Poster comments on the Northwest Herald and Ed Komenda

I cannot believe what I am witnessing in McHenry County. I cannot wait to move. In McHenry County there is a complete disconnect from reality with our legal system, our politicians, and our local newspaper.

With my family and neighbors the story is no longer about Bob Miller, Andrew Gasser, or Patrick Kenneally. It is about the complete breakdown at the Northwest Herald. Ed Komenda and Hannah Prokop have made themselves the story and refused to cover the real story.

Here is a link to the poster’s quote.


Poster comments on the Northwest Herald and Ed Komenda — 17 Comments

  1. Ok Cal, where was that posted in the NWH?
    Where is your typical disclaimer that the author said it was ok to share it here?

  2. The nob is a true idiot. He has no idea that on and at are two different words that mean entirely different things. Hence his idiotic comment.
    bred? There is no issue. It is just a snarky comment reprinted so that the king of the jungle can rattle the bushes and see what happens.

  3. Ed Komenda wouldn’t know a real story if it was live in front of him. He has single handed taken the NWH to new Tabloid lows. He is a cheering section for the Millers and has such obvious bias in his articles that the populous clearly recognizes what he’s doing.

    I’m sure the NWH circulation figures will show further declines. But it’s no wonder that the NWH let go significant staff last year. They recycle the same photos because they don’t have anyone to take new ones.

    If only the NWH owners had real editors. How old are they anyway?

  4. Frank is correct, the NWH is bias any thing Jack Franks takes as a talking point.
    Right now that is consolidation even without any proof of a savings.
    Dave McSweeney and Bob Anderson are also fair haired dudes the NWH supports and they aren’t proving consolidation saves either.
    The NWH is anything anti township at the moment which like is said aboce includes Miller, Gasser, and any body else that has ties to townships.
    Since most here are alao anti township, except my pal Cindy who is more cautious, why the hell are you whining about the NWH anti township stand when you are also?
    Again I’d lile to see where Cal pulled that comment feom, seems like fake bs which Cal is also capable of.

  5. Wow someone rattled Robin’s boat. Finger’s must of been a shaking. The comment is very true, and to the point. I agree, now the talk on the street is how useless the NWH is as a news source.

  6. @Nob?

    What do you have to say for yourself now? You spouted off because Cal didn’t provide a disclaimer and you – NOT HIM – claimed this was posted on the NWH.

    Apparently Ms. Jenkins posted it here on another posting so no disclaimer nor permission is necessary to repeat it here. The only thing that would have made you look worse would be if you had posted a comment in response to Ms. Jenkins’ post yourself.

  7. Eer, make that you had posted a comment in response to Ms. Jenkins’ comment yourself. (as she didn’t post an article, merely commented on one.

  8. We can all agree on one thing: Nob Is not the sharpest knife in the butchers block.

  9. The link was added after I quessed where it came from.
    Nice try though sports fans.

  10. Northwest Herald
    Northwest Herald Logo.jpg
    Type Daily newspaper
    Format Tabloid
    Owner(s) Shaw Media
    Publisher John Rung
    Editor Jon Styf
    Founded 1856
    Headquarters 7717 S. Route 31
    Crystal Lake, IL 60014
    United States
    Circulation 32,934 Daily
    34,961 Sunday

  11. Justin? Nob is NOT Bobby. I know. Hard to believe there are actually TWO entities that are THAT stupid! They are entirely different people. One is a disgusting liar and one is a minion.

  12. Well said Satan! Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

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