Attacks on Andrew Gasser’s Attorney Robert Hanlon Continue at Algonquin Township Meeting

Karen Lukasik

$18,492.88 Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik didn’t record the June meeting of the Algonquin Township Board, but at least two others did.

One streamed in live on FaceBook.

Debra McCracken

Those attending or watching first heard Debra McCracken say in public comment that Algonquin Township Attorney Robert Hanlon

“plagiarized”and shouldn’t be paid.

She called for the dismissal of any who violates [a] profession’s ethics.

She further accused him of “professional misconduct.”

Melissa victor

Discussing the approval of legal fees by the Road District, Trustee Melissa Victor said,

“I have a hard time paying any more legal fees until I know he’s doing his own work.”

David Chapman, another Trustee joined in.

“I think it’s horrendous and egregious that he’s taking other people’s work and charging for it.”

Rachael Lawrence

Trustee Rachael Lawrence observed that she had “asked for a copy of all the pleadings but have not been provided any.”

“They have been given to the Clerk,” Attorney James Kelly replied.

Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser cited a United States Supreme Court decision that defended copying and pasting from other sources because the attorney filing such verbiage was taking personal responsibility for it.

Robert Hanlon

A motion to require all attorneys working for Algonquin Township to carry malpractice insurance passed 4-1 with

Lawrence in opposition.

The motion was aimed at Hanlon, who does not carry malpractice insurance.

There was a fairly long discussion about the practice of setting up tents, tables and chairs for community organizations by the Road District.

Andrew Gasser

Gasser reported that state law does not allow Road Districts to provide that service, but townships can.

He proposed handing over the stored items, plus a trailer to the non-Road District part of Algonquin Township through an intergovernmental agreement.

The last resolution on the agenda concerned nepotism.

Without mentioning the topic, Chapman said, “I object to the consideration of the item.”

Chuck Lutzow

It was postponed until the next meeting.

“It’s not like we’re not going to pass a resolution,” explained Supervisor Chuck Lutzow.

“It’s we want to have it written.”


Attacks on Andrew Gasser’s Attorney Robert Hanlon Continue at Algonquin Township Meeting — 29 Comments

  1. My, my, my. Isn’t it the narcissist that is always accusing others of doing precisely what they are actually guilty of doing? Do we have a township board filled with narcissists?

  2. Omg! Omg! The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Hanlon copied boilerplate! And he did it for free! Sound the alarm!

  3. After viewing the video, I believe that Supervisor Lutzow misspoke naming “Debra McCracken”. She is clearly Jennie McCracken, daughter of Don Kopsell. Who has a past grievance with Atty. Hanlon.

  4. There is no such thing as “plagerism” in terms of legal brief writing.

    Cutting and pasting from briefs is normal and accepted practice. No recognition needs to be involved.

    If anything it is considered as a compliment.

    It also saves time, which means lower bills.

    There is nothing here except the vendetta of the NWH

  5. Uhh…Extremist, you are wrong.

    According to the ARDC, they have charged attorneys with plagiarism. I correct myself above, it would not lead to disbarment, but probably lead to a sanction or disciplinary case. Ultimately, it’s based on conduct. Someone who plagiarizes is also someone who will lie to cover it up. That is just as bad, if not worse and leads to a stronger disciplinary case. If they attorney acknowledges they plagiarized, then they probably will not be sanctioned as hard.

  6. There is a vast world of difference between taking credit for unique work product and copying case law or boilerplate.

    Both Spotlight and Known could be correct in varying circumstances but Known is correct in this case.

  7. Oh really, Priest? Pretty sure I called the ARDC and they said the opposite; I’ll take their word over an anonymous idiot like yourself.

    Known is wrong that there is no such thing as “plagiarism”.
    Known is wrong that cutting and pasting work without attribution is not plagiarism.
    Known is wrong that it ‘saves time’ because it is a violation of ethics, and effectively plagiarism.
    known is wrong that there is “nothing here except a vendetta.
    Knowis correct about one thing: there is no such thing as ‘plagerism,’ which is plagiarism misspelled.

  8. Cindy, don’t you have a klan rally to attend, or a flat earth society meeting, or a cloud seeding forum, or an illuminatti’s anonymous meeting, or a “i was abducted by aliens” group meeting? You know, something worthless like that to be at?

  9. There is an easy way to clear this up.

    Someone should file a complaint with the ARDC.

    Otherwise it is just political hot air.

  10. Ah, another day of delightful and thought provoking conversations, with respectful and intelligent people.

  11. Cindy,
    Ever noticed Cal has never posted a link to Natural News, or Alex Jones, or any of the rambling YouTube videos you post? The laughs are at you, not with you.

  12. “Knowis correct about one thing: there is no such thing as ‘plagerism,’ which is plagiarism misspelled”. Spotlight is pretty sure they called the ARDC, and they said the opposite. Not real sure, or certain, but “pretty sure”. THEN calls someone else an idiot. You can’t make this stuff up. Cindy I know you’re above taking these insults seriously.

  13. Any gov dude that hires someone as a contractor/consultant should have liability insurance, or that gov agency may have to fork out tax $$$$ to cover that dudes mistakes.

    Some where I read Hanlon copy and pasted copy write materials, isn’t that illegal?

  14. The surest way to know who has lost an argument is when the monkeys start throwing poo.

    Good job Spotlight on taking the small amount of credit you were given, even though you’re wrong, and messing it all up by throwing poo.

    Here’s your banana, Spot.

    Known wins.

  15. I will reference this post when Hanlon gets investigated by the ARDC. It’s going to feel sooooo good.

  16. Both of the publications that Hanlon supposedly “borrowed” from contain copyright notices.

    I doubt if the ARDC would do much of anything if a complaint came in from a participant in the Algonquin Township Freak Show, but if a copyright holder complained, they might take it a little more seriously.

  17. When I spoke to a para, they said they will investigate if they see information in the news. Hanlon should come clean quick.

  18. Spotlight, a tad eager?
    You kind of sound like another regular commenter who routinely called Kenneally and has similar fervor.

  19. Cindy’s delusion is furthered by her paranoid name calling. I’m no more moderate than Cindy is rational. Soon, she will say I’m someone named Rosa. Then she’ll say I’m the Chair of the local socialist party. Maybe I’m the aliens that kidnapped her and did experiments on her. She is a lost, lonely sole that relies on YouTubers that live in their parent’s basement for news.

    Also, I have no idea also what outwiththeold is on about.

    Here’s a great solution if you really want to know who everyone is, Cal should make it mandatory to sign in with Facebook. If anonymous people want to set up fake Facebook accounts, they can easily be reported and shut down so only those brave enough to stand by their comments will remain. Assuredly it won’t happen though. I’m certain Cal relishes in the muckraking, sordid sort that call for perennial witch trials and arrests for inconsequential non-offenses.

    Happy Friday.

  20. Cal should simply select the option to show the ip addresses of the people who post.

    I doubt if many of the regular posters here know how to fake that.

    Cindy is correct. Facebook is for maroons.

  21. Why doesn’t somebody call the ARDC about “Jimmby” Kelly?

  22. Would now be a good time to also bring up The ARDC complaint on Gooch! Despicable man.

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