Mike Madigan’s Top Aide Sacked on Sexual Harassment Charges

A press release from State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:


Crystal Lake, IL – Enough is enough!

For Democrat members of the General Assembly to be taken seriously, they must demand that Speaker Madigan resign as another #MeToo scandal erupts.

This time it is his Chief of Staff, Tim Mapes.

A childhood game, “hot and cold,” comes to mind:

• High profile Democratic Senator Ira Silverstein–Warm
• Two top lieutenants in Madigan’s political organization–Warmer
• A domestic battery allegation Speaker Madigan says he can’t recall–Hot
• Deputy Democratic Majority Leader Lou Lang—Hotter
• Madigan Chief of Staff, Tim Mapes—On Fire!

Tim Mapes, photo credit: Ballotpedia

Just how many women overcoming their fear and stepping forward to confront the most powerful politicians in the Democratic Majority does it take, before rank and file Democrats recognize the corruption of their leadership and call for Speaker Madigan’s resignation?

Will all of the female members who surrounded Leader Lang finally awaken to the stark reality that their “champions of women’s rights” have been revealed as harassers and bullies?

Was their “historic” vote to ratify the long expired ERA merely symbolic for political purposes? Will they take action to end the abuse or merely ignore the pattern that has been brought to light?

The answers will be made obvious in the coming days.

Either the Democrats will clean up their house, starting at the top, or the Majority will be revealed for who they really are—champions of power at any cost, no matter how many women they have to step over to keep it.

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The Chicago Tribune story is here.

The story contains the following paragraph:

“The latest allegations follow a string of complaints from women about the behavior of men at the Capitol, particularly Democrats.”


Mike Madigan’s Top Aide Sacked on Sexual Harassment Charges — 3 Comments

  1. DEMOCRAT – The party that corrupts and destroys all that it touches.

  2. I am shocked, absolutely shocked.

    That these Springfield versions of Revenge of the Nerds, would have trouble dealing appropriately, with the opposite sex.

  3. We would ask that the leader be removed, even if they were Republican …

    See the joke there?

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