Lakewood President Paul Serwatka Accomplished What He Promised

As reported Monday, Lakewood Village President vacated his home.

Knowledge of whether he has resigned awaits a reply to a Freedom of Information request.

A resignation will come at some point, one would surmise.

Paul Serwatka’s 2014 sign hits property taxes, the Tax Increment Financing District and the SportsPlex.

When he ran as as a write-in candidate for Village trustee in 2015, he promised three things:

  1. No tax hikes
  2. No Tax Increment Financing District
  3. No Sportsplex

Taping into the dissatisfaction of village residents on the three subjects, Serwatka won overwhelmingly.

Serwatka results day after election

 Paul Serwatka won his 2015 Trustee race overwhelmingly.

While being a lonely vote most of that two year term, the Village Board did agree to keep taxes constant.

Then Serwatka put together a team to run with him as he sought the Village Presidency.

They won, although just resigned Village Trustee Ken Santowski managed to tally 30% of the vote as a write-in.

Lakewood Village President election results after counting the write-in votes for Ken Santowski shows Paul Serwatka winning

After winning the Village Presidency, Serwatka and the Village Board actually cut taxes by 10%, more than any other municipality (and even county government, which, contrary to claims of McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks, did not cut its levy by 11.2%, but by 9.7%), township, school district, fire protection district or park district.  He was not able to muster support for a permanent 10% cut, rather 5% was forever and 5% was abated, that is subject to a vote of the Village Board next year.

The SportsPlex is dead.

The TIF District has been disbanded.

So, he accomplished his 2015 goals.

Presumably, Serwatka will share the reasons for leaving Lakewood.


Lakewood President Paul Serwatka Accomplished What He Promised — 19 Comments

  1. Usually when someone vacate their home without a sale, it’s a sign of financial problems.

    I could only hope Serwatka did not fall on hard times, and he and his family are doing well.

  2. Smoke and mirrors Serwatka and Jackal Franks are no different. Anything for a headline.

  3. Make the Golfland Village of Lakewood a safe haven and sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants again! Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  4. Though I do not live in Lakewood, I have to say I have been continually impressed with the remarkable accomplishments that Serwatka has made in his short time as village president.

    Personally, I didn’t think he could or would kill the TIF district.
    But he did. And that saved a lot more than just Lakewood residents from some serious tax hikes. And for that I am personally thankful!

    And with all the proverbial talk of draining swamps, there is no better example of that than whatv Paul did in Lakewood. Trump himself should be envious.

    I just revisited the page below and was reminded of a bunch of Paul’s other accomplishments and promises kept like bringing back the ice cream man, transforming Lakewood’s “Keystone Cop” Police Department into a legitimate, professional Department.

    And bringing in true talent to the Village Administration, and at a fraction of the cost.

    Paul brought remarkable leadership to Lakewood. If he does leave, he will be missed and while it is unlikely that he would ever be duplicated, Lakewood residents can only hope that he would at least be imitated.

    Lakewood tax fighter accomplishments page can be found below:

  5. Serwatka was a bully and a liar.

    He kept his campaign promises and nothing more.

    He was nasty to his village board members and did not have any true commitment to Lakewood.

    This was supposed to be his jumping off platform to go to the next level in the political food chain (like running for State Rep after he won the Lakewood mayor job).

    Once he found out that governing takes patience and respect when working with others, it was obvious he was way ahead of his pay grade.

    There are other concerns about Serwatka and his past that make his departure from Lakewood a true win-win for the residents.

    Whitewashing his dereliction of duty by talking up his campaign promises kept is really pathetic.

    Hopefully, people have already figured out what a truly creepy person this guy was.

  6. What good is keeping your campaign promises and then leaving before your term is up just to allow another self-centered politician take over to undo what you did?

    Booker, I agree with some of your statements but what did Serwatka lie about?

  7. Being a loyal sunshine blog commenter, I want to be the first to suggest ruthless dictator Jack D. Franks (Jack Franks is a Democrat) may be behind any foul play preventing family values, tax fighter, immigrant hater, good libertarian, aspiring GQ magazine cover model president of the Golfland village of Lakewood from completing his term in office. Remember, good libertarians always keep their word with regards to public service. Don’t believe me? Ask Chris Jenner…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwww…

  8. I’ll tell you what’s even creepier Booker.

    Sink pooping vagrants that reappear, in restrooms and blogs, upon rumor the ‘Sheriff’ left town.

