72-Hour Waiting Period Bill Passed – Roll Calls

The legislation (Senate Bill 3256) requiring a 72-hour waiting period between the time when one buys a gun and when one is allowed to take it from the store has passed both the Senate and the House.

Here is how it is described in the Legislative Digest:

Amends the Criminal Code of 2012. Provides that a person commits the offense of unlawful sale or delivery of firearms when he or she knowingly delivers any firearm, incidental to a sale, without withholding delivery of the firearm for at least 72 hours after application for its purchase has been made (current law permits delivery of a rifle, shotgun or other long gun, or a stun gun or taser after 24 hours after application for its purchase has been made).

Retains 24 hour withholding period for stun guns and tasers.

Provides that a violation is a Class 4 felony.

Eliminates the exemption from the waiting period requirements for the sale of a firearm to a nonresident of Illinois while at a firearm showing or display recognized by the Illinois Department of State Police.

Here is the Senate roll call:

Locally, Senator Pam Althoff and Dan McConchie voted in favor,  Senator Karen McConnaughay did not vote.  Althoff is retiring.

The House vote follows:

Voting in favor were State Reps. Steve Andersson and Barb Wheeler.  Voting in opposition were David McSweeney, Steve Reick and Allen Skillicorn.  Andersson and Wheeler are retiring.


72-Hour Waiting Period Bill Passed – Roll Calls — 7 Comments

  1. This will do absolutely NOTHING to stop a person who is determined to
    use a firearm (long or short) from using it to commit a felony.

    Nor will it stop anyone from obtaining a firearm illegally.

    More meaningless feel good legislation from the cowardly DEMOCRATS and RINOS in Springfield
    meant to make themselves feel good while fooling the public into a false sense of security.

  2. Ooooooooooooooooooooooh! Woopie Ding Dong!!

    Another law to punish the LAWFUL gun owner, witch, BTW, the CRIMINAL will also NOT OBEY!!

    Feel better now, Dumbasses?

  3. This is a bill that will have absolutely no impact on crime but damn do we feel better.

    Last year I purchased a Glock 22 from On Target in Crystal Lake.

    The mandatory wait period was 72 hours.

    Criminals do not have a mandatory 72 hour “cool down” timer but the single mom with kids does.

  4. I am sure the people in Chicago will sleep better knowing the gang members… oh never mind.

  5. Which only goes to prove that every single one of those Constitution ignoramuses that voted yes are actually complete fools. This is why it does not pay to bother to vote. They’re ALL imbeciles of the highest order.

  6. If three days days make you feel safe and comfortable so be it sheep!

  7. When’s the 72 day, month and year bills going to be enacted?

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