Another Installment in Bob Miller $43,000 Deferred Sick Time Payment

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Algonquin Township Road District – No budgeted item, no legal payment!

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –

Keep it simple!

Most who have served in public office know that you can’t spend money that is not budgeted.  Doing so for non-public business falls under the Misapplication of Funds statute in the criminal code.

We downloaded the last budget applicable to Bob Miller and we found no budget item anywhere pertaining to accrued sick days or any other line item for money owed as a liability. For those unfamiliar with budgets, don’t confuse a salary line item with benefits.  If you look at the Administration line item (page 5), you will find all the benefits listed below the salary line item, of which there is no sick leave obligation listed.

No budget, can’t spend it!

Now that we know it was an erroneous payment out of the Road District, as confirmed by attorney Gooch in his pleadings, coupled with no budgeted obligation, why is it that so many people don’t understand why Andrew Gasser is demanding the return of the taxpayer money?

Never mind the fact this claimed sick leave liability never showed up the most recent Annual Financial Report filed with the Comptroller, nor in any of the Annual audits until this year.  Considering it showed up as a “Note” in this year’s audit we have to ask, how does so much sick leave show up in one year?  Should this accountant be looked at closer?

So what are the consequences for a Road District Commissioner who turns in a bill to be paid (to himself) for conversion of sick leave to money, that has never shown up on any official records in twenty-four years of the Township’s history and all done without any budgeted expenditure?

We suggest you ask that question to your local State’s Attorney!

And yes, we have more to come!

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Find the entire budget on this Illinois Leaks web page.


Another Installment in Bob Miller $43,000 Deferred Sick Time Payment — 12 Comments

  1. Why should Booby Miller, or any township official for that matter, ever be accountable for their thievery and fleecing of the taxpayer?

    That’s the position of Township Officials of Illinois, the pro-township lobbying group in Springfield.

    This is the same lobbying group that your very own townships are supplying money to, via your taxes.

    Don’t believe me?

    Well, guess what, Nunda, Algonquin and McHenry Townships have given public money, derived from taxpayers,to the TOI!

  2. Miller is just a lamebrain low-IQ crook who got caught.

    Start looking at the local School Superindents and the rats’ nest at MCC for even bigger thefts.

  3. For Bob Miller it was quite unthinkable he could ever lose an election, even if he didn’t have the most votes.

    That’s ‘democrazy’ for you in dying McHenry County.

    Then, when it was clear he was out, he scurried around (after he came back from his Caribbean cruise) like a sewer rat trying to cover his ratty tracks.

    Unfortunately for Miller and his darling wife co-conspirator, he didn’t or couldn’t destroy all the evidence of his myriad crimes, scams and shams.

    When he used taxpayer $ to have an outside company wipe the townships’ computer hard drives during the waning weeks he still held office, that should have set off alarm sirens.

    But alas, in McHenry County, the State’s Attorney’s office is fast asleep.

    They won’t prosecute certain foreign nationals (many of whom are illegally here in the first place) or corrupt local officials.

    Why is that?

    These are questions which will NEVER be answered honestly because that office’s own complicity, incompetence and indolence will be implicated in any response.

    So, it all gets swept away … like it all didn’t happen.

    Start looking at the local School Superintendents and the rats’ nest at MCC for even bigger thefts.

  4. Amateur psychoanalysis, done at a distance, is a dubious foundation on which to build an argument.

    On the contrary, there are universal rules that govern the behavior of the political class in every country on earth, whether they be despots or democrats.

    First and foremost is the self-evident axiom that the rulers act to maintain and extend their rule.

    Every regime, no matter its ideological character, is dependent on at least the passive support of the populace. In the US, we have elections – although don’t tell our “intelligence community” that!

    These township officials are just rotten crooks.

    And the passive support of the taxpaying ‘sheep’ no longer exists.

    Miller should be charged.

    Simple as that!

  5. Anna Mae grandma should go back to Canada and embarrass her family like she did to the Miller CLAN joke on

  6. Anna Miller aka granny I bet Derek lees kids are proud lean birthdays that there wondering why ……good job Millers

  7. Judy kreklow book keeper for 30+ years no different than the millers self serving no one questioned her actions giving herself pay increases at her leisure taking office supplies Ect………her and the Millers joke on

  8. Honestly, I find the outrage amusing.

    Until Gasser hired Hanlon nothing was known about Miller’s activities.

    Sure we all knew Bob hired the Miller clan.

    But honestly who among the commenters here attended a single township meeting in the 24 years Bob ruled the roost?

    I’d bet prior to 2017 there wasn’t a sole at any of the 288 monthly meetings.

    Did anyone including prior boards even bother to look at what money was being spent upon.

    Did Anna May attend in her Highway Department wardrobe?

    Did anyone say wait

  9. Cobbler?

    Be glad the natives are restless.

    We were asleep far too long.

  10. Cobbler, I DID go a few times.

    Nearly all the crookedness occurred far from public mtgs.

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