Hultgren Re-Announces Break with Trump on Tariffs

From Congressman Randy Hultgren in his weekly newsletter:

Tariffs Take Us in the Wrong Direction

Randy Hultgren

Yesterday, the country received some great news: employers added 223,000 jobs in May, lowering the unemployment rate to an 18-year(!) low of 3.8 percent. Unemployment is down across the board as a result of pro-growth policies like tax cuts.

We need to build on that clear momentum—not risk a slowdown with the Trump Administration’s decision to move forward to impose hefty tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum from the European Union, Canada and Mexico.

As I have talked with job creators throughout the 14th District this week, they’ve told me how tariffs could harm the future of their businesses and the people who work there.

Mexico and the European Union have already announced retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods like produce, meat products and various metal products—many of which are produced in Illinois.

Canada has threatened similar action.

This escalating trade war will have devastating impacts on our American manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

I have fought hard to ensure that manufacturing businesses and farmers in my district have the ability to expand, produce and compete globally.

Free trade has helped Illinois and our country prosper, and protectionist policies like tariffs only increase the cost of products and commodities produced here and lead to the loss of American jobs. At this time of economic growth, the last thing we should be waging is a trade war.

Here’s a letter 106 of my colleagues and I sent to the president in March with alternatives.


Hultgren Re-Announces Break with Trump on Tariffs — 8 Comments

  1. Hultgren is one of the “GOP-RINOs” under the thumb of the crooked financiers who have enslaved the whole world.

    The financiers do this by blackmail and threats to have their pigeons hop to their commands.

    These are the same rats who Congress bailed out of the housing collapse they created!!!

    Remember Hastert … he was another one. Now we all know what the financiers had on the coach-pederast during all his years selling us out in Congress and and as House Speaker.

    What do the money-manipulators have on Hultgren??

  2. Effing idiot!

    All our politicians know how to do is check their offshore accounts to see how much other governments are paying them to sell us out.

    Almost all our pols are thieves, liars and cheats.

    They prove it every day.

  3. Perhaps it’s time for the taxpayers to break with Hultgren.

  4. Jolly? You are not thinking outside of the box. It is what Hastert had on everyone else. He was sacrificed to keep the swamp intact.

  5. dentbla? That is a gun-grabber, climate change hoax believer universal healthcare promoter. Not gonna go anywhere with that candidate.

  6. So, Cindy, you’re saying that Hastert was the globalist mastermind, or one of them.

    That’s simply absurd given what happened to him.

    What are you smokin’ Cindy?

    Hastert was really a victim of a tit-for-tat kerfluffle between the bankers and the neocon. The neocons were furious over the ouster of their frontman Eric Cantor … touted as the next Speaker So, Hastert, a powerless sad sack, Cindy, was publicly outed and shamed (and sent to jail, haha)even though he was retired and a nothing.

    The bankers also decided neocon Aron Shock had to be tossed, too:

    I only bring up Shock and Hastert because they’re from Illinois, like the bankers’ errand boy and our traitor Hultgren.

    Two shadowy groups compete behind the scenes for power. ‘We the People’ get screwed by each of the warring sides. The neocons get us into crazy wars for the benefit of a foreign nuclear power (Guess which one?), and they even want more wars … while the bankers, who’ve been really in power since Woodrow Wilson snuck in the Fed, have been at it far, far longer, don’t want their applecart overturned by the too-big-for-their-britches neocons.

  7. Dear dentbla, replacing the Bankers’ Hack Hultgren for Red ‘Only Black Lives Matter’ Underwood is not the solution to our woes.

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