Kenneally’s Recommendations to Algonquin Township Officials

In case you didn’t get to the bottom of McHenry County State’s Attorney’s report on his investigation of the Algonquin Township Road District under Road Commissioner Bob Miller, here they are:

Recommendations to Algonquin Township

1. Establish a detailed policy for payment or reimbursement of all expenses in keeping with the Internal Revenue Service’s “Fringe Benefits Guide, Office of Federal, State, and Local Governments.” Have the Highway Commissioner adopt said policy and pass a resolution or ordinance prohibiting Trustees or any other Township official from approving expenses that are inconsistent with this policy.

2. Create a detailed policy for approving all other spending by setting forth all possible categories of spending deemed appropriate for “road purposes.” Have the Highway Commissioner adopt said policy and pass a resolution or ordinance prohibiting Trustees or any other Township official from approving expenses that are inconsistent with this policy.

3. Prohibit Trustees or any Township official from approving any Road District employee compensation that is not specifically provided for in an employee’s written and/or labor contract and in accord with the Road District’s Personnel

4. Pass and adopt a purchasing ordinance setting forth the detailed procedures for competitive bidding and non-competitive procurements and entering into professional service contracts. A good example of such an ordinance is theMcHenry County Purchasing Ordinance.

5. Pass an anti-nepotism resolution or ordinance that is adopted by the Highway Commissioner.

6. Establish a process to ensure that all Road District bills and expenses accrued but not yet paid along with a written explanation of the nature and purpose ofthe expense are accessible to Trustees at any time.

7. Carefully consider options to abolish the Road District and/or Township through consolidation.


Kenneally’s Recommendations to Algonquin Township Officials — 40 Comments

  1. #7: Form a well thought out plan first, then let us vote on the changes.

  2. Some could file a Tax Derivitive Lawsuit.

    A taxpayer derivative action is an action brought by a taxpayer on behalf of a local governmental unit to enforce a cause of action belonging to that governmental unit. Scachitti, 215 Ill. 2d at 494.

    The basis of the derivative action is that the governmental unit has been injured and has the primary right to proceed but has refused to bring the action

  3. Disband the township.

    People have learned that this form of government does too little for the people and has too much potential for corruption.

  4. Dmac57 has the right idea.

    Would he propose a meeting time and public place for interested citizens to discuss this course of action?

  5. Hey Andy now that cheating on credit cards has been approved shine up that card and I’ll be over for lunch.. oh boy lunch at hooters….

    oh I think it’s been approved, since the last ones who had possession of it was never prosecuted and a lot the locals kept saying “They” didn’t do any thing wrong….

  6. It’s ironic that the immediate past President of the Township Officials of Illinois may be the one to start the ball rolling to bring down townships in Illinois due to his many abuses over decades.

    Townships serve very little function any more.

    We don’t use horses to get around much these days.

    We have cars, phones, “the internets”.

    We don’t need to ride Ole Betsy down to the closest possible building to talk to someone in person.

    The Road Commissioner doesn’t need to drive his buckboard around with a load of gravel and a shovel to fix the nearby roads.

    The Assessor doesn’t need to go out on the horse and buggy with his pencil and little book to look at local properties.

    We don’t need all the little postage stamp sized township cemeteries which hardly anyone is buried in any more.

    We don’t need a separate entity to distribute short term public aid when we have other agencies who could do that as part of their functions.

    Everything townships do can be done by other local governments which have kept up with modern practices for openness and transparency.

    Townships are a throwback to the pre Civil War practices of corruption, patronage and nepotism.

    The scandals of the Grant administration and later of Warren G. Harding shown the light on the federal government and brought about reforms which eventually percolated down to most other levels of government..

    But townships remained an obscure backwater and were unaffected.

    Bob Miller is Exhibit A for what you get.

    Let’s let some sunshine in Angel. Tic…. Tock….

  7. So true, Bill. This fiasco of a James Comey prosecutor has just made stealing legal.

  8. This is what is needed.

    Patrick cannot make the laws, just has to follow them.

    For years Miller had his butt covered by the lack of oversight and he knew it.

    Good job, Patrick.

  9. Known? Precisely where your thinking goes all wonky and haywire. Modern is NOT a good thing. Modern is actually the subversive indoctrination that has led us to the fall of mankind. You have been lied to for decades, so you have no understanding of how you are pushing the exact agenda that has been foisted on you by Satanists. With all the harm that has come from “modern”, one would think we would get wise about this trick that is imprisoning us all. We don’t need no brains – we got puters to do all that stupid stuff.

