Ananymous Citizen Critiques State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally’s Exoneration of Former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller

Here’s what an anonymous citizen wrote about the 52-page report exonerating former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller of criminal behavior (the report has 66 comments):


Ananymous Citizen Critiques State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally’s Exoneration of Former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller — 45 Comments

  1. 52 pages of excuses from Kenneally, not a report.

    Needless to say that I and many others will never vote for Kenneally again.

  2. If you don’t like what Kenneally is telling ya about the state of our laws and judicial system, don’t just whine here like HonestAbe and others.

    Do something positive, take real action like trying to get the laws less vague and more specific.

    Run for office if others don’t do as you want.

  3. Now Patrick is a bad guy.

    I’m sure no one has the balls enough to put your correct name.


  4. nob is an idiot. Just about the LAST thing we need is more laws. The laws are VERY clear. Real action would be to ENFORCE said laws. No No’s comment could not be less coherent. Out of three comments, two make absolutely no sense. This is why we get governance like the liars we have. A moronic people are not going to hold anyone’s feet to the fire.

  5. Cindy, et al perhaps you should learn what the laws are for the township.

    Township laws vary from township to township.

    All those purchases were approved by the trustees.

    That is what is required.

    No law broken there.

    Purchases under $10,000.00 do not need approval and must be paid.

    I am NO Miller fan.

    He just knew what he needed to do.

    We cannot have a State’s Attorney that prosecutes for political reasons.

    Yes, that would help prosecute Bob, but would be very bad for you or I if people had grudges.

    This county has suffered political bias kind of persecutions in the past several times against GOOD people.

    This is why NO OTHER law enforcement agency would take the case.

    Find something that will STICK and give it to the SA and he will act.

    This is the kind of behavior that is going on all over the country and the anti Kenneally crowd do not like all of that bias going against Trump, cops, etc but seem to think it is ok when you want to do it.

  6. This is why townships should be eliminated.

    Each has it’s “own rules”.

    Because they are so small, no one pays attention except those who want to use them for fun and profit.

    Consolidation with the Road Districts will help but doesn’t eliminate the basic problem.

    The situation is made worse with the larger population townships going to partisan elections which then have primaries or caucus that no one knows about.

    In a one party dominated county, which is most of them in Illinois, this becomes tantamount to the general election.

    It’s a mess.

    Get rid of them.

  7. Kenneally is utter trash to me from now on, it started when he let Coroner Lantz off the hook for the baby found in her office and which Bianchi had initiated prosecution for.

    Kenneally is a BIG disappointment.

    I thought he was honest, now I know he’s a crooked SOB that covers for other crooked SOBs

  8. James K is another idiot. (Probably just another useless attorney that likes to parse the language.) The rule of law has been subverted. You can tap dance all you like. You are NOT going to convince ANYONE that what you fools did was not totally against ALL law. The law of Almighty God is being subverted by your continual braying. Stealing is forbidden. Good luck in the lake of fire. Read Dinah_Mite’s comment. THAT is where the real people are at. Restore the rule of law. Period!

  9. Dinah – you are talking about another LOSER case. \\

    She told people she buried the child, she lied but that is not against the law.


    When they say bury, they are talking about cremation and burying a small container of ashes in and indigent cemetery. .

    The price of the burial is about $40.00.

    Requires digging a very small spot.

    She took the money but the burial did not happen.

    Cannot put her in jail for that amount of money.

    Jail lis what people wanted.

    She COULD have said that she gave instruction for burial and thought it had been completed.

    You are talking about 5,000 square feet of cold storage.

    Much could be missed there.

    Statue of limitation also weighs in.

  10. K is for Klepto; he stold my vote (I believed he was honest).

    E is for Enormous failure which what he is.

    N is for ‘Nursling of Corruption’, his new appellation.

    N is for Numbskull — if he believes his own 52-page ninsense about Miller being ‘highly unethical’ but not criminal.

    E is for Eely which what the slippery coward is.

    A is for ‘Arranger of Governmental Plundering’

    L is for Lame; what his 52 page pack of falsehoods to justify corruption really is!

    L is for Larceny; what he protects.

    Y is for Yellow-bellied

  11. Townships are really pretty useless in the 21st century.

    But they were useless in the 20th Century, too.

    They stayed around because of human greed and corruption.

    A do nothing job that garners a big fat pension.

    Well the state is sinking and pensions are a big part of that.

    If townships live, we shall die in their debt.

    Just eliminate them, It can be done and is beinf done when the people finally wake up!

    from above story:

    The residents of Belleville, Ill., are about to receive some well-needed tax relief.

    Belleville City Council recently voted to dissolve the city’s township, a move which will save taxpayers $260,000 per year. Starting in May 2017, the city will take over the township’s functions.

    Belleville Township collected over half a million dollars from taxpayers in 2015.

    Yet, its only function has been to administer financial aid to about 40 qualifying residents.

    Of the nearly $550,000 tax dollars collected, only a third, or $175,000 of that money, actually went toward general assistance and community projects.

