Pritzker Visits Mainly Closed Stores in Downtown Crystal Lake Sunday

JB Pritzker

Downtown Crystal Lake is not a hub of activity on Sundays.

About half the stores are closed.

Nevertheless, that’s where McHenry County Board Chairman and JB Pritzker endorser Jack Franks decided to steer the Democratic candidate for Governor on Sunday, according to the Northwest Herald.

And the owner of what store did the NWH reporter interviews?

Marvin’s Toy Store.

And who owns Mavin’s Toy Store?

Lori McConville, a former Democratic Party candidate for County Board.

That information was not included in the NWH article.

Predictably, McConville praised Pritzker.


Pritzker Visits Mainly Closed Stores in Downtown Crystal Lake Sunday — 8 Comments

  1. Prtizker has given over 10k to Franks, so no surprise they were photographed together.

    He just gave 25 million to himself too.

  2. Well, that must of been the best Jack could do for JB, I wonder who bought lunch?

    I am shaking my head
    though, A “Toy Store”?

  3. I’ll bet he didn’t go anywhere near the Chick-Fil-A … for obvious Liberal reasons.

  4. Wonder if the Chairman and JB talked to anybody else in a store, restaurant or on the sidewalk. If so, the Herald reporter should have included those conversations.

    In any event, bottom line, voters should hold their noses and vote for Rauner, the lesser of two evils.

  5. It would be appropriate to dig in on whatever thoughts were circulating around his sinister, liberal mind. That should be included in the report as well. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  6. And because

    1- It’s not in Downtown Crystal Lake.

    2- It’s closed all Sundays.

  7. JB see meat.

    JB eat meat.

    JB overeat meat.

    JB wants tax hike!

    JB represents in his very person, bloated government at its most incompetent.

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