Libertarians Meet in Crystal Lake Tuesday Night

McHenry County Libertarian Party Chair Jim Young reminds folks that the monthly meeting is Tuesday.

He writes,

“We have changed our meeting location to the Goal Line Sports Bar, 85 Brink St., CL due to a change of attitude by the previous restaurant.

“We meet at 6:30 for conversation, dinner and drinks.

“At 7:30 we have our business meeting.

Jim Young greets May speakers Kirk Allen and John Kraft of the Edgar County Watchdogs, who write Illinois Leaks.

“At 8:00< we have our speaker, Arianna Wilkerson of the Heartland Institute, who will talk on “What to do about the Illinois mess”.

“Please bring your signed petitions to the meeting so they can be notarized and forwarded to state.

“This is the last meeting before they are turned in.

“If you collect signatures during the next two weeks, please contact Kelly Liebmann or Julie Fox to turn them in.”


Libertarians Meet in Crystal Lake Tuesday Night — 7 Comments

  1. Borders are a federal issue, same sex marriage was decided (in favor of it) by the Supreme Court, and the war on drugs has been a failure. Also, can you really talk with any moral authority on these issues when Bruce Rauner is the guy Republicans picked? This is a guy who is releasing drug offenders from prison, prevented local governments from listening to ICE, and who supports not just abortion but taxpayer funded abortion.

    And the best Angel’s “progressive” team could come up with to “resist” was a corrupt Chicago goon who has more money than Donald Trump.

  2. libertarians are also pro-abortion.

    ‘An American’ change your name to ‘An American Despoiler’

    You know damn right well if it came to national referendum special ‘gay’ rights would go bye-bye.

    I find it interesting that you call yourself something you are not. Typical Marxian doublespeak.…-Quotes-768×814.jpg&exph=814&expw=768&q=orwell+language&simid=608047778140915399&selectedIndex=16&ajaxhist=0

  3. Libertarians are a unique bunch.

    There are Libertarians who are totally pro-life, and pro-pot but not illicit drugs.

    Open borders would be a disaster.

  4. Libertarians never called for taxpayer funded abortion, Rauner signed that bill. I’m not defending open borders or the LP by the way — was just playing devil’s advocate and pointing out that conservatives have no natural place to go in this election, and that maybe you should sort out the Republican Party before you start crying about an unestablished third party with absolutely no political power! Everything you’re complaining about in the LP applies to Rauner. Guarantee Rauner spends more time with the Koch Brothers and more time complaining about Donald Trump than Kash Jackson does.

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