No Prison Demonstrators Protesting Separation of American Citizens from Their Children

Colorado’s oldest prison in Canon City.

We were in Colorado during the middle of the month riding railroads and other touristy things.

Was we drove past the oldest prison in Colorado, I saw that no one was demonstrating outside for the unification of the inmates with their children.

No one was carrying a picket sign urging people to donate to Prison Fellowship.

The group. founded by Chuck Colson, sends the children of inmates to summer camp, gives them Christmas presents, etc.

Someone is currently doubling gifts.


No Prison Demonstrators Protesting Separation of American Citizens from Their Children — 15 Comments

  1. Cal continues to illustrate his ignorance with this post.

    Inmates in a prison have had due process while refugees seeking asylum haven’t had a hearing.

    But that’s just a minor issue when you are scared little man.

    cal and trump both have such great American values and support our Constitution.

    Great post on this Fourth of July.

  2. Pretty ignorant Cal, but that’s what we expect.

    Should we put children of US prisoners in jail with their parent?

    How often are both parents in jail at same time?

  3. More Anti America hate stirred up by the unhinged Leftst/DEMOCRATS and their fake news media apparatchiks,
    promptly swallowed whole and without question by their low I.Q. sycophants.

    Trump 2020 – MAGA.

  4. Honest…classic example of #MAGAts.

    The scurge of our nation right now!

  5. Anyone found entering illegally or seeking asylum outside the normal and legal channels should be returned immediately to the border.

    What kind of country allows them to stay and wastes valuable resources on those here illegally?

    Information could be supplied explaining the legal and proper way to gain entry.

    The Democrats know but refuse to acknowledge that true immigration reform must start with strong, secure borders.

    We need legal workers from other countries but the catch and release program of Obama just opened up the borders to human trafficking and worse.

    If you are truly worried about children being with their parents then turn them around and send them all back immediately.

  6. notsurewhatimwatching, you failed to mention women, brains, and immigrants in your myopic summary of how and why America is great. nice video though.

  7. Bad point Cal.

    The analogy would be State not only separates children from convicted criminal but also detains children while criminal in jail.

  8. I like to check in here and take a peek into what’s going on in the Wingnutosphere but I couldn’t even figure out what Cal was trying to say in this post.

    I’m glad that I can count on his most rabid disciples to rant about each and every topic.

    And the only poll that matters is the one you vote at.

    These “polls” that determine relative popularity at this point or that point and compare to previous presidents are especially useless.

  9. A very good comment by Cal. Where are these left wing and Democrat commenters about the issue of PERMANENT separation of children and parents? That being the killing in the womb of infant humans. Democrats, left wingers, so-called progressives favor the killing of infants/children in the womb. Democrats are the political party of Pro-Death for infants. Democrats are evil in naming the killing of infants as “Pro-Choice”. The Democrats conveniently term the killing of infants as “Pro-Choice”. The stupid part of the electorate accepts the killing of infants under the guise of so-called “Pro-Choice”.

  10. It does get tiresome to hear of Trump ‘s possible Supreme Court nominee trampling on women’s rights regarding their own bodies.

    No regard is mentioned for the right of the child growing in its mothers womb.

    I still cannot understand how aggravated battery to an unborn child is a felony but it’s murder in an abortion clinic is legal.

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