journals.

    I gained an appreciation for the perspective they provided, and five years later, when I became Algonquin Township Assessor, made it part of my daily reading.

    I found it provided insight necessary to someone in government working daily with the public.

    A public official must work to understand this, and the Journal assisted greatly in this area.

    Since I did not have, nor have I ever had, individual investments, the Journal provided me nothing in that realm.

    Since I considered the value added by this exposure to accrue to members of my public constituency, I found no difficulty making it part of the assessor budget.

    Regarding the portentous throwaway statement “we have been told there were stacks of Wall Street Journal publications in the assessor’s office”, what?

    Before classifying the foregoing as “pointing to … malfeasance”, I advise Edgar to have the decency to seek response.

  3. Alg. twnshp residents need to show up en masse and during public comment DEMAND that she RESIGN!!!

  4. I demand Cindy give up her sources on all the members of the NWO in Illinois.

  5. Not? You simpleton! You want names like everybody is a ringleader and a source. You don’t get it at all do you! Go do some research on useful idiots. You will never understand what is going on because you are totally clueless. Go research SES. Deep state (worldwide). Pedophilia. Satanic Baphomet worshipping brain-dead zombies. What is coming is as old as time. Nothing new under the sun. Illinois is where a lot of those got their start. You know nothing about this state if you think Illinois is not included! Look no further than Dennis Hastert, Hitlery the killer Clinton, Oblahblah the candy boy and his tranny wife if you think Illinois’ hands are clean.

  6. Dear satan, Is my sunshine blogger also into this? He lives, after all, in Illinois…Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwww…

  7. Let’s get back to ALL AMAZON PURCHASES by the BOB MILLER FAMILY what’s the hold up…. thats what there banking on

  8. I call for her resignation, too!

    And if she won’t, I call upon our State’s Attorney to take real action besides playing solitaire on his computer, granted it’s “advance spider solitaire,” but c’mon, these are real crimes against the taxpayer.

    And Edgar County Watchdogs have done the legwork and served it all up a silver platter for the SA’s Office!

  9. Cindy, so I should Google SES, Deep state Worldwide, Pedophilia Satanic Baphomet worshipping brain-dead zombies

    You said, “What is coming is as old as time. Nothing new under the sun. Illinois is where a lot of those got their start. ”

    They go their start to do what? Institute global Zombie pedophiles? I’m confused.

  10. Never Google anything. You will get nothing but lies. Plus you are supporting the cabal. Other topics to lead you would be SERCO, crown agents, and the BAR. Do you know anything about adrenochrome? You’re so behind the eight ball here that you are asking baby questions. You have not noticed the lies? The subterfuge? The dismantling of your country? Good luck in your awakening. It is a tough road especially for those so late to the “game”.

  11. Why is the budget meeting and monthly meeting on Monday as opposed to Wednesday?

  12. Probably because there was a call for all to attend on Wednesday on the “secret gift cards”… blog story.

    Maybe someone thinks it will be less attended on Monday.

  13. JohnWhine? Be very careful lest you be tossed in the moron category. People that say such stupid things as you will end there quickly.

  14. The township budget hearings and regular meeting were rescheduled to Monday due to the Clerk’s failure to provide timely notice for today (Wednesday).

  15. Cindy having the likes of you call me a moron is more a badge of honor than a put down. Did your mother deliver any children that were not brain dead?

    Your arguments make perfect sense. At least until you open your mouth, they do. Anyone who dares to take a position contrary to you is immediately labeled stupid, a moron, a co-conspirator but there are never any facts supplied by you to back up your assertions.

    How does it feel being the smartest person in the room when everyone else in the room is dead?

  16. Call State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally and tell him you support his indictment of Robert Miller and all those corrupt government officials who turned a blind eye.

    How can he ignore what wasserved to him on a golden platter.

    His #815-334-4844

  17. JohnWhine? You have not been paying attention at all. (AND I was very nice to you every time I ever spoke directly to you.) I do not call names. I make judgment calls. I point out when someone is acting the fool. You certainly have succeeded in doing precisely that. How childish and ridiculously stupid of you to make fun of another human like you ‘think’ you are doing. I kicked the slats out of my cradle the last time I heard that (not in the least bit funny) wisecrack. Nowhere have I EVER said anything about being the smartest person in ANY room. Whining (your name is so appropriate!) about “facts”(trigger word used by morons thinking they are superior) puts you right down in that progressive moron category. I don’t recall any arguments or assertions. I post things to enlighten those that have ears to hear. (That would be those that are not complete blubbering idiots.) You have personally attacked me twice in this comment section. How does it feel to be better than everyone else in the room? Only a pig says not funny things like you do thinking they will garner attention for themself.

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