How Florida Keeps Track of Its “Troubled Teachers” — 19 Comments

  1. Good thing they have a database on teachers, but not on guns. /s

  2. Teachers are overpaid creatures.

    They work 6 hrs a day, get every holiday under the sun off and work something like 160 days a year.

    Some are very good, I grant you.

    A few are nothing but criminals/predators. (I.E.,

    Most are mediocre, AT BEST!

    Just give them a competency test. Let’s see the results. The products aren’t too uniformly good.

  3. You obviously don’t know many teachers if you think that’s true.

  4. I know lots of teachers (having been one myself) and Gerardo is right on the money. Most are very slow to catch on to even commonsensical knowledge. They have a very limited sense of humor, never understand sarcasm, rigid in their belief that they know everything they ever needed to know and are for the most part dull and clueless. I have no idea if that is because of the basic personality type drawn to this profession or because of the indoctrination they receive to become a teacher these days. (They also believe that they are smarter than most others as they are titled “teacher”.) Maybe someone could try to explain why so many are pedophiles and mentally ill.

  5. BTW As I reread my comment, it strikes me that my description also pertains to ALL government job holders! (After all – they DO know better than the unwashed masses.)

  6. Taken as a group, Education students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels have some of the lowest median scores on standardised tests.

    You have to look into some of the real Mickey Mouse majors like Criminal Justice or Recreation to find groups who do worse.

  7. Some of ARL’s most esteemed colleges, which explains a lot.

  8. Not? You really are very stupid. Not only did I teach public school, but my position required a Master’s Degree. You got anything to say about that?

  9. Cindy,

    I’m just kind of surprised that you taught, and have a pension, yet hate public workers.

    How many years did you help kids and how would you solve Illinois’ education issues?

  10. Do tell, Rodeo…

    How is it you want law abiding citizens tracked?

    For what?

    Or is it the tool(gun) you would like tracked?

    Please tell us all how you made the leap of logic from tracking criminals to tracking a hunk of metal or law abiding citizens?

    If you can actually make an argument please do.

  11. Not is a very (stubbornly at that) stupid person. Where on earth did I ever say that I have a pension? Where did I ever say I hate public workers? I don’t think you are ignorant because I can see you using basic language skills to communicate. So I will rule out ignorance. Having a modicum of skills but not using them equates to willfully stupid. This is why you are very stupid. You jump to all sorts of fantasy conclusions but have no reading comprehension skills to understand what was actually written.

  12. It’s sarcasm Priest.

    That’s what /s means.


    And Cindy, you are a pretty rude person.

  13. Honesty is now denigrated as being rude.

    Oh, I forgot, that is what all the snowflakes are melting over.

    Can’t handle the truth.

  14. You don’t know me and yet call me stupid. That’s rude.

  15. Ah, Rodeo.

    So you want a pass on a poor argument because your poor at sarcasm.

    Very well.


    Try harder next time.

  16. Not? I didn’t “call” you anything. I merely pointed out some facts. I do this as a public service for your edification. Have you learned nothing yet?

  17. Ah, Priest, so literal. Lighten up next time.

    Ah Cindy, you are the biggest gaslighter on this blog. It’s truly fantastic.

  18. Do not mess with either Satan or the second coming of William F. Buckley, Jr. They really know how to get a cyber catfight going…stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

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