Andrew Gasser Wishes McHenry County a Happy 4th of July

Andrew Gasser took to YouTube again to voice his displeasure over local politics.

Don’t miss Gasser’s pointing the finger at Jack Franks for staying in public office, taking public health insurance and, coming soon, a big pension he earned while fighting tiny pensions for McHenry County Board members.

We’ll soon see how big Franks’ pension will be.  My guess is that it will be higher than the pension of all County Board  members combined.


Andrew Gasser Wishes McHenry County a Happy 4th of July — 11 Comments

  1. A men Andy we in mchenry township cut their salaries and rightly so where else can you fail miserably in private life then be appt To a part-time job with retirement package to boot on this independence day its about the letter Jefferson and.

    Adams and our other forfarthers who told old king george we the people have in our new country will decide the size and shape of our gov.

    Now finnally the taxpayer’s have a chance in mchenry township to choose .

  2. Sweet selfie stick

    Start doing something more than obtuse charges towards the county and is frail liters. Lead Drew!

  3. Saw this on Facebook. Knew I had to post. First time. The 3% estimate is wrong and based on the number of pensions of soldiers filed after war.

    Most historians estimate about 15% of US population fought in Revolutionary War. Compare this to 11% of US population that fought in WWII.

    Is Gasser equating his antics to the service of our forefathers in the Revolutionary War?

    The whole Gasser is part of the “rest of us” as opposed to the political class is rich.

    Gasser was Algonquin Township Republican Chairman, previously was on County Board, ran for Township Commissioner with money from U-Line, McSweeney, Bianchi, multiple political PACs, and the Illinois Republican Party itself for God’s sake and employs Provenzano son of County Board member and political operative.

    The hypocrisy and self delusion is startling.

    The whole “political class” vs “rest of us” is an effective little turn of phrase by Gasser.

    Everyone who disagrees with Gasser is part of murky dark “political class” working to fleece everyone else.

    Gasser on the other hand is only in it for “us.”

    Wonderfully self serving way to frame it. Nicely done. Spoken like a seasoned politician.

    The no pension and health benefits are good points.

    One question though, if Gasser doesn’t take health benefits from one of his many government jobs, where does it come from?

    Is he paying out of pocket for his own health insurance through some type of work in the private sector no one knows about?

  4. There is a lot of truth in Mr. Gasser’s statement. What happened to the lauded bi-partisanship, Ken, and Captan?

    My money is on that Andrew supports sturdy liters.

    I always pass by the frail ones.

    Let’s start a pool on whether Captan, and Ken are Dem’s, or RINO’s?

  5. Is it odd that Mr. Gasser picks the one Democrat in the county to go after?

    Aren’t there hundreds of Republican politicians in McHenry County doing these exact same things?? (Including our host, Cal Skinner?)

  6. Listen to the video and you’ll see he calls out a Republican.

  7. I am guilty.

    I am one of those business owners who refuses to get involved with local politics but I should.

    I voted for Gasser and if he ran again I would get my vote.

    I am so disappointed in so many of our local Republicans.

    The monthly board meeting must be hell.

    Where are the tax cuts?

    Where is the smaller government?

    Where is the transparency?

    Keep fighting Andrew and drain the McHenry County Swamp.

  8. Anyone can contribute $150 or less and not show up as publicly supporting a candidate.

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