All Illinois GOP Congressmen Urge Trump Not to Pardon Blagojevich

From Congressman Peter Roskam:

Roskam joins letter urging against Blagojevich commutation

Washington, D.C. – Representative Peter Roskam (IL-06) joined his Illinois Republican colleagues in signing a letter to President urging him to deny former Governor Rod Blagojevich’s petition for commutation of his sentence.

Rod Blagojevich after the trial.

The letter can be found below. Upon release of the letter, Representative Roskam released the following statement:

“As public servants, we are rightfully held to a higher standard. In Illinois, many of our elected officials have failed to do so in the past, and few – like former Governor Rod Blagojevich – have been held accountable for their actions.

“Commuting the sentence of a corrupt politician, particularly from Illinois, sends a dangerous message that this type of behavior is acceptable.

“It is not acceptable.

“Today, my Illinois colleagues and I are urging the President not to set this harmful precedent and deny the former Governor’s petition for commutation.”

The letter is below:


All Illinois GOP Congressmen Urge Trump Not to Pardon Blagojevich — 17 Comments

  1. Ro-scam at it again.

    Why isn’t he calling for the prosecution of Hillary?

    Or Obama?

    Or Comey?

  2. Pritzker is guilty of trying to buy that seat-and he is now running for Gov.!!!

    WTH is wrong with people from IL??

  3. Why isn’t Bob Miller and clan not in front of a jury?

    Blogo didn’t really do anything wrong except be unethical.

    What law did he truly break?

    If Blago can go to jail the Millers could probably follow if it got in front of a jury.

    But will they ever get there?

  4. Yes, why do so many FAR WORSE people get off scott free, like Hillary and Miller.

  5. @whynot

    The Senate seat is merely the tip of the iceberg and the sensational part of all this due to the audacity.

    Forget about that for a moment and consider that he extorted contributions by threatening to withhold state funding for a children’s hospital.

    For that alone, he should be locked away and damned to hell.

    The man is a psychopath and his wife, Potty Mouth Patty is isn’t much better.

  6. @John Then what your saying is every politician should be locked away and damned to hell because everyone of them at the State and Federal Levels withhold funds from many different things when the bargaining is going on.

    Or certain things don’t get the money they thought they were going to get.

    I understand and agree with you but just because you are a psychopath doesn’t mean you get 14 yrs for lying to the Feds.

    And you have someone that tried to buy his seat, circumventing an election etc., and was voted by the Dems! And Dems complain about Trump being unethical!

  7. All great comments. (Special kudos to WesternElectric!) Blago stays, although he was only the “fall guy” for so much more (just like Hastert was the fall guy), he should still stay where he is at. It’s a start.

  8. Alabama? You aren’t really saying that you don’t know there is a huge “ring” that Hastert took the brunt of the blame for? That everyone else involved was not brought to justice while the prosecutors salivated over taking Hastert down? Get real, dude! The evil stench is so acrid even a moron couldn’t miss it.

  9. I’d have given him an extra five, for that Bobby Kennedy wannabe haircut.

  10. Cindy – a fall guy is someone that is someone that gets blamed for actions that others did.

    That’s most definitely not Hastert.

    He went down for his own preying on boys.

  11. Alabama? A fall guy is a scapegoat, a chump, a pigeon, a sucker, a sacrifice. It doesn’t connote guilt or innocence. You have no idea what the rings are capable of and how they throw one of their own under the bus occasionally. That is PRECISELY what happened with Blago AND Hastert. They are ALL perverts and crooks. You wanting to argue over the definition of “is” is frankly, silly. (Especially since you think you are trying to educate an English major.)

  12. Maybe a swap to get Blago out of jail. Hillary for Blago. She way more deserves the clink than does Blago. Blago still a bad dude, but nowhere near as bad as Hillary.

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