Enhanced Traffic Enforcement in Woodstock Starts Today

A press release from the Woodstock Police Department:

Woodstock Police Department Law Enforcement Showing Zero Tolerance for Seat Belt Violations May 18-29

Woodstock, IL— As summer kicks off and travel increases, the Woodstock Police Department is
partnering with the Illinois Department of Transportation to remind motorists to Click It or Ticket.

Woodstock Police Squad Car

The national seat-belt enforcement campaign will take place May 18 through 29, concurrent with one of the busiest travel and holiday weekends of the year. Click It or Ticket enforces seat-belt and car-seat use to keep all motorists safe.

“Our law enforcement personnel see firsthand the loss of life when people refuse to buckle up,”
said Chief John Lieb.

“It’s such a simple and effective way to protect yourself while traveling.

As the Memorial Day weekend approaches, we want to make sure people are doing everything they can to stay safe in the unfortunate event of a crash.”

Illinois has a 93.8% observed seat belt usage rate, but a disproportionate number of fatalities involve unbelted motorists and passengers. Of the 1,093 traffic deaths in 2017, where restraint use was known, 54% of those killed were not wearing seat belts.

Seat belt use drops even more in the evening hours between 6 p.m. and 5:59 a.m.

That’s why one focus of the Click It or Ticket campaign is nighttime enforcement.

The Woodstock Police Department will be taking a no-excuses approach, writing citations day and night.

Motorists caught not buckled up will be ticketed, and those caught driving impaired will be arrested.

“Please help us spread this life-saving message before one more friend or family member is killed as a result of this senseless inaction,” said Chief John Lieb.

Seat belts save lives, and every vehicle occupant—front seat and back, child and adult—needs to remember to buckle up, every trip, every time.

Together, we can make zero fatalities a reality in Illinois.

For more information on the Click It or Ticket mobilization, visit www.BuckleUpIllinois.org.


Enhanced Traffic Enforcement in Woodstock Starts Today — 29 Comments

  1. How dare they! Remember when they originally enacted this crap and PROMISED they would not use seat belts to go after anyone? LIARS! This is total Gestapo control over lives they have no business messing with. No one is free to live their life how they choose. Their continual jingoism doesn’t make them right.

  2. It’s all about “Revenue Enhancement” under the guise of safety
    here in the Sanctuary State Of Hellinois.

    Always has been, always will be and that’s one more reason
    why people are fleeing in record numbers year after year.

    Continue voting DEMOCRAT and you will get more of the same, and then some.

    And remember, big brother is watching …

  3. ole’ abe will be the last miserable man left in Illinois, at his pace.

  4. Tommy, HonestAbe, is a Man . . . Miserable, NO. But your miserable comments, indicate what a miserable person you are. Get some help with your issues.

  5. I can only hope that Woodstock take this Gestapo money and put it back into the community. Woodstock has really become an eye sore comparable to an unsightly wart.

  6. Although I never agree with Cindy, Cindy is 100% correct. This points to the end of the republic, where weak legislatures can pass legislation that offends the people on fraudulent justification to, in the end, turn up the power of the state, and allow them to confiscate your money.

  7. What is amazing about this issue is that there are still very stupid people around who refuse to buckle up and save their lives or limit injuries in the event of a crash.

  8. Amazing? You think that is amazing? This is what is amazing. I never said that I refused to buckle up. I just hate that “other people” think that they know how I should live my life and then proceed to infringe upon my God-given freedom to use my free will. Case in point – it is no one’s business if I wear a helmet or not. No one’s business if I choose to wear a seatbelt or not. (I know plenty of drunks and epileptics whose lives were SAVED by NOT wearing a seatbelt.)

    It is not a free country if others can tell you what to do and then enforce what they believe by using terror tactics. If you do not think that this is not “the point of a gun” – you can tell your story to the judge when you are stopped illegally and forced to comply.

  9. Some people are of the mind that stupid drivers and passengers who do not want to buckle up in their vehicles are within their rights to not do so. They say that government has no place in demanding what you do in your moving vehicle. But, they are wrong. Stupidly wrong.

    Driving a vehicle is not a right. It is not guaranteed in our Constitution. Driving is a privilege. Driving a vehicle on a public road requires a driver’s license issued by the government. That license includes a responsibility to operate a safe vehicle that meets all related government requirements including headlights, brakes, tail lights, windshield wipers, etc. The license also requires that the driver of the vehicle knows all laws and Rules of the Road and follows these laws and rules while operating a vehicle.

    Only stupid people, people as dumb as sack of rocks, drive a vehicle or are a passenger without wearing seat/shoulder belts.

