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Illinois Leaks published this first.  It is re-published here with permisison:

Algonquin Township Road District – Hanlon won, where is the local press?

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –

The real joy in our work is that we don’t have a dog in the race and have been able to focus on the whole truth and the law.

Robert Hanlon

As many have read lately, the local media has been beating the drum on anything negative they can find regarding Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser and his attorney Rob Hanlon while pretty much ignoring all the wrongdoing of the current Board, Clerk, and Supervisor.

We continually see people typing on social media how Hanlon has lost every action he has taken so he needs to go.  Others bashed Andrew Gasser for terminating certain employees when he took office and said that will come back to bite him.

I wonder why the local paper is silent on the fact Hanlon just won the case regarding termination of Ryan Green?

I guess Gasser being vindicated is not newsworthy to local media? 

“This amount includes prevailing against Local 150 in the discharge of Ryan Green before the Illinois Department of Employment Security. As you know I addressed that in a separate correspondence on June 4, 2018.”

When local reporting wants to accomplish an objective they tend to overlook a lot of items that don’t support the narrative they are either pushing or writing about.

Being objective is hard when you live in the community as you may know or even be related to those you write about.

Thus our enjoyment in what we do as we rarely have to worry about such a problem as our work is all across the state and in other parts of the country where we don’t know these people.

An example of an agenda driving the writing can be found in the recent “outrage” over the $400 an hour rate charged by the Road District Attorney Rob Hanlon.

Unless we missed something, the Board should have been well aware of the rate as it was their job to audit the bills every month.

Considering the bills explicitly outline what the rate is, why the sudden surprise?

You see there are two ways to report.

The spin that works up people in support of an agenda or one that tells the whole story and lets people come to their own conclusion.

For example, claiming the rate jumped to $400.00 is misleading if not outright false.

The truth of the matter is the rate did not jump at all.

What happened was the discount being provided from the established rate ended.

As you can see in the document, the rate has always been $400.00 an hour.

Another example?

“Hanlon’s letter makes no mention of his fees increasing from $375 to $400”. (NWH

Of course, there is no mention of his fees increasing because they have not increased.

What actually happened was the discount terminated, but reporting it that way does not rile up the anger.

And while the press talks about the total legal bill for the Road District they conveniently failed to mention that not all of those bills are from Rob Hanlon or his firm.

Over $7,000.00 come from James Kelly, but letting the public know that does not help the narrative of attacking Hanlon.

There is an old saying that you get what you pay for.

James Kelly charges a whole lot less and look what that representation has accomplished for this Township.

Stay tuned for exposure on the plagiarism accusations and certain missing information from the local reporting that the people should know as it is very clear there is a lot of misinformation being spread.

As a teaser from the Supreme Court of Kentucky:

“Legal instruments are widely plagiarized, of course. We see no impropriety in one lawyer’s adopting another’s work, thus becoming the “drafter” in the sense that he accepts responsibility for it. That, after all, is the object at which KRS 382.335 is directed.” Supreme Court of Kentucky Sep 2, 1976

“Copying of legal instruments and agreements does not constitute plagiarism because the attorneys who prepare the document are not generally claiming “authorship” in the standard sense. The signers of such instruments do so to indicate that they endorse, stand behind or agree to the content of the document. There can be no plagiarism without an express or implicit claim of authorship.” (By James D. Peterson and Jennifer L. Gregory, Godfrey & Kahn SC )

“…good brief writers draw from the ideas of others, and not all such sources need to be, or can be, acknowledged.” (By James D. Peterson and Jennifer L. Gregor, Godfrey & Kahn SC)

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More Information on Andrew Gasser Attorney Robert Hanlon — 12 Comments

  1. I am not known for being any kind of a fan of attorneys.
    Notwithstanding, kudos to Mr. Hanlon, Well done.

  2. To date, Hanlon/Gasser are one of 7, losing 3 each against the Clerk/Miller and the Union.

    They were paying less, now they are paying more, that is a increase no matter how the Dog’s Waltz it.

    The NWH has printed stories against the Clerk, Millers, Gasser/Hanlon, just not with as much hot air as the Dog’s

    The NWH is bias anti township like Cal, Jack, Dave, Andrew, and lets never forget Bob Anderson.

    The team that doesn’t care about the possible tax increase, it’s a given.

  3. Continue looking into ALL AMAZON PURCHASES for a LEAST 5 years by Anna may miller and her side kicks

    Also why is there Home taxed as farm land they stock the pond ask the last assessor along with the current one ????

  4. The answer to why the pond and surrounding land is taxes as farm land is because is 10 acres or more and used to raise fish.

  5. Is there something new on the Ryan Green case? I thought that was settled back in February.

    The case sounded like a slam dunk. If the reports of Mr Green’s actions were anything close to true, he was grossly insubordinate.

    Copying from briefs and other legal documents without attribution is probably not a big deal, judges do it all the time when they write opinions, but cutting and pasting material from a legal journal that might be copyrighted is an entirely different issue.

    I have no idea whether Hanlon did that or not, but the NW Herald article implies that he did.

  6. Keep pushing Rachel and Andrew.

    The people are with you.

    The political class is making our lives very hard. Keep pushing! God Bless the USA.

  7. The NW Herald has become blatantly biased since the hires of a few new people.

    They should just go full tabloid at this point.

    Komenda’s exposé on Uncle Meatball is his best work to date.

  8. Nob “the team that doesn’t care about possible tax increase, it’s a given.” Perhaps you, like Trump, believe that if you repeat an untruth often enough people will believe it.

  9. Watch, produce a link to where Cal, Jack, Dave, Andrew, or Bob Anderson have proven with numbers elimination of townships saves tax $$$$$?
    You can’t handle the truth.

  10. Jim Kelly is the WORST… if he ever told the truth – it’d be by accident.

    Why did he lose his job in the SA’s office? Ask him!

  11. A real joy in my work is watching biased sources claim no bias. Watching Edgar Watchdogs trying to take the high road is high comedy.

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