Andrew Gasser Talks Nepotism

Andrew Gasser

Andrew Gasser reached out on his facebook page to talk about where the issue is now.  Gasser has asked for the board to adopt a resolution denouncing and ending nepotism..  You can link to the video here.  Expect fireworks at the meeting considering the northwest herald and the Edgar County Watchdogs.


Andrew Gasser Talks Nepotism — 6 Comments

  1. And he continues to illustrate his total lack of any integrity with this old news rework to deflect his ongoing fiscal ignorance; personal issues; incompetence.

    One just needs to dig into his behaviors and actions when he had issues with
    Bear’s management, and one can see a pattern that continues today.

  2. Gasser hired Provenzano and five other patronage road employees without advertising.

    The Alg twh board should pass a resolution against all patronage hiring, not just nepotism.

  3. @ Machone, would you explain how hiring Ryan Provenzano is nepotism.

    Ryan was already working for the township.

    I don’t disagree with nob, but good luck with that one in this county.

    One step at a time might be the best approach.

    It is encouraging to read you take this position on nepotism, and patronage hiring.

    *Nob says nepotism and patronage hiring is unethical.*

    Ahhhhh, headline fantasy.

  4. Neither have to be unethical if they earn their pay. People like to hire people they know and trust, that’s why they will never be outlawed.

  5. Gasser is 1000X better than the human louse who sucked our blood for years on end.

    And the whores running the NWH don’t like that.

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