    The other two-thirds, $375,000, went toward paying for six employee and administrative salaries, as well as other administrative expenses.

    This township is one example of the thousands of redundant and unnecessary governmental units taxpayers are funding, but from which they receive little benefit.

    Townships are an outdated form of local government and often do not perform services distinct from their overlapping municipalities.

    In some cases, townships only add to the cost of duplicative layers of government, which burden taxpayers without providing value. These sorts of government entities contribute to Illinois’ growing debt, waste and corruption.

    It’s hard to keep track of government officials with so many units of government. …

  12. Why would Kenneally really cover up Miller’s corruption?

    You betcha!

    It’s quite simple, if he started on the crooked louse Miller, other, more ‘skilled’ and far bigger fish could get caught up in the dragnet. And that is a no-no in dear little McHenry County. And that includes alot of really sickening crimes. Weren’t people listening when Miller said (paraphrasing) ‘If I go down there are other officials far worse than me.”

    Why was Miller’s lawyer meeting with certain judges at the Government Center?

    The Miller ‘hot potato’ would become a plutonium potato threatening too many officials and long-standing rings of corruption. Everything could blow sky high! Better to let Miller drift off and have his spawn run for roadway commissioner in 3 years, getting it ‘back in the family’s clutches’ once again

    That’s Reason #1 why Bianchi was charged so many times. He was the State’s Atty charged by McHenry County’s real government.

  13. IMHO townships are unnecessary and a permanent site of corruption along with a gigantic pension burden on ordinary homeowners who get shafted every time by expanding government.

    What’s gonna happen when 60% of the workforce work for government????

  14. Nunda Watcher? A much better way to go would be to build up the township governance and eliminate the city governance. THAT is where the corruption is highest. You are thinking/reasoning backward. The city governance duplicates – NOT the township governance. They were here first! You are going to be woefully sorry when you keep folding small local governance into the ICLEI global cabal world order. It is precisely what the cabalists want you to do. Think long and hard before you jump onto their brainwashing scheme. You are being played (yet again).

  15. Cindy, your arguments for Townships aren’t cogent.

    I don’t live a ‘city’ — but I am being fleeced by a township.

    I’m sick of paying their pensions and for Disneyland trips and Hooter’s lunches up in Wisconsin.

    And I’m really sick of paying for their hundreds of thousands of dollar$ for debit cards over the years that go for still more untraceable purchases.

    You apparently think Townships can save us from the globalists.

    Most township employees can’t even spell ‘globalist’ or comprehend through their dim witted minds what ‘globalism’ even means. Do you know these township supervisors shell out money for illegal aliens.

  16. It is my middle initial and not my last name.

    That begins with a T!!

    I do NOT know Kelly or am i related to him.

    I would like to see Miller in an orange jumpsuit, however, I do know enough that we cannot always get what we want.

    That does not mean that the law enforcement is not doing their job.

    Kenneally spelled out the loopholes and how they can be closed.

    Very poor setup at the township.

    Eliminate townships – fine with me.

    Just be sure it will NOT make things as bad or worse.

  17. There was a Prosecutor called “Pat”
    Whose ‘investigations’ amounted to scat.
    He cried Bobby was an ‘unchargeable’ crook
    But he really showed he himself was a shnook
    –And all the saps who voted for him ‘got the rook.’

  18. Keneally’s case against the Millers would have failed as they have a perfect defense.

    The Township Board approved everything.

    The real problem is township government itself.

    I realize that people living in rural areas feel better about having a building down the road the looks like it is some sort of “local government” instead of having to deal solely with the larger county government.

    However, that building houses people who aren’t really doing much useful work, or are doing work that could be done more efficiently and professionally elsewhere, and are largely invisible and unaccountable.

    The township only handles certain limited functions, ie. township road repairs and plowing (could be done by the county more efficiently) ; assessment of properties (ditto); township cemeteries (mostly unused postage stamps. County has a huge unused cemetery in Hartland); distribution of interim public assistance (could be done more efficiently by the county or state, if at all).

    That’s IT.

    There is NOTHING ELSE!

    Everything else is fluff that has been added on to make it look like they are doing something .

    County government, however, has well publicized rules and procedures for purchasing, anti nepotism, etc. and is highly visible with it’s board members being elected at high turnout elections.

    We live in the internet age, not the horse and buggy age.

    It’s time to retire Olde Betsy.

  19. Thank you to the anonymous author for the heads up/mailer; your conclusion was correct.

    The 52 page “report” seem to be based on unsworn statements and letter from pro-Miller persons.

    How can anyone in good conscience excuse away the actions of a person who was employed in the township since he was 18 years old, suggesting that he/Miller didn’t know the law (township) or otherwise.

    But, it was o.k. that the Township made up their own rules.

    As someone previously blogged, the “report” was a defense of the accused, and supplemented with the “how to run township government” primer.

    How pompous.

    Too little, too late, sir.

    There are many who agree that this is not over.

    The distractions submitted by Nob and the armchair attorneys will not stand the test of time and documentation of more wrongdoing.

