Bob Miller A Walking Conflict of Interest?

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Algonquin Township Road District – Former Highway Commissioner Bob Miller – A walking conflict of interest.

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –Just about the time you think you have seen it all, up jumps another rat hole to run down. The digging into this rat hole started with this article.

Bob Miller

How many people are familiar with the Northern Illinois Township Highway Commissioners Association? Don’t confuse this association with the Miller established Township Highway Commissioners of McHenry County Association that we exposed in this article.

How many people knew that the Corporate Records for this association report that the Principal Address of the corporation was, in fact, a public building in which Bob Miller was in charge of, the Algonquin Township Road District?

Operating a private corporation out of a public building that is paid for by the taxpayers is a clear conflict of interest and quite possibly a criminal violation of the law.  Why should the taxpayer’s money be used to support yet another Miller ran private corporation?

How many people knew Bob Miller was the President of this Association in 2016?  It appears from the records that this association began in June of 2015 and the first annual filing lists Miller as the President.  Did Miller form this association as another means to capture taxpayer funds? How much money from Northern Illinois Townships got dumped into this Miller ran organization?  How is this not yet another conflict of interest for Bob Miller?

How many knew the agent of record for this association is the same law firm that represents the Township and Road District during Millers’ reign as Highway Commissioner?

Much like Miller’s McHenry County Highway Commissioners Association, there are no IRS 990 records to be found on Guide Star for this Northern Illinois Township Highway Commissioners Association.  Guide Star is an online IRS 990 tracking organization.

We suspect we will find Township funds have been paid to this association much like the one Miller started many years ago. We will update those findings when our FOIA is complied with.

Jim Kelly

One thing is for sure, the law firm which James Kelly is part of was the agent of record for this Association while also being the attorney for the Road District.  Miller used his public email address for this private operation to include involving the Road District attorney.  As can be seen in this email, Miller turns to Kelly for matters related to his Association.

We have been told that there was a PowerPoint presentation during this requested presentation however to date the Township Road District has been unable to produce the PowerPoint that Kelly billed them for.  Details of that information are found in this article.

Our question to the State’s Attorney is simple.

How many violations of law does it take before public officials are prosecuted in McHenry County?

Bob Miller is a walking conflict of interest.  His involvement in two separate associations that get money from public bodies, of which one he is in charge of, is a clear conflict of interest.  Most would agree that operating a private business out of a public building is a violation of Article VIII Section 1 of our State Constitution because use of public property shall only be for public purpose.

Bob Miller, according to the documents, utilized public property to operate his private business. The fact the business was a nonprofit does not matter.  Especially considering there appears to be no IRS 990 filing. Use of the township server for his email (property), computers for communications (property) dealing with private business, and possible use of the attorney representing the public body to handle matters of the private association all point to violating the basic understanding of our laws.

It would appear James Kelly’s law firm has washed his hands of this private association as we find in 2018 there is a new agent of record and new officers.  Is it possible that his involvement in this private association is also a conflict of interest since he was the attorney for the Road District Highway Commissioner, who just happened to also be the President of this corporation?   Considering Kelly is not representing the Township Clerk, Karen Lukasik, because of a conflict of interest, resigned from representing the Road District, an apparent conflict of interest, and now this, is James Kelly also a walking conflict of interest?

One thing we believe most can agree on, Bob Miller was a walking conflict of interest.

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Bob Miller A Walking Conflict of Interest? — 8 Comments

  1. Perfect keep digging
    Also why is it they are paying property taxes like there a farm
    They stock lake Jillian and should not be assessed as a farm

  2. This entire investigation falls on the responsibility of the Sheriff’s Department because the allege fraud was taken place in their jurisdiction. Sheriff Bill Prim declines to investigate because he endorsed Robert Miller for Algonquin Township Road District Commissioner.

    Sheriff Bill Prim cites that the investigation would be a conflict of interest.

    In the case of the Algonquin Township Road District, once again the Sheriff and the State Police refused to investigate.

    The buck stops here my friends and this subject matter is closed without law enforcements involvement.

    It seems that the Miller Crime Family is more powerful than anyone thought.

  3. I disagree, Eric. The Miller crime family is NOT powerful. This “ring” is being exposed. Many heads are going to spin.

  4. There far from powerful they live in Cary Illinois no big deal losers at best

  5. taxpayers are losers because they maintain a childlike attitude that ‘someone else’ should take care of the problem.
    we all need to grow up.
    this is the era of industrialized for-profit government. the only self defense is litigation.
    there is a juicy qui tam lawsuit sitting on the table for A.Twnshp taxpayers to cut into, and they complain about starving.
    who is they are waiting for to feed them? the very government which has proven for the past decade+ to be operating with the sole agenda of self-enrichment?

  6. susan? The courts are rigged, the judges are bought and paid for, the attorneys are all in it for themselves. Who has the money and the stamina to fight in a crooked system? Your suggestion is not really to be taken seriously.

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