Will Lakewood Meeting See Serwatka Resignation?

Paul Serwatka

A month ago Lakewood Village President Paul Serwatka failed in his attempt to oust two appointed Trustees.

One was appointed by outgoing Village President Erin Smith and the other by Serwatka himself.

The second meeting of the month saw six Trustees in attendance, but not Serwatka.

Tuesday night at 7, the RedTail Golf Club is the site of the first meeting in July.

Will Serwatka, whose family is now in Huntsville, Alabama, resign?

Only time will tell.


Will Lakewood Meeting See Serwatka Resignation? — 11 Comments

  1. Where’s Waldo?…………..in typical Paul fashion, the drama continues.

  2. Serwatka drained the Lakewood Swamp and cleaned up its crooked Police Dept.

    He saved the taxpayers hundreds of thousand$

  3. Justinfun: Take a hard look at the financials…did Paul actually save money or rather place a financial strain on the village longer term by using reserves as “savings”?

  4. Just for fun, justinfun, can you share how an average of $129/year per household relates to hundreds of thousands of dollars?

    Is this common core math?

    And my property tax statement had a $220 school tax increase.

    Would you please share so everyone else knows how much money you calculated we get to keep?

    Come on people.

    Other than the TIF, you ARE NOT in a better place in 2018 than you were in 2017.

    Sorry for the reality check there but have fun, if it helps you sleep at night.

  5. Rich Ritchie… you state above: “can you share how an average of $129/year per household relates to hundreds of thousands of dollars?”

    Demonstrating your absolute ineptness, once again… Using your number of $129/year per household… With Lakewood having approximately 1500 households… this would equate to approximately $200,000 per year!

    Feeling a bit stupid, are we?

    In 5 years that’s A MILLION DOLLARS!

    With no cut in service.

    All by simply cutting unnecessary positions like assistant manager and finance director…

    And of course, Jason McMahon, who was outed by the very former village manager, he protects, for knowingly lying to residents by publicly advertising that dissolution of Lakewood’s TIF would cause a 12% tax increase – is once again fabricating information – knowing that Lakewood’s road program has nothing to do with Lakewood’s recent tax cut.

    Which, of course, begs the question – why, if the tax cut is merely stealing money from the Lakewood road program, did Trustee Pinocchio McMahon vote for it?

  6. Farmer (Paul Serwatka) that is a flat out lie and you know it.

    Or you don’t have any understanding of a budget whatsoever.

    The $150,000 to $200,000 road fund portion of the levy was removed from the budget.

    It has now foolishly been paid for from reserves for the last two years.

    This is a fact supported by Village financial documents.

    When the reserves are gone, the road program will be as well.

    Or taxes will increase to reinstate it.

    This is VERY simple math.

    Stating you lowered head count doesn’t mean anything when payroll increased in every department on the budget by 7 to 12 percent.

    I will gladly sit down and discuss Village finances using budget documents.

    Please show me I am wrong and I will admit it.

  7. Seems to me that the assistant manager and finance director would have been 2 of the higher paid employees.

    Simple arithmetic might show that the termination of those 2 could provide 20 10% raises to lower paid employees.

    Does Lakewood have 20 employees?

    I hope not.

    Hard to imagine tiny Lakewood would need an assistant manager and “finance director” sounds pretty glamouous for such a nickle dime entity.

  8. Oh Paul. See how your efforts fall aimlessly short when you don’t share all of the facts. And how little those who don’t research anything fall so silent when challenged? I’m sorry, Federal Farmer. My bad.

    How pathetic when you have lost the backbone to use your own name. Nothing surprising here is there. Hide behind twisted/part truths to get your point across.

    Simple question for you since you brought up your family being treated like second class citizens. Is that because of the positive atmosphere that you created or the anamosity by trying to belittle anyone who simply didn’t agree “with your tactics”? All of us including Carl, Amy, Pat, Jason and myself didn’t disagree with your bigger picture objectives but how you went about them wanting no one else’s input, other than one other trustee. Good leaders listen to trusted advisers. Great leaders listen to all and make the best decision based on all information. I am sure Steve will enjoy having more time to pursue better outcomes and protégés.

    Oh, and no, I don’t “feel” anything other than relief for my ex-fellow Lakewood residents who now should have a better path forward. Sorry Paul. Seems like you are in a minority…..once again. Enjoy Alabama where, as your wife was reported to state, “where the laws are looser”, whatever that means.

    Good luck, Paul. I was completely onboard until myself and others realized we were duped by you. I do commend you. My livelihood has depended on reading people and I have had a comfortable career by not misreading too many but my hat is off to you. You talk a great game, just don’t have the leadership skills to back it up. Hope AL has people who know how to keyword Google!

  9. Ric Ritchie, you sound like a bitter woman, who has been left behind. Time heals all wounds.

  10. Sorry, parting thought. Federal Farmer (Paul). I don’t have remorse for decisions I made that effect me but when I fall for the ruse that Lakewood has had to deal with, yes, I have remorse but it seems that may come to an end…tonight. I am waiting to read the online Herald in the morning.

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