    Who was it said, “You can run, but you can’t hide?”

  20. Western? I am not an idiot. I entertain no delusional fantasies about townships being any saving grace of anything. I am just telling the folks that folding up is NOT an answer. When we “start over” again, your local (think neighborhoods)governance will rule. We are in a war and we have been captured. All of our governmental orifices have been captured. Restoring the rule of law will not come through Big government somewhere else ruling over your life while they know nothing about you! People are thinking way too small here. You are NOT going to fix the horrific corruption of the captured state by deleting your local entities. You are all “voting” for the nanny state to take over your lives completely. (Oh, yeah Jack Franks should make all the decisions for you on everything because that is working out so well already).This is a war for your lives. Making the mistake that you are going to save money matters not a whit when the stakes are so very high. (I highly doubt that townships will turn everything over to the UN like so many of the American cities already have signed up for.)

  21. Dear sunshine commenters: Please reflect on the quote of the day from Satan herself: “I am not an idiot.” Remember Richard Nixon? “I’m not a crook.” Stay tuned, this is nonstop sunshine entertainment. Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww…

  22. In similar news the Fair and Reciprocal Tariff Act is being called FART for short.

    It seems my Public Sector fart jokes we’re way ahead of thier time and are catching on just now.

  23. Now let’s just see if my proposed tax on millennials, to pay for nationwide greens fees and vodka for seniors, starts to gain momentum.

  24. Thank you Kenneally for not doing the bidding of these wingnuts. Same people that cried about carnation man getting indicted. Has anyone stopped to consider that this whole nonsense was Andrew Gasser’s idea. Just like wearing a white cowboy hat to Republican events. Just like wearing a pink shirt tucked into 53 inch waist jeans.

  25. Thank you Kenneally for having the guts not to do the bidding of these wingnuts. Same people that cried a river when carnation man got indicted. Did anyone ever stop and think that this whole nonsense was Gasser’s idea. Just like wearing a white cowboy hat. Just like tucking a pink t-shirt into hiked up size 52 waist jeans.

  26. This blog over the last two years has become nothing more than a sad aol chatroom full of hate mongers.

    Everyone…I get it:

    You have no lives,

    Your kids won’t speak to you, and you are without shirts with sleeves.

    But just because you don’t get your way on something politically, does not mean there is some deep conspiracy afoot.

    Get a life and move on, or petition aol to open up their chatroom so you can spew your sad nonsensical hate.

  27. This is a sad sad disgusting aol chatroom now.

    What happened to your blog call.

    The same 12 people posting the same sad stuff.

    The more I read the more lonely you all seem

  28. Has anyone been reading the good number of press releases regarding Kenneally’s convictions of some very dangerous criminals?

  29. This specific case aside, Kenneally was a protege of Bianchi who was notoriously soft on corruption and not even that solid on violent crime yet most of you worshiped him and repeatedly elected him.

    You supported Kenneally blindly because he had an R next to his name, so give yourselves a PAT on the back!

    @westernelectric, thank you for making sense!

    While I’m not sure whether or not township abolition would save us money (it merits discussion), Cindy’s conspiracy theories are utter nonsense.

    Haven’t checked in a while but I believe there are 17 counties in Illinois and 30 states in our country that do not have townships.

    Are they swarming with U.N. black helicopter goons paving the rural roads and handing out canned corn to homeless people?

  30. An American – so we can surmise that you are a DEM?

    What about the Clintons Bill and Hillary.

  31. I disagree with the poster suggesting all these lunatic conspiracy theorist, God fearing, gun clinging, King James Bible, fiscally responsible, America first, compassionate conservative are lonely losers. And about the readership of this sunshine blog, well, it is approaching billions by now. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  32. I see posters like Ragged, Commander Admas, Calli, Bleach Blond, An American, the dreaded Llavona and James K. are all complete fools that would not know how to use their own brains for anything. They have no ability to think for themselves whatsoever. This is what has become of what used to be a good county to live in. They want to take over but are clueless as to how to think or act by themselves. They are sock puppets of the worst dregs of humanity. My heart aches for their useless lives.

  33. Cindy. What bizarre Cold War era computer lab are you typing this stuff?

  34. The Trustees signed off on the expenses, correct?

    Isn’t that where your angst should fall.

    There were others people elected to be a check and balance.

    Bad fiscal policy for sure- against the law- harder to prove.

  35. Ragged and Commander: Yes, you are right, but giving nutty people a place to safely vent nonsense is better than having them feel no one hears them.

  36. James K does not have a clue about the Lantz case.

    Why did NWH and others including SA Kenneally want to “bury” this case?

    Ask yourselves all you voters with your heads in the sand!

    Also, Miller’s spending is automatically approved if $ in budget…read the township laws.

    What a joke that prior trustee said they scoured the bills…..FALSE!!!!

  37. The trustees have no authority to approve any of the expenses.they only can approve or disapprove of the budget.if it is in the budget the bill must be paid.

    there is really no oversight by anyone of the road commissioner.

    that folks is the real problem.

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