Miller Road District Credit Card Info Not Available Until June 1st

I filed a Freedom of Information Request for the reward point pages of a number of American Express Premium Credit Card statements with the Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik.

A week delay was requested and granted.

Now I have received a reply from Township Attorney Jim Kelly’s office saying that the information will not be available until June 1st.

I was told that the information would be available on June 1st.

So, who could have the credit card statements?

It seems unlikely that the FBI would tell Algonquin Township’s Attorney Jim Kelly a date certain for the return of evidence.

That leaves either the State Police or McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally’s office.

After the indictment of the East St. Louis librarian for credit card fraud, I’d bet on its being Kenneally’s office.


Miller Road District Credit Card Info Not Available Until June 1st — 13 Comments

  1. Cal,
    Stop picking on Karen. It’s much easier to have your lacky, do the work for you.

    Hey Gasser,

    Follow these steps to find out how Miller used points:

    1. Give AMEX customer service a call. AMEX customer service can be reached at: 1 (800) 528-4800
    2. Ask for who the American Express Account Development Rep is for the Highway Department/Township.
    3. Once you get your rep’s name, ask the rep to email an excel spreadsheet of how AMEX Points were used in the last 10 years. Then leak to the blog and everyone can be outraged together!


  2. And, Cal, AMEX have all the credit card statements.

    I commented more than two weeks ago that you can have Gasser do this for you.

    Or, Cal, why don’t you call Gasser at (850)866-0155.

    Why are you requesting a FOIA from the clerk Highway Commissioner records? Ask the current Highway Commissioner!

  3. Poor Miss Karen, a young fawn caught in the headlights from cars speeding cars on a 12 lane interstate.

    Don’t get hit ‘deerie!’

  4. Totally stalling on lawyer Kelly’s part he has no idea what to do hopefully he will ask Rebecca lee for advice joke on

  5. Why do Cal and Kirk insist on pestering Karen when their minion Gasbag can simply pick up the phone and call amex for the data himself?

    Literally just follow the steps above….

  6. Not? You must be one of the Miller minions. Mr. Gasser has no obligation to follow your worthless advice. The job description of Lukasik entails this is part of her work. How silly of you to try to smear Mr. Gasser over her dereliction of duty. Only a fool would address a lawfully elected official in such a denigrating way. You sound like a petulant child with your personal attack of twisting his name. While you think you are being sharp, it actually represents your lack of intelligence.

  7. Cindy,

    My advice is not worthless. Gasbag is more than capable to pick up a phone can call AMEX to get the report. The fact is that Cal and Kirk keep bothering the clerk for highway commissioner records. Why wouldn’t you FOIA the highway commissioner for highway commissioner records especially when the highway commissioner comments on this blog all the time and all the highway commissioner has to do is contact AMEX for Cal and Kirck because the highway commissioner is also on the AMEX account and the highway commissioner is entitled to access to the account and information?!

    You are literally one of the most loathsome, mean, rude, but otherwise inconsequential people that comment on the blog because, from what I can tell, you don’t vote, you don’t leave your house, you don’t have a job, and you aren’t married. I actually pity you because you are literally a troll anthropomorphized. I’ve politely asked you in the past for articles or websites, something to understand your worldview, but you have countered and said I”m too far gone or too far removed from reality.

    The entire planet will be better off without you.

  8. Not? Insults (and outright lies) aside, you are wrong on every count you surmised. I am not here to do your homework for you. I am only trying to waken the hoi polloi. Wishing for my death is a very nice touch for a loving person interested in bettering others’ lives. Fools and idiots are dime a dozen. You seem to have chosen to be within their ranks if not their leader.

  9. I’m actually the leader of the NWO. We are sending your RFID chip I’m the mail. Please insert promptly into your arm for identification.

  10. Not? More lies. If that were actually true, you would know that the new world order is the old world order and RFID chips are passe. Apparently, you are not as highly regarded as you think among your devilish minions.

  11. Cindy,
    Please continue outing yourself. If I weren’t part of the NWO, you wouldn’t know because I would be anonymous and faceless until we enslaved the world with Agenda 21 and forced all pizza shops to have child sex rings in their basements. You fool like the dime a dozen idiots who follow the false promises of Alex Jones.

  12. Isn’t it nice that Kelly can now bill the township for replying to FOIA requests.

    I wonder why Karen doesn’t have the gentleman she illegally contracted to help her?

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