Looking at Reception of Joe Tirio’s Campaign Slogan “I Won’t Hire My Wife” at Milk Day Parade

Written by Woodstock’s Richard Rostron:

Tirio campaign slogan a big hit at parade Except for feminist inclined to misunderstand

I had the opportunity to drive a Patriot’s 2005 Corvette in a recent parade.

That was awesome to begin with.

What made it better was that I had a campaign placard on the side of the car for Joe Tirio for McHenry County Clerk.

At the bottom of the placard was his slogan, which is also his campaign Web address: http://www.iwonthiremywife.com/

I think that’s one of the cleverest campaign slogans I’ve ever heard.

And, judging from the comments I heard along the parade route, a lot of people agree.

The parade was well attended, and I wouldn’t doubt if I heard close to 50 people favorably comment on the slogan.

They laughed.

They gave thumbs up.

They did everything short of run out and shake my hand for having the placard on the side of the car.

But, there was one person who didn’t get it.

As the parade route turned right onto the main road, an overweight, tie-dye-wearing woman with a crewcut, with her lip drawn back in an ugly sneer, commented:

“Won’t hire your wife. That’s the stupidest slogan I’ve ever heard.”

Karen Tirio showing husband Joe’s web site address.

She made a couple other ugly comments, as well.

But, one thing was clear; she didn’t take the message in the spirit it was given.

Joe Tirio’s slogan, “I won’t hire my wife,” doesn’t indicate that he doesn’t love and respect his wife; it indicates that he won’t follow the pattern of too many other McHenry County politicians who have seen their electoral success as an invitation for patronage.

Some politicians see patronage as a perk that comes with his job. Not Joe Tirio.

Joe knows that people aren’t electing him so he can use his position for the personal benefit of himself, his friends or family.

He knows that, when elected, McHenry County voters are electing him to serve them – the voters.

But, this angry Lefty who was, fortunately, in a dramatic minority of one, thought it meant something else.

It was clear, from what she said, that she saw this from a feminist perspective.

She saw the slogan as some kind of indication that Joe is disrespectful of his wife.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Joe would happily hire his wife, if for a position with his own company.

She’s highly competent, has a great attitude and is a real go-getter.

He’d be happy to hire his wife, but not as a form of patronage on the public dole.

The feminist didn’t get that, I suspect, because she’s got a bad case of tunnel vision.

This is very common today.

Some people see racism, sexism and all sorts of other isms everywhere the look the way a particular lens filter will cast all the photos taken with a particular tint.

She sees the world through that filter because she’s indoctrinated herself to see the world that way.

Fortunately, Joe Tirio sees the world, and his job as McHenry County Clerk (once he’s elected) without any filters.

He sees his duty clearly and is ready to launch into the job in a way that will serve the voters of McHenry County, even silly feminists who can’t see reality.


Looking at Reception of Joe Tirio’s Campaign Slogan “I Won’t Hire My Wife” at Milk Day Parade — 4 Comments

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    Was my pride and delight on behalf of some rich white guys earning a few more millions on a fat purse and future stud fees? No, no, no, I was so happy for the horse, and the veteran jockey, and the trainer (white and rich or not, that is a tough, dangerous business which demands 24/7/365 hard work because the horses need it), the grooms and hotwalkers and outriders and gate crew and even the touts at the track who keep horseracing alive in the age of flying cars rather than horse and buggy. I don’t look for reasons to negate my pride at being included in the group involved in producing Triple Crown horse races: Americans.

    Interviewed post-race, trainer Bob Baffert stated he was proud to be an American.

    Jockey Mike Smith referenced his faith with gratitude, and messaged a fallen colleague injured in this extremely dangerous sport.

    I feel that to the bone.Pride in what We All have in common:

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    America has produced top-of-the-heap excellence in the most absurd, difficult, complicated and dangerous known pursuits, then invented unheard-of pursuits in which to be great. If one of our own has a tough break, we quietly make sure he gets what he needs to survive.

    That’s how it is in the close-knit family of horserace people, from the richest to the poorest.

    That’s the American way as I understand it.

    I can root for the horse I bet on but still appreciate the magnificence of the horse who beats me.

    I can be proud of best-in-world excellence in any field of human endeavor.

    I’m not a horse, but I feel so proud and happy that Justify is an American.

  2. Tirio is one of the VERY few McHenry Co. politicos I’d EVER trust.

    Judge Willbrandt should thank him for getting the US Atty’s office involved investigating the nasty Co. Clerk’s office making it ‘too hot’ for typical McHenry Co. election skullduggery.

  3. I have a name sticker stuck to the side of my computer you know the kind you get when you attend a meet and greet….this one is from Joe Tirio

    IT SAYS.

    Hello my name is

    (no,Joe wont hire me either)

  4. Very seldom do we find a person of the Integrity of Joe Tirio.

    Someone who is willing and able to take on the dark Forces whose sole purpose is to corrupt the very nature of politics in McHenry County.

    In a word Joe Tirio is the future of McHenry County politics.

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