  10. Regarding number 7. If all townships were to be abolished, what would be the administration structure in McHenry County Government to administer the roads and bridges function?

  11. People you are being played by the new world order agenda. Wake up. They WANT this abolition thing to happen. They even put a bug in your ear while you are so angry about being lied to and stolen from. Suggestion Seven is the key to the propaganda being played on you! A hateful liar suggests that this is your answer and you fall for it completely. What happened to critical thinking? You are all being mind controlled into thinking exactly what they want.

  12. Cindy come on to Lunch with us ..and get a couple of designer purses to boot..or maybe some new boots….its all free….Algonquin officials says so.. as does our law enforcement officials… maybe we can get to Disney land …and a new cell phone…

  13. It’s BS.

    Where are the charges!!!

    This is all distraction and sleight of hand.

    Who appointed Kenneally to tell us what to do about consolidation, one way or the other?

  14. Maybe if more people knew what Townships do. I’ll collect and post from Townships in McHenry County. Here is the 1st:


    • Provide a building and daily programming for McHenry Township Senior Citizens.
    Approximately 280 non-duplicated individual seniors attend the McHenry Township Senior Center on a monthly basis for a variety of programming.
    Around 60 seniors attend the senior center on a daily basis.

    • McHenry Township provides a Monday through Friday daily hot meal program for seniors at our center. Catholic Charities provides this program for McHenry Township through grants and outside funding sources. This program also provides meals on wheels to seniors throughout McHenry County that are shut in or cannot prepare their own meals due to a variety of reasons.
    • McHenry Township rents out three of our buildings halls to both township resident and non-township residents for parties, wedding and special events. Not-for-profit groups also use these building free. Many organizations such as the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Alcoholics Anonymous, Knights of Columbus and other groups use these buildings frequently.
    • McHenry Township has four (4) parks that are used by the community. Three of these parks are small neighborhood parks. Our largest park is over 60 acres and has four baseball fields, two lighted for night games, a football field and two soccer fields. These fields are in constant use during the seasons by a variety of local baseball, football and soccer teams. We also have a large sledding hill that is open all winter long provided we have sufficient snow for fun children and families.
    • We own a building located on our park property that we lease to the FISH FOOD PANTRY for just the cost of the utilities that they use. This Food Pantry serves all the residents of McHENRY Township that are in need of food to be able to survive. The Pantry currently serves about 500 families on a weekly basis.
    • McHENRY Township runs a door- to- door transportation service for our seniors and disabled living within McHenry Township. We transport around 800 seniors and disabled to our senior center, doctors’ appointments, grocery shopping and other necessary trips so they may continue to live in their own homes. This saves the State of Illinois thousands of dollars per year by helping to keep these individuals out of nursing homes.
    • McHenry Township Road District current has about 96 miles of roads in our system. We are also currently working on adding about another 12 miles of road in Wonder Lake Il that are current non-dedicated roads. This addition of these roads will give McHenry Township over 100 miles of roads to maintain. One of the largest road systems in McHenry County Illinois.
    • McHenry Township provides General assistance and Emergency Assistance for many needy township residents. Last year McHenry Township provided over $100,000.00 in assistance to the needy in our township.

  15. You just don’t understand. Townships give angry, grumpy, old compassionate conservatives an excuse for nonstop whining on this sunshine blog. And that, my friend, is the real important thing here. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  16. Change makes things better supposedly.

    You don’t have to have something illegal to change it.

    I suspect the SA is trying to make some good suggestions that all Townships should consider.

    As for you Kirk, why not go back to where you came from.

    I suspect those of us who want to are going to try to get along with all.


  17. Mr. Chapman, now tell us the 3, and only 3 things township duties as described by statute.

    would they be these?

    Illinois law allows townships to have three functions:

    Maintaining unincorporated roads and bridges

    Assessing property taxes

    Running the General Assistance program, which provides financial aid to the poor

  18. Also maintain tiny unused township cemeteries.

    None of the other functions were authorized by statute.

    They are just being done to provide cover and get votes from seniors.

