CL Independence Day Parade – Part 3 – Jack Franks

The third official in the Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade was McHenry Country Board Chairman Jack Franks.

Jack Franks’ entry was the next political entry. His wife can be seen working the east side of the street.

For some reason, I didn’t get many photos of thsoe walking for Franks, so here is one taken before the parade began:

Jack Franks mingles with supporters before the parade. His convertible with the license plate number 5 can be seen in the background.

Franks was working the west side of Dole Avenue.

Jack Franks hands out frozen sugar water in Crystal Lake.


CL Independence Day Parade – Part 3 – Jack Franks — 11 Comments

  1. Cal?

    How much does that special plate (retired, but unconvicted legislator?) cost us?

    I can’t imagine that the clowns in the legislature would be expected to pay full fare for their license plates.

    What’s the story on those and the House and Senate plates?

    If you know.

  2. Alternate Headline: Franks Provokes Diabetics With simple carbohydrate

  3. His wife?

    Too bad Blago didn’t give her a cush job with the state like Jackal demanded

  4. Don’t knock it.

    Jack’s helping everyone get in shape.

    That’s a staple of his diet.

    He’s in shape, right?

    Well, round IS a shape and Jack certainly is. . .

    Pretty soon you won’t be able to tell him apart from JB.

    Already it’s hard to separate the pair what with Jack bent over and kissing JB’s ample. . .

  5. Not aware they cost anyone but me anything.

    The last check I wrote the Secretary of State for car plates was $225. I think that is for two years.

  6. So he’s essentially paying vanity plate rates?

    Is it the same for current members of the house and senate?

  7. John Whine?

    How do you figure that is vanity plate rates?

    That sounds like right around what I pay.

  8. Personalized or vanity passenger car plate in Illinois is $114 annually. Do the math. It’s pretty easy really.

  9. Then it’s a huge bargain because my non-vanity plates cost $101.00! I thought vanity plates were expensive.

  10. It’s no great bargain. It is what it is.

    He apparently is not getting any special deal.

    His plates cost the same as a vanity plate that says “DIPSHIT” or “EL JEFE”

    He probably tried to get one of those but found they were already taken.

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