Once in Lifetime Opportunity to See Magnificence of the Vietnam Memorial in Johnsburg

The Vietnam Memorial Wall at dusk.

A scaled down version of Washington’s Vietnam Memorial is on McHenry Township grounds this Memorial Day Weekend.

Another view of the Vietnam Memorial Wall after sunset.

Its called The Wall That Heals.

A close-up of some of the names of those Killed in Vietnam.

Snagged somehow by Township Supervisor Craig Adams, it provides an opportunity for Veterans,  their families and just plain citizens to view the wall that received so much controversy when its design was revealed.

A somber John Pletz stansd near one end of the Vietnam Memorial Wall replilca.

John Pletz went up at dusk after the McHenry County Republican Central Committee meeting at the McHenry VFW last Wednesday night.

John Pletz caught this bug, which might have had him smiling sadly, thinking, “Not the light, Larry.”

Pletz got some got some really good photos.

The trailer in which delivered The Wall That Heals has informational displays around its perimeter.

Earlier in the day, I viewed the trailer in which the Wall was transported.

Details of the exhibit follow:


Once in Lifetime Opportunity to See Magnificence of the Vietnam Memorial in Johnsburg — 13 Comments

  1. Jolly? You are obviously NOT a Viet Nam veteran. This is not the place to heap more coals upon their heads.

  2. USA, a global military empire. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwww…

  3. Swagman & Llavona:

    They guys that were drafted into the Vietnam war had no choice.

    So for your horrible low class derogatory remarks on their souls,
    I can only hope you enjoy hell for eternity.

  4. Paul Revere? I don’t think Jolly was trying to be cold-hearted. The other knucklehead hasn’t a clue.

  5. It’s this quote that always brings a tear to my eyes from this Wall that Heals:

    “My heart aches for you and others
    who suffer and for all of the parents
    who lost their sons”

    This is a wonderful tribute (and connection) to those who sacrificed their lives to serve our country.

    The schedule shows this memorial will be in Johnsburg, IL 5/24/18 ~ 5/28/18. Respectfully visit it if you can, It won’t disappoint.

  6. Compassionate conservatives are very creative twisting reality around and using the ultimate sacrifice of veterans to attack other Americans who denounce war as what it is. The industrial military complex and its immense power drafted thousands into a criminal war where more than 58000 Americans died and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamites were also killed. Stop using the “lives and souls” of those killed as a punchline to justify your attacks on other Americans and admit reality: the USA is a global military empire. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. Dear Cindy,

    I AM a Viet Nam veteran.

    Just not an American one.

    I served in Viet Nam in the Australian Army.

    Specifically, I was a Lieutenant in the 1st Armoured Regiment [A squadron] and commanded a Centurion tank troop (platoon), mostly in Phuoc Tuy Province, South Viet Nam.

    I don’t ‘heap coals’ on any one’s heads except the globalist elites’ who threw away so many young men’s (and now, incredibly, young women’s) lives in stupid wars like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc.

    I often wonder when the Americans will wake up and shed their rotten government.

    PS.: Why isn’t the American military deployed to defend the US southern border, but is deployed in various inane clandestine operations in E. and W. Africa, Syria, Yemen, Libya, etc?

  8. Oh, and Revere and Cindy, about 500 Australians died in Viet Nam, the lion’s share were battle casualties.

    I seem to recall another 35 or so New Zealanders died in combat in VN too.

  9. Jolly? Still not the proper place for your sentiments. The war memorial is about healing NOT about crooked lying governments. (Just curious, what year were you in country?)

  10. The wall was incredibly moving.

    Those that left tokens, pictures, medals, and flowers broke me.

    I walked the length of it near sobbing.

    God rest those brave souls.

  11. Cindy, you writin’ a book or something?

    FYI, I was ‘in country’ Dec 5, 1968 – Dec 7, 1969.

    There will be no healing until Robert McNamara’s various secret protocols and DoD documents are declassified, among a great many other things. It struck me even then when I was a twenty-something the American brass wasn’t really trying to win the war. They never took ANY decisive action against North Viet Nam except for rather lame and sporadic bombing missions like Operation Linebacker/Operation Pocket Money, etc., which anyone who studied strategic bombing of Germany/Austria during WWII would understand as pretty worthless from a military POV.

    The ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are more recent examples of US military/political lunacy. Thank you President Bush for eradicating Christianity from Iraq!
    Goad the American cattle with lies about WMDs in Iraq. Just like the ‘surprise’ attack on Pearl Harbor, the sinkings of the ‘Lusitania’ ‘USS Maine,’ ‘USS Reuben James’ the ‘Greer Incident’ and the ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ lies.

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