2016 Statistics on Low Income by School District

While this has been published before, it is so startling that I thought it deserved a post all by itself.

As stated before, a Friend of McHenry County Blog put this data together from an official state education spreadsheet.

McHenry County School Districts 2016
  Percent Low Income  
  DISTRICT Percent Low Income  
  Nippersink Grade Sch 2 19.8  
  Fox River Grove Grade Sch 3 17.0  
  McHenry Grade Sch 15 41.5  
  Riley Grade Sch 18 27.5  
  Cary Grade Sch 26 24.9  
  Harrison Grade Sch 36 60.1  
  Prairie Grove Grade Sch 46 17.8  
  Crystal Lake Grade Sch 47 24.3  
  Marengo-Union Grade Sch 165 51.8  
  Marengo High Sch 154 30.9  
  Crystal Lake High Sch 155 18.6  
  McHenry High Sch 156 32.3  
  Richmond-Burton High Sch 157 12.1  
  Johnsburg Unit Dist 12 26.6  
  Alden Hebron Unit Dist 19 40.0  
  Harvard Unit Dist 50 99.2  
  Huntley Unit Dist 158 15.3  
  Woodstock Unit Dist 200 38.8  
  Algonquin Unit Dist 300 43.6  
  State Average 43.3  
  Chicago 83.1


2016 Statistics on Low Income by School District — 5 Comments

  1. What is it you find startling? Did you think the tax cuts would make everyone rich? Did you think the wealthy corporations would give big raises to employees?

  2. The only reason socialism hasn’t worked, is you haven’t given dentbla and some high school sophomores, a chance at implementing it.

  3. I have to think that the 99.2% number in Harvard is either a mistake, or else the Harvard schools are really slack in their verification process.

    Students from low income families get fee waivers and free/reduced cost meals.

    Undocumented students can also participate in these programs, and without an SSN, there is no reliable way to verify income.

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