2016 School Student Performance

The final table in our analysis of 2016 school spending focuses on high school graduation rates and how well high school students tested in various subject matters.

A Friend of McHenry County Blog did the heavy lifting in manipulating this data.

Remembering that the high average teacher salary is in Crystal Lake High School District 155, note that its student are not at the top of test school list for math and science.

Crystal Lake was first in math and reading.

But, Richmond-Burton edged out Crystal Lake in science.

Richmond-Burton High School teachers earn about $33,000 less per year than Crystal Lake High School District 155 teachers.

McHenry County School Districts 2016
High School Graduation Rate & Subject Comprehension
HIGH SCHOOLS Rate Math Reading Science All Four
Marengo High Sch 154 91.9 54.0 59.7 54.7 41.7
Crystal Lake High Sch 155 97.2 61.0 60.1 54.0 43.2
McHenry High Sch 156 91.7 37.0 44.4 35.3 23.5
Richmond-Burton High Sch 157 93.5 55.5 56.0 55.5 40.0
Johnsburg Unit Dist 12 95.0 47.5 54.4 50.0 32.5
Alden Hebron Unit Dist 19 96.7 26.7 33.3 33.3 13.3
Harvard Unit Dist 50 84.2 21.6 25.0 20.9 10.1
Huntley Unit Dist 158 89.4 56.0 55.8 48.7 36.3
Woodstock Unit Dist 200 94.9 42.7 48.1 39.7 27.1
Algonquin Unit Dist 300 89.4 41.8 43.1 35.1 26.4
State Average 88.5 40.2 48.5 36.7 25.1
Chicago 82.3 23.2 25.4 19.4 13.1


2016 School Student Performance — 14 Comments

  1. Everybody should expect sunshine commenters to demand a raise in Richmond-Burton teachers’ salaries to match those of Crystal Lake teachers, right? Wait a minute, this is the sunshine blog, where we always find an excuse to demand lowering salaries of public school teachers. See a public school teacher? Huag and thank a public school teacher! Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. I find these failure rates unacceptable. Then consider what we pay in taxes? That makes it outrageous. These figures don’t reflect the students who attend summer school to just squeak out a diploma. We are failing our children. Every teacher, administrator, and school board member has responsibility. I struggle to think of another profession where such a failure rate is comparable. Public defender? Oncology? Congressman?

  3. Time for the Taxpayer’s to Rate A School District! Time for Parents to Rate A Teacher. Now the Big One, Time For Teacher’s To Rate The Administration’s Job.

  4. Just look at the miracles that the CPU has performed on the chillins of Chicago !
    Karen Lewis is a genius … and Angels roll model/mentor.

  5. Harvard 84% grad rate. Angel and his people are failing us. There is always landscaping jobs.

  6. I owe it all to the Teachers at Lincoln Elementary.

    Teaching giants like gym coach ‘Pedophile Phil’ and Mr. Zeppa (no known first name) who taught Advanced Personal Quirks, made me who I am today.

  7. Of course people on this blog automatically attack the teachers. How about the parents responsibility? Teachers can only do so much and have limited time with students. Parents have a role.

  8. Facts please, the Bad Teacher’s, that are protected by the Union, Administrations, and yes other Teacher’s, have created their own swamp. Schools are No Longer Teaching the basics, but adding garbage curriculum and forcing students to learn it. The School District does not want Parent Involvement, unless you become a PTA Cheerleader.

  9. “…and forcing students to learn it”. Exactly! Should learning be optional on public schools? Please elaborate on this nonsense…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  10. Looks like Crystal Lake 155 has the best results overall and Chicago the worst. What part of the results are attributable to teachers’ efforts and what part to parents’ efforts? Are teachers in Chicago so much worse in ability than teachers in Crystal Lake 155? Or, is a good part of the problem in Chicago primarily due to parents’ involvement or lack thereof?

    Would be interested in knowing what percent of students in Crystal Lake 155 have both parents at home all the time vs what percent of students in Chicago have both parents at home all the time.

  11. Question should also be for Crystal Lake 155 vs Harvard. Harvard is worse overall but better than Chicago in Science.

  12. CPS is astronomically better than sunshine commenters in Science. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…..

  13. Angel, CPS evidently has a hands on approach, teaching Science or Biology to the children. That Hands On, will be a problem from now on.

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