McHenry Democrats Air Dirty Laundry in Court – Part 3

According to the suit filed by Kerri Barber and Katherine Dickerson, Nancy Zettler, internet publisher and now the Democratic candidate running against Republican State Senator Karen McConnaughay,  thought the two had a conflict of interest because their company, Heroic Media, volunteered for 14th Congressional District primary candidate Jim Walz.

Loren Underwood

But, the brief continues by pointing out that Zettler did not reveal she was working for an opposing candidate, Loren Underwood, who eventually the race.

“In September 2017,” the text continued, “a local unitarian church invited Mr. Walz to speak to the
congregation as part of his campaign.

“Defendant[Michael] Bisset and Defendant [Paula] Yensen attend the unitarian church Mr. Walz

“As Mr. Walz entered the church, Defendant Yensen stepped in front of him and yelled that he should not work with the Plaintiffs.”

“Following Mr. Walz’ visit to the church, Defendant Bisset and Defendant Zahorik told a colleague of the Plaintiffs that Defendant Barber was ‘ungrateful’, ‘a terrible candidate’ when she previously ran for office, that the Plaintiff’s work was ‘hurting the party’, and that comments from Plaintiff Barber seeking greater transparency in the party were ‘divisive’ and personally offensive.

“For the sake of Mr. Walz’s campaign, and in an attempt to prevent the situation from escalating, Plaintiff Barber sent Defendant Bissett an email offering to talk about what made her ‘ungrateful.’

Mike Bissett

“During the call, Defendant Bisset accused Plaintiff Barber of posting on the Internet confidential party information provided to Plaintiff Barber by her husband, who served on the McHenry County Democratic Board and as a District Chair.

‘Plaintiff Barber denied this accusation as she had not posted confidential information on the Internet.

“Defendant Bisset (sic0 demanded she make a formal apology before the entire party.

“Plaintiff Barber refused.

“Instead, she offered to speak before the party about the need for progressive and centrist Democrats to work together.

“Defendant Bisset agreed, and Plaintiff Barber spoke before the party on that topic.

Kristina Zahorik

“Following the meeting, Defendant Bisset and Defendant Zahorik both approached Mr. Walz and stated that Plaintiff Barber lied to them and encouraged him to ‘fire” the Plaintiffs.

“Ms. Underwood formally entered the race following Ms. Barber’s speech.

“Defendant Zettler publicly stated to Democratic Party members that Plaintiff Barber previously called Ms. Underwood a Republican, that Plaintiff Barber had been speaking against Ms.
Underwood, and that Plaintiff Barber could not be trusted.

“Following this incident, upon information and belief, the Defendants began a ‘whisper campaign’ against the Plaintiffs.

“Due to the ‘whisper campaign’ Plaintiffs lost a contract Ruth Scifo. an accountant they sought to hire.

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Tomorrow, Kerri Barber’s husband gets brought into the suit.

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