Results of County Sheriff’s Enhanced Enforcement

A press release from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department:

McHenry County Sheriff’s Office announces Memorial Day “Click it or Ticket” / “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” mobilization results

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office joined other state and local law enforcement agencies across Illinois to reduce highway fatalities by cracking down on unbuckled motorists and impaired drivers during the Memorial Day holiday.

During the mobilization, the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office issued the following citations /making the following arrests:

  • 68 Seat Belt citations
  • 3 DUI arrests
  • 3 Driving While License Suspended arrests
  • 1 Drug arrest
  • 1 Fleeing / Eluding Police arrest
  • 33 Speeding citations
  • 24 Electronic Communication Device citations
  • 13 No Insurance citations

This law enforcement mobilization was funded by federal traffic safety funds through the Illinois Department of Transportation and is part of the nationwide “Click It or Ticket” and “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaigns. For more information, visit


Results of County Sheriff’s Enhanced Enforcement — 12 Comments

  1. Revenue generation…that’s all this is!

    Why can’t the cops go after real criminals?

    Another symptom of a society in decline.

  2. There’s well known drug houses all over the county.

    yet THEY seem to have immunity

  3. Has anyone compared the “take” to last year at this time when there wasn’t a special effort?

  4. Please define “real criminals “ as opposed to fake criminals, as your post implies.

    Since driving in this State is NOT a “right” but a privilege, obeying the laws seems obvious.

    Don’t like them, hand in your license and ride the bus

  5. Illegal Aliens comes to mind as but one example of “real criminals”.

    Others would be (but not limited to) government officials who coerce people to pay onerous fines
    for forgetting to buckle up, all in the name (ruse) of safety, of course.

  6. Report shows: “24 Electronic Communication Device citations”

    This is excellent enforcement and we need more of it perhaps by unmarked
    police cars. There is rarely a day when driving 2-lane numbered
    roads in McHenry County that I DO NOT encounter at least one oncoming
    vehicle that is not staying a straight course and is veering toward the
    shoulder or toward the center line.

    Yesterday on Route 47 two-lane, a driver in an suv in the oncoming lane
    was veering toward the center line and then started to come slightly over
    it. I was ready to drive onto the shoulder and then the driver corrected.

    When the suv passed me, I
    noticed the male driver had his head down and maybe was texting.

    People using cell phones to text while driving are a huge physical threat
    to drivers who obey all traffic laws. Texting drivers need to be as severely
    punished as are drunk drivers.

    To heck with drivers and passengers who do not buckle up. They put
    themselves at greater risk of severe injury or death in event of a crash.

    Instead, concentrate on finding and arresting those who text while driving.

  7. Say Honest. Wondering how many of we safe drivers, who obey
    laws and do not text while driving, encounter wayward texting
    drivers EVERY single day on the road.

  8. Bred, I can tell you this based upon my observations as I travel the
    highways and byways everyday, this situation is becoming worse as time goes on.
    I see mostly women talking and texting when I’m out and about, and on numerous occasions
    right in front of the cops who seem to be oblivious to it all.

    As Cindy so correctly pointed out above, cellphone distraction can result in deadly consequences.

    If you want to kill yourself that’s your business. ]]

    I can’t stop you, just don’t take me
    or anyone else with you.

    Your Darwin Award will be forwarded to your last known address.

    All the police seem to be interested in are the big and easy money fines generated from speeding
    which can be easily substantiated in court.

  9. Maybe police officers should be assigned to ride in each vehicle, too.

    Big Brother PD

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