Skillicorn Reflects on Legislation Session

A press release from State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:


Allen Skillicorn

Springfield, IL – Another session draws to a close, leaving in its wake the continued devastation of Illinois families.

After permanently hiking our flat income tax by 32%, the Democratic Majority passed a resolution calling for even higher taxes in the form of a progressive income tax.

Day after day bills are passed penalizing businesses, manufacturing mandates and creating onerous regulations, dictated from atop the Capitol mount causing the moving vans to start their engines.

Real reform with real relief must be forthcoming before even more Illinoisans become Hoosiers, Wisconsinites, or Minnesotans.

Here are just a few of the bills I have introduced to do so:

• Illinois has some of the highest property taxes in the nation driving families out of their homes. Recently the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago proposed a 1% property tax increase to pay for the bloated unfunded pension liability estimated at upwards of $250 billion. How about solving the pension crisis with 401K-style retirement accounts for public employees (HB4060), eliminating pensions for new members of the General Assembly (HB363) and a constitutional 1% hard cap on property taxes (HJRCA45) instead. For those that gasp at the thought, take a look at Indiana. They seem to be doing just fine.
• There are some estimates that government spending has increased as much as 25 times faster than personal income over the last decade. Government spending needs a speed brake, HJRCA38 amends the Finance Article of the Illinois Constitution to tie spending to the growth of the Illinois economy.
• People have a right to earn a living (HB3319) and a right to work (HB672) without being forced into associations they do not freely choose.
• As our property values continue to experience volatility, taxing bodies raise their levies with impunity. HB824 would limit the taxing body’s ability to levy based on the valuation of our properties. HB2727 would apply the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law (PTELL) to all taxing districts.
• For those who spent a lifetime saving for their retirement, it is inexcusable to now tax their income. HJRCA44 amends the Revenue Article of the Illinois Constitution and provides that there shall be no tax imposed by the State upon retirement income.

And finally, HB475 would implement Term Limits for the General Assembly.

It is painfully obvious that no one should be able to spend over 30 years gathering power and ruling unchallenged over a state of 12 million people, as Speaker Madigan has done.


Skillicorn Reflects on Legislation Session — 5 Comments

  1. Jim Wales, the former Lake in the Hills ‘Director of Public Safety’/’Chief of Police’ gets three pensions totaling just under $150,000.00 a year.

    That has to be twice as much as the average income of a family in Lake in the Hills.

    How is that representative of Lake in the Hills residents?

  2. Silly headline to this post. Sillycorn is not capable of any type of reflection.

    Oh wait.

    He can use others’ speaking points for any type of headline grab.

  3. Very good issues by Skillicorn. Leftists, socialists, communists, freeloaders, double dippers and low information people would obviously be opposed to an agenda of items by him.

  4. Agreed, Bred.

    Especially your comment about low info people, like the low I.Q.
    immature fool who’s post is above yours.

    Thanks to Mr. Skillicorn for all you do and are trying to do.

  5. Skillicorn and McSweeney: They support us taxpayers

    Jack Franks supports only his lust for power.

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