$1,000 Algonquin Township Contribution to McHenry County Historical Society Challenged

From Illinois Leaks, reprinted with permission:

Algonquin Township failed miserably with donations to Historical Society


When a Township donates taxpayer funds to a museum, for instance, the McHenry County Historical Society and Museum, there are certain things that must be accomplished according to law.

Algonquin Township failed to comply with the law while their attorney sat through the meeting with them, and the MCHS failed to comply with state law’s reporting requirements to the Township.

Section 275-15 of the Illinois Township Code spells out those requirements in a way that even this township’s attorney could understand if he decided to read it:

 (60 ILCS 1/275-15) 
    Sec. 275-15. Use of funds; financial statement. 
    (a) Any funds paid to a not for profit museum or historical society must be used solely for the maintenance and operation of the museum or historical society. 
    (b) Within 60 days after the close of the fiscal year of any museum or historical society for which funds were provided under this Article, the museum or historical society that received the funds shall file with the township clerk a complete statement of the financial affairs of the museum or historical society for the fiscal year. The statement must be verified under oath and must show, for the fiscal year, (i) the amount expended in the maintenance and operation of the museum or historical society and the reasons for the expenditure; (ii) the amount of township funds received;(iii) the amount and source of any other funds received for those purposes; and (iv) the amount remaining on hand for maintenance and operation of the museum or historical society. The township clerk shall record the statement in the record book of the township and shall cause the statement to be published in a newspaper having general circulation in the township within 30 days after it is filed with the clerk. 
(Source: Laws 1967, p. 82; P.A. 88-62.)

The Historical Society or museum must provide a complete statement of the financial affairs [for the fiscal year], verified under oath, and that financial statement must show the four things listed above. Additionally, the Township Clerk must publish the financial statement in a newspaper within 30 days of receiving it.

See what Algonquin Township Clerk expected to pass off as their “complete statement of financial affairs” (FY2017) and you will find the following required items are NOT contained in this document:

  • verified under oath
  • amounts expended for maintenance and operation and the reason for the expenditure
  • amount of Township funds received
  • amount and source of any other funds received for those purposes
  • amount remaining on hand for the maintenance and operation

This “report” fails the smell test, but the township willingly doled out more taxpayer funds to an organization that apparently did not comply with reporting requirements – or the township failed to keep the reports. We did get the financial report for FY2015, and it did contain more information than this pie-chart 2017 report, but it was incomplete also.

Here is the video of the May 14, 2018 donation discussion:

Upon hearing the excuses used to donate once again this year, I requested the financial reports and proof of publication from the Algonquin Township Clerk.

As suspected, nothing was in compliance with the Township Code, and this donation should never have been made.

Why spend money on an attorney to attend these meetings if he is not going to provide the legal direction on such matters?

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$1,000 Algonquin Township Contribution to McHenry County Historical Society Challenged — 18 Comments

  1. Oh My! The sky is falling! Again.

    Edgar County dudes sure have a lot of time on their hands.

    I applaud their efforts, but sheesh, they are way over their skis.

    Give it a rest.

  2. Comply with the law?

    Past Algonquin Roadway goons and current and former Alg. Supervisors could not be bothered to do that.

    If they did, they couldn’t steal!

  3. It’s only the taxpayers’ money.

    Reason No. 49,306 to abolish townships.

  4. I beg to differ. Reason number 49,306 to abolish nitwits, morons, grifters, and outright thieves. Throw the psychotic babies out. Keep the bathtub. (Use the grey water at your discretion.)

  5. Under Lutzow, anything can happen. He’s a Goochie-Gooch, if you catch my drift.

    He’s even got a lower IQ than Miller. Around 87 or so.

    I should know, I’ve been observing him for years and am a qualified psychometricist.

  6. Lutzow! When I hear that name, I reach for my ….. wallet.

    [To make sure I still have it!]

    Did he ever have a real job in his life?

  7. This just confirms my suspicion that the Millers had gotten to the point they no longer cared what they blew tax money on, as long as they spent it.

  8. No Him who cares it’s a great museum.

    Go home Edgar County Agitators

  9. Please return to me my share of taxes from that contribution asap. I estimate that to be $0.000000000000000014 . Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  10. Dork, (so appropriately named) Speak for YOURSELF!

    The taxpayers DO CARE and wat this theft/misappropriation dealt with!

    We want all these things that have been uncovered dealt wth.

    If anything, the States Atty is saying with his 52 pg list of excuses is-that there are two sets of rules.

    One for us, and another for elected officials.

    This is third world stuff that’s creeping in and corrupting our towns and county!

    WE CARE!

  11. Lorna, it appears this was the township did this, Miller had nothing to do with it.

    You see, the Edgar County people aren’t being truthful

  12. Some Township boards have passed resolutions that no tax money will be given to any charity or museum.

    Maybe they all should

  13. @Dork680

    As far as I can tell, ECW laid this at the feet of Algonquin Twp, not Miller or the Road District.

    Why do you need to defend him for something he didn’t do?

    Now you accuse ECW of lying when they didn’t.

    You look foolish.

  14. Watch them spend 15K talking about a 1K expenditure.

    This is literally as good as it gets.

  15. Dr. Phibes? We already have four of those along Route 14. Lord only knows what “they” call them, but that’s what they are – shrines to something!

  16. Many the $ will cover a Hist. Soc. travelling exhibit of the Miller regime’s utter corruption?

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