Roskam Signals Tax Attack on Casten, Points to Dem’s Support for MFT Hike

A press from Congressman Peter Roskam:

Sean Casten says we should ‘absolutely’ raise the gas tax

Illinoisans struggle under one of the highest tax burdens in the nation – and Sean Casten wants to make sure Illinois taxpayers pay even more.

When asked during a radio interview with WLS about a plan to raise taxes on gas, Casten said, “…absolutely we should raise the gas tax.”

Sean Casten

Casten has been exposed for what he is – a Madigan ally who will vote to increase taxes on families and small businesses every chance he gets. Maybe paying more taxes isn’t a big deal for Sean Casten whose father gave $150,000 dollars to a Super PAC attacking his primary opponent, but for most Illinois families, this adds to a tax burden that is already too heavy to bear.

  • Casten has been one of Mike Madigan’s most consistent supporters for a progressive tax hike.
  • Sean Casten supported Mike Madigan and his party voted to override the Governor’s veto, burdening Illinois taxpayers with a 32 percent state income tax hike.
  • Casten opposed the Governor’s recent budget because he said it didn’t do enough to raise taxes on Illinois residents.
  • Earlier this year, Casten announced his intention to repeal the tax breaks Sixth District families and small businesses received through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and support a plan to instead, raise their taxes.

“The list of tax hikes Sean Casten is willing to impose on taxpayers just keeps getting longer and longer.

“There is no tax hike that’s too much or too high for Sean Casten to support,” said Roskam for Congress spokesman Veronica Vera.


Roskam Signals Tax Attack on Casten, Points to Dem’s Support for MFT Hike — 7 Comments

  1. We need to do it Roskam’s way, go out and borrow a trillion dollars to pay for stuff.

  2. Only in Illinois, can a Pol campaign promise to make your life more miserable and win.

  3. Roskam is a party lemming who sold his soul to the Trump side of the party.

    Because he has aligned himself with DT he will pay the price with his seat.

    Our party is being ripped in two by those of you that sold out to Trump and Roy Moore. Sorry Pete. Sad!

  4. Casten is just another Democrat who would obediently follow the orders of Nancy Pelosi in DC.

    She and top Democrats would raise taxes and put in more useless government programs if somehow she became Speaker again.

    Democrats ruined Chicago and the State of Illinois and will try to continue their Obama path of ruin of the U.S. if they again gain power in DC.

  5. Wrong! Roskam’s problem isn’t that he voted to lower taxes (one of the few good things he’s done), his problem is that he’s a career politician and a party-line Republican in a swing district during a bad year for Republicans.

    I expect him to lose, but if Casten keeps yammering about how awful it is that people keep more of their own money he’s going to make it harder for himself to unseat Roskam.

    The Democrats will just have to spend more money as Casten puts his foot in his mouth.

  6. Peter Roskam margin of victories over his Democrat opponents in U.S. House Races:

    2006 2%
    2008 16%
    2010 27%
    2012 18%
    2014 34%
    2016 18%

    Not even close in last 5 races. Given the usual boiler plate claptrap used by the current Democrat opponent of Roskam, there is no reason to believe that Casten has a chance to win.

    In the unlikely event that Roskam lost, Casten would quickly bow to the demands of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. He would just be an obedient Democrat to her.

    The Democrat Party is floundering. They have a terrible leader in Hillary Clinton who has still not come to the realization that she lost. The Democrat Party of today has a crazy agenda of Impeach Trump, Open borders and sanctuary cities. They are out of touch with the mainstream Americans who picked Trump.

  7. Liberals are nuts…

    Why wouls anyone want the govt to have more of our money…

    dont they have enough of it to waste..

    Their using the hatred of DT to try to sway voters…


    democratic fools

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