Governor Bruce Rauner Reaches Point Governor Dan Walker Did in His First Year in Office – Gets Budget

I well remember Governor Dan Walker bragging about having gotten a budget passed in his first year in office.

He didn’t have much, if anything else to brag about.

Now, we have Governor Bruce Rauner in his third year in office offering the following reflection on the passage of the first budget of which he apparently approves:

Gov. Rauner statement on FY19 budget

Rauner promises swift action to enact bipartisan budget passed by General Assembly

SPRINGFIELD (May 31, 2018) Gov. Bruce Rauner today offered the following comment on the passage of the Fiscal Year 2019 budget:

“We started this year’s budget process with the common-sense goals of a full-year balanced budget and no new taxes. With this budget, we can come as close as any General Assembly and Governor in Illinois have in a very long time.

“It’s a step in the right direction, though it does not include much-needed debt paydown and reforms that would reduce taxes, grow our economy, create jobs and raise family incomes.

“The Fiscal Year 2019 budget is the result of bipartisan effort and compromise.

“We worked together to provide a budget to the people of Illinois that can be balanced, with hard work and continued bipartisan effort to deliver on the promises it makes.

“I’ll be taking action quickly to enact the Fiscal Year 19 budget into law.”


Governor Bruce Rauner Reaches Point Governor Dan Walker Did in His First Year in Office – Gets Budget — 4 Comments

  1. So Rauner is going to approve of a budget that makes no real big changes, after years of holding up a similar budget? And the main difference between then and now is there are higher taxes… which he vetoed?

    This guy is something else.

    Now the budget is fine! Because we got those tax increases I vetoed!

    Structural reforms?

    That was 2016 this is 2018!

    Apparently all we needed were higher taxes!

    Which I am also going to run against!

    That’s an odd place to put himself right before the election, especially with his “home is worth fighting for” slogan and his gritty biker vest commercials.

    What is he fighting?

    Some commenter recently said Rauner hasn’t learned a lot about IL politics or government.

    Forgot who said it, but they were spot on. After 2.5 years of opposing the legislature, now he’s a rubber stamp?

    Weird fellow. I actually think history will be kinder to Dan Walker than to Bruce Rauner, as far as one term governors go.

    Walker will be the guy who did nothing, Rauner will be the guy did nothing but was also a boob.

  2. An American, I’m way past tired of Pols who say their “fighting for me”

    I want to see some busted heads and broken teeth.

    Or do we have to bring some Ukraine Pols over to show them how it’s done?

  3. No matter, as RINO Rauner won’t be around much longer as governor anyway.

    Jumbo Boy will be taking over soon and he’ll show him how it’s done.

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