Roskam Reports on First Debate with Democrat Casten

A press release from Congressman Peter Roskam:

Casten promises to raise taxes in first debate

Peter Roskam met Sean Casten for the first of four debates Roskam challenged Casten to immediately following Casten’s primary win.

The debate was hosted by WBBM and moderated by Craig Dellimore for At Issue.

Sean Casten

Peter Roskam

The debate, which aired this past Sunday, touched on a variety of topics. But when presented with the facts on his plans to raise taxes on hardworking taxpayers in the Sixth District, Casten did not deny it. To date, Casten has advocated or supported the following tax hikes:

  • When asked during a radio interview with WLS about a plan to raise taxes on gas, Casten said, “…absolutely we should raise the gas tax.”
  • Casten has been one of Mike Madigan’s most consistent supporters for a progressive tax hike.
  • Sean Casten supported Mike Madigan when his party voted to override the Governor’s veto, burdening Illinois taxpayers with a 32 percent state income tax hike.
  • Casten opposed the Governor’s recent budget because he said it didn’t do enough to raise taxes on Illinois residents.
  • Earlier this year, Casten announced his intention to repeal the tax breaks Sixth District families and small businesses received through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and support a plan to instead, raise their taxes.
  • In his white paper on tax policy, Casten proposes eliminating the cap on taxes for Social Security, claiming that senior citizens need to “pay their fair share to support” Social Security and Medicare.

“During the debate, Sean Casten renewed his promise to raise the gas tax, raise income taxes, support a progressive tax hike and support Mike Madigan’s plan to remove the property tax freeze,” said Roskam for Congress spokesman, Veronica Vera.

“Sean Casten wants to take away any tax relief Sixth District businesses and families received through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and then raise taxes on them again.”


Roskam Reports on First Debate with Democrat Casten — 10 Comments

  1. Casten is nothing more than another slithering swamp dwelling creature.

    Part and parcel of the socialistic Slime which has infiltrated our once great nation.

    Send him back to the netherworld of inconsequential nobody’s from whence he came.

  2. What kind of dopes, useful idiots would vote for a guy who promises to raise taxes in a number of areas. The Democrat candidate, like all Democrat candidates, have no solutions to problems of massive government spending, entitlements by government workers such as teachers and their administrators. Their reckless solution is to raise taxes.

    Never vote for any Democrat, whether local, state or national. They are all reckless and incompetent when they are put into office. Look at the State of Illinois devastated by many decades of reckless leadership by controlling Democrats in the Illinois Legislature. Illinois is the worst State in the US because of reckless Democrat so-called leadership.

    Reject any and all Democrat candidates. They cannot be trusted.

  3. Casten personifies why Illinois residents are fleeing the state,
    and why half of the residents wish to or are planning to flee this imploding state.

    The election of Jumbo Boy the commode king will seal the deal. RIP Illinois.

  4. Casten has my vote. I find it very irresponsible to borrow $1,000,000,000,000.00 and give it away.

    While we pay annual interest payment of $310,000,000,000.00 and rising, which is 7.4% of our federal budget…and also rising.

  5. God help Illinois if that Democrat nitwit wins this election.

  6. Casten seems woefully unprepared.

    Just because his dad runs a super pac doesn’t mean he has the policy chops to go to DC.

  7. I believe it has been proven any random moron can get the chops to go to DC.

    Obama? Big DC

  8. The only way I could vote for Ro-Scam …. is if ran against somebody even worse …. didn’t think it possible, but the ass-party came up with an LGBTQ clown who thinks borders are passe.

  9. Roskam represents big money, including the NRA and the Koch brothers.

    My taxes are going up thanks(?) to Roskam who wrote the U.S. tax “reform” bill.

    It is tough enough that my property taxes are so high, but Ro-scam took away my ability to deduct them on my 1040.

    Not to mention $2 trillion with a T increase in federal debt so 1 percenters could get tax breaks and corporations could buy back stock (instead of hiring new workers or giving current employees raises).

    Republicans cannot govern, they only wreak havoc.

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