Gasser Praises Algonquin Township Transparency Efforts

Andrew Gasser took to YouTube to praise Algonquin Township and their transparency efforts today.

Both the Algonquin Township Highway Department and Algonquin Township are now posting their bills online. Gasser got the idea from The Illinois Policy Institute website guidelines. While the highway department has over one year of bills online the township is only now starting to place their bills online.

No other township governments are placing their bills online at this time. With all of the consolidation and establishment talk one has to wonder if other townships will follow Algonquin Township’s lead?


Gasser Praises Algonquin Township Transparency Efforts — 7 Comments

  1. That’s just peachy Andrew, but how about fill the pothole around the township as needed?
    Newbold and others have tire eaters almost.

    All during the election Gasser and Lawrence complained that the Highway Commissioner has to much power and there isn’t enough over sight by the township board. Once Gasser got elected they both flipped and now want to do whatever Andrew feels like? This may not be popular with some, but the Highway Commissioner by law has to much power and not enough over sight by the board. A vote to combined the township into one levy works for me. Without this change the problem will just renew itself in the future, and unqualified politician’s will still be able to get elected which has a dark side, obviously.

  3. I’ve had enough of this Public Sector rat nob.

    Connect me with your supervisor, I want to talk to him.

  4. The mob is not Bob Miller I know that for a fact 100% Gasser claims transparency but refuses to answer or release report from Rabine on Algonquin township roads. The meetings with Rabine happened gasser wanted them to take over the road districts duties. Then he hires provenzano full time as a deputy highway commissioner. At the same time he complains about nepotism. What a joke this guy is. The men and women that have been working so hard at that township for years no look like a joke what a shame..

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