  19. There are many lessons to be learned here. As a start, I suggest building a wall (a beautiful wall) around McHenry County limits to keep outside agitators from the south from bringing trouble to our peaceful, idyllic, forever rural, homogeneous, family values, real-America county. Better still, we will make these outsider mangy watchdogs pay for it. I have no idea what this means, but I’m sure my sunshine compassionate conservative brothers and sisters will cheer. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  20. Please don’t listen to the shouting dork680. These stupid fruitcakes will let the new world order and Technocracy roll right over human beings if no one stands up. We only have four righteous men that are fighting for our freedom in this county. Thank you, Paul Serwatka, Andrew Gasser, Kirk Allen and Cal Skinner.

  21. Let’s not forget to thank Billy the Goat and Bozo the Clown…wait a minute! That’s sooooo Chicago. We are real rural ‘Merica over here! Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwww…

  22. Dave Chapman, do you remember this part of SA Kenneally’s report? “may have an
    attenuated relationship to public relations, such spending is wholly inconsiderate of taxpayers. Townships must be mindful of the fact that they are not charitable organizations.”

    Although generous by nature, the McHenry Township services you’ve outlined as a model is a direct conflict to the recommended changes SA Kenneally stated in his report.

    We can be confident that these practices ceased to continue under Road Commissioner Gasser within the Alg. Township Road Dist.

    Many will be anxious to see if the Alg. Township Trustee’s are willing to make that same commitment?

    You’ve previously stated your willingness to do so.

    Yet here above contradict that promise.

    Can you clarify?

  23. The biggest voting block in Consolidated Elections are seniors.

    Seniors often get senior cervices from townships.

    Therefore the largest voting block loves townships.

    Also less than 15% vote during the Consolidated Elections so any ballot referendum will likely go down in flames.

  24. Its worse than that DMAC, in townships with more than 15,000 population the elections are partisan.

    Other than in McHenry Township, no one other than the GOP nominees have ever won so the primary election, which is held the last Tuesday

    in February before the Consolidated Election, but only every 4 years not every 2 years, often has less than 5% turnout.

    There is a lot of focus on going to the nursing homes and extended care facilities to get out the votes there.

  25. I am a senior and I have never ever availed myself of any senior services. That has nothing to do with why the people should KEEP their townships. Perhaps it is a small victory, but you NEED to KEEP your local government a close to you as possible. The horrendous NWO says NO. They WANT you to fold everything into something higher up. It keeps folding into something a step above and BINGO. Total tyranny from the great OZ. You are being snookered into begging for the nightmare of “1984”.

  26. Independents won in Grafton Township for Supervisor (Jim Kearns) and several Township Trustees.

  27. Cindy, wake up and smell the coffee.

    Townships $teal from us.

    They are not little New England townhalls.

    I wonder what Judge Sullivan told Kenneally to get him to run away from prosecuting the Alg. Township crooks.

    Could it possibly be that Miller threatened to rat out all the other old ‘GOP’ crooks?

    Why didn’t Kenneally even look at the 6 formerly secret Algonquin Township Road District bank accounts.

    God knows how many more have yet to be uncovered!

    hy didn’t Kenneally conduct ANY investigation of the DOZENS upon Dozens of gift debit cards purchased by the Alg. Township?

  28. Deputy? You need to wake up and “smell the coffee”. Do you not hear what I am saying? Graft needs to be cleaned up. You have little to NO ability to that if you let your local governances go. You are NOT seeing the big picture here. The move is on to get rid of all the power you do have and send it upstream. Once you do that you will NEVER get it back. You are following “their plan” to a T. Agenda 2030 almost completed WITH your help.

  29. Oh, and BTW Townships do NOT steal from anyone. PEOPLE steal from you! Your hollow arguments sound like the fools that would ban guns because they are “bad”. WAKE the F UP people! You are enslaving yourselves!

  30. Cal: I think the Grafton election involved the Linda Moore situation did it not?

    Also the McHenry election reflected the fallout from the GOP caucus and featured incumbents who had name recognition who ran as independents because they had been caucused out.

  31. Linda Moore lost the GOP Primary Election.

    Pam Fender won and was then defeated by Jim Kearns.

  32. It sounds like Gasser has a lot of explaining to do.

    I support Andrew Gasser and I support Patrick Kenneally.

  33. “I support Andrew Gasser and I support Patrick Kenneally”

    That’s like saying “I support whistleblowers, but I support cover-ups, too” Roscoe.

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