Skillicorn Cites “Red Dawn” in Argument against State Licensing of Gun Stores

State Rep. Allen Skillicorn reached back to the 1980’s in his floor speech against the passage of the bill to have state government licensing still another activity–gun stores.

“When the bad guys invaded the town, what did they do?

“They went to the sporting goods store and they wanted to look up the gun registry.

“They wanted to look up the records of who owned the guns.

“Nothing is going to stop the state of Illinois from looking up this information if we now require this.

“This is a gun registry and that’s it.”

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Thanks to Capitol Fax for the information in this post, plus the following:

I have no doubt that many voting for the bill want government to have control of all guns, our government, not the Communists.


Skillicorn Cites “Red Dawn” in Argument against State Licensing of Gun Stores — 19 Comments

  1. Make no mistake about it, this is the first step in a plot
    by the anti 2nd Amendment gun grabbers to usurp the Constitutional and lawful
    authority of the federal government by passing laws that infringe upon
    our 2nd Amendment right.

    It’s a simple and very devious plot that must be stopped NOW !

  2. Got to love a State Representative whose legislative thinking is based on the plot of a bad Patrick Swayze movie.

    I liked “Roadhouse” better.

    I’m also in favor of common sense gun laws.

  3. A few years back, goofball liberals in some areas of the State of New York wanted to publish a list of all gun owners.

  4. “Common sense gun laws” is nothing more than a psychological word game/ploy by
    anti-2nd Amendment gun grabbers designed to fool the gullible low-info/low I.Q.
    public into believing that utopia is just one more law away.

  5. Believe me “Abe” no one is ever going to accuse you of being involved in any way with anything relating to “common sense.”

    And it speaks volumes Skillcorn was unable to cite anything from the “real world” to advance his agenda.

  6. While Springfield workshops the 2nd, throw in a repeal of the 16th and I’ll call it even.

  7. I didn’t see anybody having a problem with Schofield reading from dr. Seuss and a County board meeting…

    But you know how life on the left is…

    Make no excuses and no apologies..

  8. Read this story from March 2011

    “Gun owners have the constitutional right to bear arms, but do they have a right to confidentiality?

    The state of Illinois is currently weighing this question. On Monday, state Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office issued a ruling that declared the names of gun permit holders to be public information that must be disclosed. But the agency overseeing such permits — the Illinois State Police — may challenge the ruling in court once it becomes binding.”

    Do not trust any Democrat with regards to 2nd Amendment Rights. Better yet, do not trust any Democrat on ANY issue.

  9. Princess Lisa had to take the dumbed-down Illinois bar exam twice to pass (Obama had to do it 4X, Sweet Michael aka Michelle 5X, but both surrendered their IL law licenses for reasons unknown but easily surmised)

    The disarmament of the taxpayer is essential for the big ultra-confiscatory hits to come!

  10. Umm. Remember the promise about seat belt laws? This will not end well, either. BTW A few years back, through some kind of “glitch in the system”, the state of Missouri published ALL the names of concealed carry people through their department of motor vehicles. Oops. Oh, well.

  11. “A few years back, goofball liberals in some areas of the State of New York wanted to publish a list of all gun owners.”

    Just this year, goofball Trumpers wanted to publish a list of parents whose teens committed misdemeanors.

    What is the solution to our schools becoming a shooting range for deranged teens? Violent movies and video games are a scapegoat —- I read (I believe a South Carolinian member of the house) trying to push some blame onto pornography. Morality is not the issue here.

    This is a mental health, and firearm issue. No way around it.

    What’s are your issues with a gun registry?

    The mainland is not going to be invaded in the near future, and cultivating a whole party based around the fear and mistrust of a government RAN BY (president, House, Senate) the party they voted for!

    We are no longer the country the world aspires to be like.

  12. Ken, please take your libtard nonsense to somebody who’ll ooh and ahh over your wee wisdom.

    Somebody like Jackal Franks or ex-Sheriff Nygren.

  13. Only kooks would want a gun registry that would be published. It would be a list of law abiding citizens. And what purpose would it serve beyond thugs and criminals breaking into houses from the list to steal guns?

    Is there any kook leftist that would claim that the thousands of people who shot and killed or injured victims in Chicago over the last decade would register their guns?

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