Abortion Group Supports Sean Casten to Replace Peter Roskam

A press release from NARAL:

NARAL Pro-Choice America Endorses Sean Casten for Congress

Candidate in Illinois’ 6th Congressional District Earns Endorsement from Nation’s Leading Pro-Choice Advocacy Group

NARAL Pro-Choice America today announced its endorsement of Sean Casten in his campaign for Illinois’ 6th Congressional District.

“We need members of Congress like Sean Casten who will stand up and fight for women and families across Illinois,” said Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America.

“Sean Casten will work to make reproductive freedom a reality for all in Illinois. We are proud to endorse Sean, our newest Pro-Choice Majority Maker.”

Sean Casten

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of NARAL and am prepared to join them to fight for reproductive freedom,” said Casten. “The Trump Administration and their allies in Congress are blocking access to healthcare and family planning care to women in our country every single day. As the next representative of Illinois’ 6th District, I will fight to make birth control affordable and accessible, defend and restore access to safe, legal abortions, and advocate for paid parental leave so new parents have time to spend with their newborns.”

Sean Casten is running against incumbent, Peter Roskam, who has spent his entire career working against women and reproductive rights. Roskam was crucial to the Hyde Amendment creation and execution. Roskam has voted against the Violence Against Women Act, believes abortion should be illegal even in the case of rape and incest, and has repeatedly voted for abortion bans and burdensome restriction. He is a co sponsor of HR 490, federal legislation that bans abortion before a woman knows she is pregnant, with no rape or incest exception.

Casten has a clear vision on reproductive freedom and has pledged to make birth control affordable and accessible, advocate for paid parental leave, support legislation protecting pregnant women from discrimination at work, and protect clinics that provide vital reproductive healthcare. Casten will be a strong ally for choice in Congress.

NARAL’s Pro-Choice Majority Makers program for the 2018 general election is the organization’s largest ever midterm political program to advance candidates fighting for “our values, our future, our vote.” NARAL is investing in diverse candidates up and down the ballot in 19 states, mobilizing members and voters through mail, phones, digital ads, door to door canvassing, TV ads, and rallies that hold anti-choice candidates accountable and lift up pro-choice champions. NARAL is focused on taking back the House with a pro-choice majority that supports our values and our futures. To read more about NARAL’s endorsed candidates, click here.opener”>click here.


Abortion Group Supports Sean Casten to Replace Peter Roskam — 6 Comments

  1. Roe v Wade will be functionally repealed within two years by the Supreme Court.

    Science and medical progress have destroyed all the legal reasoning behind the original opinion.

  2. Please remember, here in this sunshine blog, we are not that crazy about science…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  3. “Pro-Choice” is the illegitimate term used by leftists and Democrats where in fact it means Death. Death to the human infant in the mother. Democrats are dishonest as always and the correct term is “Pro-Death”. Those who stand for and support abortion are for killing innocent infant human beings.

  4. Control the language and you control the message,
    this is how the DEMOCRATS manufacture their propaganda to be consumed
    by their low info / low I.Q. voters.

  5. If Casten and other Democrats were honest, they would clearly state that they support any woman who decides to kill her infant human being in the womb. Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, support MS13 gangs who kill and torture victims. Democrats support the saving of lives of mass murderers but conversely do not support the saving of innocent infant babies in the womb of pregnant women.

  6. If abortion’s so great, how did Casten and his cheerleaders slip by?

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