  9. Ah, ..and before I can ‘post comment’, right on cue, along comes my pet monkey…

  10. Booker “Rich Ritchie” Jones…

    Still upset that serwatka wouldn’t let you have your little seven million dollar new golf club?

    Get over it!

  11. Booker sounds like one of the Old Trustees from Lakewood, or one of those Local Bond Holders that benefited from that Golf Course Curse.

    So sad, you can’t give credit where credit is due.

  12. This is why our body politic, and McHenry County, is so screwed up.

    “He kept his campaign promises and nothing more.” Imagine that – he kept his promises and we have losers like Booker complaining about it. What the hell is wrong with you?

    – If only every county board member who claimed to cut taxes actually “kept their promise”.
    – If only every elected politician who promised to term limit themselves “kept their promise”.
    – If only every trustee who promised transparency “kept their promise”.

    If Jesus Christ came down from heaven Booker would find a fault.

    Clearly this person, an anonymous coward, would rather have someone likable than someone who will tell the truth and keep their word… and this is why our country, and county, is so messed up. This is not a democrat or republican thing – this is the political class against the rest of us thing.

    It doesn’t matter if it is a municipality, township, school board, or the county; the political class circles the wagon and most of you (and you know who you are) have no spine or integrity and “go with the flow”. Paul never had to worry about that. You cringe when you have to vote; but you sure do like the seat you sit in. Paul never had to worry about that either.

    You talk about tax cuts but never deliver.

    Serwatka Delivered a 5 (five) percent cut with an additional 5 (five) percent abatement.

    You talk about transparency but never provide it.

    Serwatka has better constituent outreach than 99.9 percent of the elected politicians out there and documented all of his work.

    You talk about righting wrongs but fail.

    Serwatka killed the TIF dead and shined the disinfecting light on Lakewood.

    Most elected politicians in McHenry County worry about if they are liked and to hell with the voters who put them there.

    They triangulate and worry about what the political class will think instead of uncovering uncomfortable, unethical truths.

    When anonymous cowards attack you know you are doing it right… but you knew this Paul.

    Thanks for the hard work and real leadership that most cannot even dream about.

    Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference… you will never have that problem Serwatkat.

  13. Andrew? Thank you for being a “real” man of integrity. There are not many around these days. Paul and Andrew have shown this county what real men look like and act like.

  14. It’s funny…

    We wish to back up the truck and drain the swamp of Politicians.

    Then one literally does it at people complain.

    I would prefer to see some others leave town instead. P

    aul refused the pension, if I am right, but what about the other government workers who took their pensions and left the state?

    I’ll remember Paul Serwatka as a rebel with a cause.

    He fought the bureaucrats and won.

    As the Village President, he did what others couldn’t (or didn’t want too).

    With Paul it was about the best interests of the taxpayers.

    Often disliked by his coworkers, he did what was right.

    With all the whiners, complainers I don’t blame him, but congratulate him.

    With the whiners and complainers, I would be scared to hear what they would say or do at a eulogy.

    Paul, to me was always a rebel or lone wolf.

    He brought balance to government in the people’s best interests and did not give in to Bureaucratic pressure.

    God bless him and his family!

  15. Mr. Swanson is incorrect.

    Lakewood does not offer pensions to Village Board members. Paul Serwatka could not have possibly declined a Lakewood pension.

    Paul Serwatka (per his website) states he returns his salary to the Village. This is not true. He collects his salary, along with the salary of his slate and “donates” it to his own political party for use as he PERSONALLY sees fit.

    Paul Serwatka did not cut taxes by 10%, he simply stopped budgeting for road repairs. Instead, Paul Serwatka chose to spend reserves to cover road repairs, so it would look like he cut taxes. How long do you think the reserves will last as we spend $150,000 to $200,000 per year for roads and don’t replenish them? What do you think will happen to our roads or your tax bill when the reserve fund is gone? Hint, there is NO free lunch.

    Get the facts straight before posting.

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