$1,250 More in Bob Miller Gift Cards, This Time from Barn Nursery

Re-printed with permission from Illinois Leaks:

Algonquin Township Road District – $1,250 in Gift Cards from Barn Nursery and Landscape

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –Once again we find Gift Cards being purchased with the American Express card in Bob Miller’s name.

According to the record it claims 6 cards were purchased for $200.00, however, the charge on the credit card is for $1,250.00.  Is this another case of fees applied for the purchase of Gift Cards?

Next thing you know we will find that the Township issues gift cards for General Assistance.

One question:

How would gift cards to a Nursery be a function of Road District Business?


$1,250 More in Bob Miller Gift Cards, This Time from Barn Nursery — 15 Comments

  1. And, of course, whose primary election sign was placed on the frontage of Barn Nursery corner at Rt. 31 and Rakow Rd.?

    Robert Miller for Algonquin Township Road Commissioner!

  2. That bill is for a Chase Visa Business Card, not the AmEx Platinum Card.

    I guess one business card wasn’t enough.

  3. There property was paid for through tomesello landscaping billed to the Township go figure

  4. This crap just keeps getting worse, and still he walks a free man, must be nice!!!

  5. And why was the Verizon bill paid on Amex in addition to the Verizon bill it self we know the answer……..

  6. Joke, are you saying that Bob Miller had his property landscaped thru Tomasello and the Township paid for it?

    I’m not understanding your second comment . (?)

  7. Are none of the Millers multi-bilking of the public indictable?

    Patrick, please say they are.

  8. It is obvious that Mr Miller was simply practicing “trickle down economics”, he is a true republican.

    All this money he paid out for gifts and meals boosted the economy.

  9. Does anybody know if there is a newspaper in this County that has reporters, journalists, investigative journalists that should have been “investigating” these matters?

    Why is it that we have to rely on an entity from a county many miles south of McHenry County to do most of the investigatin?

  10. Time is running out for Algonquin Township taxpayers to file a civil fraud suit against the individuals and public offices responsible for alleged statutory violations.

  11. Miller Scam #724.

    It’s hard to keep track of all the money scammed out of us Algonquin Township residents.

    Where is the state’s attorney’s office?

    Did Judge Sullivan tell him to ‘go slow’ bc Miller’s threatened to reveal other official’s corruption?

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