Commenter on Jack Franks’ “Civility”

Here is comment “Con-on-the-Cob’s” observation about McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Frank’s “civility.”:

Hilarious that no one at this ‘organization’ will talk about this so-called, never heard of “award”. Maybe they don’t even know about it?

Maybe Franks needed a favor?

or perhaps he bought this “award”.


Jack Franks walks in front of a lot of empty County Board seats after failing to convince Assistant State’s Attorney Norm Vincent that they should be charged with violating the Open Meetings Law.

Can you get an actual ‘Civility award’ for threatening other members of local govt that don’t Do what he instructs them to?

Does ‘Civility’ mean hovering over the meeting minute taker’s shoulder trying to control board members’ Votes?

Does Civility mean publicly making fun of fellow members of the County Board because they cannot get the electronic voting devices to work (because they’re crap!)

Does Civility mean using impressionable kids from a Catholic High School for his campaign?

Does Civility mean stomping back and forth demanding that Board Members get arrested for calling a special meeting to let taxpayers Know about what Franks is doing behind their backs?

Does Civility mean getting rid of the Press Box in the boardroom because he only wants ‘his-boy-Friday’ photographing his ‘good side’- And slanting coverage in his favor?

Does ‘Civility’ mean threatening a senior citizen press member for reporting the truth?

Does Civility include recruiting union goons to picket Board Members’ workplaces/businesses because they didn’t vote His Way?

Does civility mean slandering people who don’t play his brand of ball?

Does ‘Civility’ mean promoting getting rid of Board members pensions when he won’t get rid of his own?

Does ‘Civility’ epitomize a hypocrite, bully, Fascist, LIAR?

If it does, …this guys cup runneth over with ‘civility. ‘


Commenter on Jack Franks’ “Civility” — 2 Comments

  1. Franks has a very high opinion of himself, but even his own brother, who’s a lawyer calls him out.

  2. The fact that Franks received this esteemed award from his fellow lawyers tells you
    all you need to know about lawyers.

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