  10. bred? Would you also say that freedom to move about is a privilege? They have no business making statutes that give them a “RIGHT” to license our movements. Constitution guarantees our freedom to move about. See Article 5 and Article 9. You are free to believe what you want to believe including that people are stupidly wrong. The Constitution says you are wrong. You have been hornswoggled to believe that your slavery is going to save you. You are confusing their brainwashing of parroting rights and guarantees with actual real truth. I believe YOU are the one that is very wrong.

  11. Driving is a privilege and not a right. The government sets the rules on that privilege including having a safe vehicle, having a valid driver’s license and obeying ALL rules of the road including wearing seat belts, not driving while taking certain medications and drugs, not driving when impaired by alcohol, having adequate insurance coverage, and having up-to-date vehicle license plates.

    The government (us collectively) has an absolute right to regulate operation of vehicles on the road which includes the qualification and behavior of drivers and passengers.

  12. “qualification of persons to drive and the behavior of drivers and passengers”. Might add that government also has the right to demand that no vehicle shall have an open beer, wine or liquor container in a vehicle that is on public roads.

  13. Right you are, Cindy !

    Thanks to the “dumbing down” of Americans through the government
    CONTROLLED and monopolized educational systems far to many citizens
    are incapable of understanding their Constitutional Rights.

    And further, they seem to be happily oblivious to this as demonstrated by
    numerous posters here. Very alarming indeed.

  14. Right, you are Honest!

    Paul Revere? Please change your name. You have no understanding of what that hero enabled. You are as dumb as bred in that you can no longer understand what freedom is and why it is guaranteed.

    What you have swallowed is absolute tyranny and nonsense. Just in case you have an open mind and want to do a little reading to educate yourself:


  15. People who do not want to abide to the Rules of the Road regarding motor vehicles in Illinois and every other State have the “freedom” to NOT operate a motor vehicle if they think the associated rules and laws are onerous or unconstitutional do have an option. They can live in a big city such as Chicago and use public transportation and their feet to move about.

  16. I have no quarrel with enforcing traffic laws but traffic was backed up from the checkpoint at lake all the way back to past McDonald’s today.

  17. Satan has spoken. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwww…

  18. bred? What the Hell are you talking about now? Civics has nothing to do whatsoever with your stupid stance. You make the mistake of treating your emotions as if they were wisdom. That makes you the moron. Knowledge, experience, and judgment give you wisdom. You used none of those to rant against those of us that presented you with actual facts. Then you turned into a hissy fit of telling us to go live somewhere else. I even gave you a link to educate yourself, but you turned down knowledge in favor of emotional, progressive, nanny state, brainwashed gobbledegook.

  19. Cindy, 1990 called. They want their website back.
    Did you use netscape to find that link?

  20. All this fuss over a seat belt being buckled?

    They never promised anything.

    I believe that was just in the beginning phase.

    Why is this an issue?

  21. Cindy, Cindy, Cindy. Driving on a public road is a privilege and not a right.

    The government per State DOTs has the authority to set rules and regulations regarding the operation of motor vehicles on public roads as well as the authority to regulate the behavior of drivers and passengers in those motor vehicles. That behavior includes requiring drivers and passengers to buckle up with seat belts. It requires further behavior by drivers:

    Not using recreational drugs while driving
    Not be alcohol impaired
    Not using a hand-held cell phone
    Not using any prescription drug that would impair driving ability
    Not having open beer, wine or alcohol containers in the vehicle
    Having a valid driver’s license
    Having proof of insurance and vehicle registration

    It is futile and silly to try and defend the actions of mopes and stupid people who refuse to buckle up in a motor vehicle.

  22. bred? Where did I ever say once that I defended anyone’s actions or refused to buckle up? You are a complete idiot!

  23. I take great umbrage at your insistence to identify other people’s choices as stupidity. I would never presuppose to read anyone’s mind; especially as to their reasoning of why they choose to do, or do not do something such as employ a seatbelt. Stupidity has to do with ignorance. I don’t believe that anyone is ignorant of the fact that seatbelts are available or what their original intended purpose would be. You are calling out people as stupid for choices they make. That has nothing to do with them;.but speaks volumes about how you emotionally view others if they do not kowtow to your particular viewpoint of what is good for them. That is nanny state mentality and grandiose thinking that you are the only one that can claim to know what is good for everyone else. Who are you to dictate to others what they should do and then on top of being a dictator you judge them incompetent if they do not bend to your wishes?

    You are totally ignorant of The Constitution and what freedom entails. Have you ever read it? Your ignorance of The Constitution exemplifies stupidity. If you are looking for a mope, look in a mirror.






  24. Cindy, really? While I totally share your libertarian views, you literally call people stupid almost every other post. Your posts are hard to take from a rational standpoint. And we could presume that life is pretty tough for you because anyone who staked out the positions you do would be insufferable in person and probably have very few friends.

    But look at the bright side. At least you have this blog.

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