No Tax Dollars Spent on Orson Welles Statue

Statue of Orson Welles which will be dedicated Friday evening in Woodstock.

The story about the statue of Orson Welles that will be dedicated north of the movie theater on Friday evening garnered a lot negative comments.

So many that Michael Stanard, who was involved in the design and production of the of the Woodstock Mural & Sculpture Garden, felt the need to insert some facts into the false assumptions:

“No tax payer dollars were spent designing or painting the Mural,  creating  the information kiosk, the donor & welcome plaques, the groundhog carving or casting the Welles sculpture.

“Every cent was raised through the generosity of numerous community notables, business leaders, the owners of the movie theater and literally hundreds of individuals, not to mention the hard work of many volunteers.”


No Tax Dollars Spent on Orson Welles Statue — 12 Comments

  1. I am beginning to hear murmurings that Phat Jack Franks now wants
    his likeness cast in bronze .. at taxpayers expense, of course.

  2. Still, Welles is and was hardly a role model.

    He was a good propagandist though, for the Reds in the Spanish Civil War, for the Reds infesting Hollywood, why he even convinced hundreds of thousands that murderous Martians had landed in spaceships and were burning up the New Jersey countryside.

  3. Kinda of a poor likeness.

    Can those people get their money back?

  4. Propagandist? I never realized old Orson was such an enemy of the state.

    Or maybe this site is a magnet for angry paranoid nutjobs just waiting for something, anything, to rage about.

  5. Well, I think its a very nice statue.

    Why don’t we replace the civil war soldier in Woodstunk Square with it.

    The gangs that control the place now probably won’t appreciate it much, but I do!

    Thank you Mr. Stanard. I do know how hard it is to come up with a statue the resident Leftists disapprove of.

    Even ‘Dick Tracey” is too much of a white male ‘authoritarian’ figure even though he wasn’t racist at all against the alien ‘Moon Maid”

    Moon Maid was the daughter of the Moon’s supreme ruler, a male humanoid who was always identified as “the Governor of the Moon”.

    It is not clear whether he was democratically elected, or some form of hereditary ruler.

    She served as a liaison between her race and the humans. She and her family became one of the strip’s primary focuses for several years.

    Moon Maid eventually married Junior, the now-adult adopted son of Dick Tracy.

    Her father the Governor resented this marriage.

    Eventually, Moon Maid became pregnant by Junior.

    Her father was anxious that the child be born on the Moon, so as to be legally a Moon denizen.

    The pregnant Moon Maid, Junior, and the Governor and his wife were all aboard a Space Coupe when Moon Maid gave birth at precisely the midpoint in space between Earth and the Moon.[3]

    The child, a girl, was named Honeymoon Tracy and had slightly over-large eyes, and two prominent tufts of hair on her forehead in the position corresponding to Moon Maid’s horns; we are never told what lies beneath those tufts.

    The daughter also demonstrated a magnetic ability to attract small metal objects to her hands; this talent never played an important role in the strip.

    During this period, Dick Tracy himself had many adventures on the Moon, notably solving a murder case involving a man named Purdy Fallar who kept two of his fingernails extra-long, claiming they were for harvesting the meat of Giant Escargot: a species of gigantic Moon snails, prized on Earth as delicacies.

    In reality he used his sharpened fingernails as throat-slashing weapons.

  6. These dinky Podunks forever searching for that one bit of historical context, is like the Conquistadors searching for the Lost City of Gold.

  7. DJ, I think you should look at just a little history of Woodstock.
    Go find a lady called Maggie Fields and maybe learn something especially as it concerns the Civil War.
    A little respect within this blog would be nice occassionaly.

  8. All for it (Franks cast in bronze) provided they use Franks himself as the sacrificial mold for the casting.

    @Justinfun – – “He was a good propagandist though, for the Reds in the Spanish Civil War, for the Reds infesting Hollywood, why he even convinced hundreds of thousands that murderous Martians had landed in spaceships and were burning up the New Jersey countryside.”

    So, Justin, you’re saying that Welles was a Democrat? 😉

  9. And I’’d bet $10, that CP can name 3 cities in North America, ‘less cool’ than Woodstock.

  10. How about a statue of the Chuck Gould’s “Moon Maid”?

    There’s a bit more of a Woodstock connection … and even the Angel couldn’t object since she’s an illegal alien!

  11. We need a statue of Eugene V. Debs in the Woodstock Square; a true American hero. Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwwww…

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